29 Nightmare Neighbors That Prove People Are Awful

For most of us, neighbors are a fact of life. We generally don’t get to choose them, their behaviors, or their level of entitlement. Who we leave next to or near is an extremely risky roll of the dice. For the people included in this list, they lost. Ranging from the dangerous to the entitled, these are all neighbors that we would only wish our on least favorite people in the world.

1. “Neighbor’s boyfriend living above us accidentally discharged a firearm through our bedroom ceiling.”

2. “Neighbors just moved it and hit a telephone pole taking out power to the whole block”

A damaged utility pole is leaning on power lines above a grey pickup truck towing a trailer, which is stopped near a white truck with red flashing lights. It's a cloudy day with wet ground and sparse trees in the background.

3. “My neighbor hates his driveway and instead parks in front of our yard.”

A suburban neighborhood features several houses with cars parked outside. Two areas are highlighted with red circles: one around a driveway labeled "his driveway" and another around a parked white car labeled "my neighbor's car." The scene is during winter with bare trees and a dry lawn.

4. “My neighbor (red car) parked behind me (white car)”

A silver car and a maroon car parked on a street are touching bumper-to-bumper. The front of the maroon car is pressed against the rear of the silver car. Both have their license plates obscured. The background shows a fence and other parked vehicles.

5. Inconsiderate neighbors

A view looking down a narrow staircase with clutter at the bottom, including boxes, a bucket, and various household items. The walls are light gray, and the wooden steps are visible. The staircase railing is on the left side.

6. “My neighbor’s new light”

A split image shows two scenes at night, both illuminated by green light. The left side shows two parked vehicles and surrounding trees. The right side depicts a person standing in a driveway near a garage, casting a long shadow on the ground.

7. “Entitled neighbor wasn’t happy with my parking job, so they blocked me in.”

A dimly lit underground parking lot with two vehicles parked closely next to each other. On the left is a grey car and on the right is a green pickup truck, both with partially unclear license plates. Another vehicle is faintly visible to the right.

“Grey car is mine. As you can see, I was a mile away from the line.”

8. “Neighbor is draining their pool into our yard!”

A small green plant circled in orange is growing next to a wooden fence. The plant is surrounded by a few brown and green leaves, and the ground appears wet.

“Basically, the title. My retired neighbor is draining their pool into our yard. He does this every year, but he stuck the hose under the fence this time. He stopped when I asked, but will probably just do it again tomorrow when I leave for work. The chlorine kills the grass off every year.”

9. “Woke up to my neighbor’s huge Truck parked in my driveway today”

Side-by-side comparison image showing a white truck parked on a driveway, as seen through a window in the left image, and from inside a garage with the garage door open in the right image. Some household items and a stroller are visible in the garage.

10. “Neighbors reserving parking for themselves”

A residential street at dusk with several buckets placed on the road to reserve a parking space. There are houses and parked cars on either side, with trees lining the street. The scene is dimly lit, suggesting it might be evening.

11. “I put up a fence to keep my thieving and incredibly nosy neighbor out. He then puts up a camera so that he can look in.”

A backyard with a wooden fence, green grass, and a gazebo on the right. A red arrow is drawn on the side of a white house in the background, pointing to the left. Trees and another wooden fence are visible behind the house.

12. “Neighbor keeps pushing his falling fence onto my driveway”

A leaning wooden fence in a backyard with some panels out of alignment. Behind the fence, there's a palm tree and a house with a red-tiled roof. The fence gate is open, and a black marking is visible on the left side of the image.

13. “Neighbor puts camera faced towards our windows and yard”

Two images of an owl in a tree. The left image shows a zoomed-out view with a red circle highlighting the owl perched on a branch. The right image provides a close-up of the owl nestled among branches, its eyes visible.

14. “My neighbor has indeed a bright light.”

A nighttime view of an apartment building with a bright pink light shining from one of the windows. Text overlay reads, "My neighbor has a super bright pink light that shines directly into my room into my bed. I don't have blinds." The time displayed is 23:47.

15. “Someone anonymously sent this to my neighbor”

An envelope with a typed message stating, "SOMETHING BAD IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO YOUR DOG IF YOU DON'T GET IT'S BARKING UNDER CONTROL." The envelope rests on a blurred background, possibly other paper or a surface.

16. “Neighbor dropped an AC on my car while I was away on vacation”

Two images depict a car with a shattered sunroof caused by a fallen air conditioning unit. The left image shows the shattered glass spread across the car's roof. The right image shows the air conditioning unit lying atop the car. The images are dated June 12, 2024.

17. “Neighbors keep throwing food in my yard”

Two images show the same patch of ground with a mix of grass and bare soil. The left image provides a wider view, while the right image zooms in on a pile of orange peels scattered on the ground. Trees, a road, and a road sign are visible in the background of the left image.

18. “My neighbor shot an arrow into my house today”

Two photos of a window in a room with blue-green walls. In the first image, an arrow is lodged into the wall near the window. In the second image, a close-up of the window shows cracked glass. The cracks seem to form a star-shaped pattern.

19. “How my neighbor parks his Jeep”

A yellow Jeep with a spare tire on the back is parked on the grass next to the driveway of a suburban house. A white truck is parked in the driveway, and a gray car is in front of the house. The sky is clear and blue.

20. “My duplex neighbor thinks my driveway is his kiddy pool spot”

A red inflatable kiddie pool is set up on a concrete driveway next to a black car in front of a house with a covered porch. The porch has a white rocking chair and some potted plants. A yellow hose is connected to the pool, and some shrubs are in the foreground.

21. “What my neighbor left in front of my driveway”

A suburban cul-de-sac with several houses surrounded by green trees and lawns. A pile of rocks is placed on the edge of the street, and a red car is parked in a driveway. Mountains are visible in the background under a clear blue sky.

22. “Neighbor won’t share the cost of a fence and did a repair”

Two side-by-side images of a wooden fence repair. The left image shows several screws along the bottom of the fence, with leaves and dirt on the ground. The right image shows a closer view of the fence with screws protruding, set against a background of foliage and a clear sky.

“He moved and rented out the house next door to us. We asked if he wanted to replace fence and we would split the cost and he refused. This was his solution, and our dogs suffered injuries before we noticed.”

23. “Neighbor keeps parking in the handicap parking spot. Even after several warnings from management.”

A black Ford Raptor pickup truck is parked in a handicap parking space near an apartment building labeled 'G'. The truck has large wheels and tinted windows. Another car is partially visible parked to the left. The sky is clear and blue.

24. “My nosy neighbor peeping in my window when I didn’t answer the door”

Image from a doorbell camera showing a man standing at the front door. He is examining the door, partially bent towards it, and is dressed in a white t-shirt and shorts. The time stamp on the image reads "TODAY 12:33:41 PM". Several plants adorn the porch.

25. “Received in the mail from a concerned neighbor”

A typed note reads, "CONGRATULATIONS! You mowed. That's twice so far this year, I believe. Can you keep it up? Maybe weekly? Or at least every other week? Your neighbors would be very grateful if your house did not look like it was abandoned." The note is slightly crumpled.

26.”My neighbor set our apartment building on fire.”

A fire engulfs a residential building, sending thick smoke into the sky. A shirtless person in blue shorts stands in the foreground, holding a bag. Several other individuals observe and react to the fire. A white picket fence and trees are visible in the scene.

“My roommate and I luckily lived in the unit farthest away from the source of the fire, so we had plenty of time to evacuate. 95% of our stuff is fine. It just stinks.”

27. “Our new neighbor has parked like this every day since they moved in.”

A collage of four images shows a silver Mazda car parked poorly in different parking spots. The car is consistently parked over the line, occupying two spaces in each image. The locations appear to be outdoor parking lots, partially shaded by trees.

28. “This is how my neighbor parks”

A black sedan is parked on the street next to a silver car on a sunny day in a suburban neighborhood. Snow is visible on parts of the ground, and there are houses, trees, and a snowman in the background.

“We live in a cul-de-sac, so it’s a difficult maneuver to pull out of our driveway and avoid hitting his car. It’s especially had at night due to it being a black car, and the street is not well-lit.”

29. “Neighbor wants Halloween Decorations down Nov 1st.”

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