25 Designs That Are Almost Too Creepy to Comprehend

Some people get terribly lost along the way in their attempts to be creative with their designs. Just because you take an unconventional approach to your next design attempt doesn’t guarantee that it’s not going to end up looking like a monstrous creation better suited for someone’s next nightmare. These designs in particular ended up being so creepy, it’s hard to believe that they’re even real.

1. “What am I looking at?”

Two balloon sculptures of a human figure with blonde hair and a blue dress. The left image shows the full figure with a long braid, while the right image is a close-up of the face. The caption above reads, "This is horrible.
u/judeandfloyd20/via reddit.com

“Your life, let it go.” – u/ToadInnerWhole

“It looks like a deranged Elsa offspring mixed with Lord Farquaad from Shrek.” – u/Vent3ar

2. “This GTR Design.”

A white sports car with a custom paint job features the face of a person with exaggerated, red circular eyes integrated with the car's rear lights. The license plate has a Swiss flag symbol and the letters "ZH." The background shows an urban area with structures.
u/ok-arm-352/via reddit.com

“At least it’s goofy.” – u/pepsiboye

‘”This scares me on levels I can’t explain.” – u/deleted

3. “Could have hated Baby Yoda even more.”

A headline reads "Early Baby Yoda Designs for The Mandalorian Were Not So Cute." Below the headline is an image of an early design of Baby Yoda with wrinkled skin, large ears, a slightly hunched posture, and wearing a jacket.
u/erogers47/via reddit.com

“Baby Groda.” – u/claimingagate

“That looks like a baby and an old man at the same time, and I’m not sure how that’s even possible.” – u/Shattered_Sans

4. “This Tumblr ad for Illinois is terrifying.”

A sponsored image with a headline reading "10 Most Fun Cities in Illinois." The photo features a man with an exaggeratedly wide smile, wearing a brown hat and white shirt, with a scenic backdrop of clouds and trees. A button labeled "Learn more" is at the bottom.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“Come to Illinois! The Titans haven’t gotten it yet.” – u/zoomies

“Black Hole Sun, anyone?” – u/deleted

5. “Forever traumatized.”

Two mannequins with exaggerated, surprised expressions stand inside what appears to be a store. The background includes shelves with various items and colorful decor. The front mannequin is wearing a plaid jacket, while the one behind wears a grey sweater.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“You can actually see their souls hiding there in the background as well.” – u/scottriddochmusic

“I’d take it home to decorate my nightmares.” – u/deleted

6. “These subway benches in my hometown.”

A bench designed to resemble a coffin sits on a tiled floor near a marble wall with decorative patterns. The bench has a wooden lid and dark sides, blending contemporary and gothic aesthetics in a seemingly underground or subway setting.
u/leotolsto/vai reddit.com

“Don’t look inside. Don’t look inside.” – u/anonymous

“Just to remind you that life is fleeting, and everyone is mortal.” – u/deleted

7. “Cursed snow.”

A two-panel image shows a giant snow sculpture outside a house. The sculpture, resembling Gene Simmons from KISS, features a blackened face with a snarling expression and a long, red tongue stretching outward. The ABC 9 KCAU-TV logo is in the top right corner.
u/ulissesberg/via reddit.com

“I actually love it.” – u/Manasputachu

“Gene Snowmans!” – u/TedBrownhole

8. “Me and the boys trying to find Nemo be like.”

Two ice skaters are performing a split jump on an ice rink. They are dressed in elaborate costumes resembling characters from the animated film "Finding Nemo": one as Nemo, an orange clownfish, and the other as Dory, a blue tang fish.
u/hayden_hx/via reddit.com

“Why, just, why?” – u/yeetobeat

“Thanks for new nightmare.” – u/skilifer

9. “Strangebob.”

A statue of SpongeBob SquarePants with exaggerated, playful features and his arms raised sits beside a pathway. Above him, a sign reads "EXIT". The scene is set in a park with trees, grass, and paved walking paths. People are visible in the background.
u/michaelemjayare/via reddit.com

“Spongebob ScarePants.” – u/deleted

“Spongebob live-action.” – u/Heres_your_sign

10. “He looks like he just saw a ghost.”

A worn-out, coin-operated horse ride for children is sitting outside a store in a shopping mall. The horse has a scruffy side and looks toward the ground. Some other kids' rides and shopping carts are visible in the background.
u/penina999/via reddit.com

“That’s the moment he realized he wasn’t a horse.” – u/deleted

“If I saw a ghost, I’d be glad because it would mean there really is life after death.” – u/anonymous

11. “This vintage chalk packaging.”

A vintage box of white chalk with an illustration of a smiling clown on the front. The clown's mouth is cut out, revealing the white chalk pieces inside, mimicking teeth. The text reads "18 Pieces of White Chalk" and lists a 1933 copyright from Transogram Company, Inc. New York.
u/stblaschek/via reddit.com

“You could make it really creepy by filling the chalks into points and then putting them back in the box.” – u/minniemoomoo

“Okay when I see this in your house, you’re not getting back into mine.” – u/supreme_stickman

12. “This is just scary.”

A pink lollipop, shaped and colored like a child's face with blue eyes and a beige face, is wrapped in clear plastic. The lollipop has a hood-like design, resting on a mottled gray and brown carpet background.
u/kris_frozenfire-64/via reddit.com

“Please just don’t say that she’ll be eaten by a bear.” – u/plainketchup

“Is it gonna eat my soul?” – u/deleted

13. “Came for some chips, left missing a kidney.”

A statue shaped like a cone of fries with a face, arms, and legs stands outside a building. The fries are yellow, the cone has a blue checkered pattern, and the statue is holding a French fry to its mouth. There's a red flag with yellow text and flowers nearby.
u/el_hurracan/via reddit.com

“Oh, these are fairly normal in the Netherlands and Belgium.” – u/exttrexarms

“Whatever it is, it’s enjoying that fry way too much.” – u/Troop6

14. “Who can even think of this?”

A uniquely designed chair featuring a large, plush, and overstuffed leather cushion with button tufting and a wooden frame. The cushion appears to be sagging comfortably, giving the chair a relaxed and inviting look. The background is a plain, light color.
u/toucannugget/via reddit.com

“It looks like a misshapen potato, but also like human skin.” – u/Dreamy-cloud-club

“Thought it was a Half Life headcrab.” – u/jimmysteves

15. “Ah, yes, this isn’t unsettling at all.”

A blurry image of a packet of M&M's featuring the red M&M character holding an opened green M&M's packet, standing next to the large, partial "M" of the M&M's logo. The background is a dark, textured surface.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“Food Theory made an episode about that. Als the commercials also show them eating M&M’s.” – u/Dani-the-dani

“Candybalism.” – u/RamboJane

16. “This Turning Red figure.”

A figurine featuring a character with half of their face resembling a smiling cartoon animal and the other half depicting a smiling human with glasses, wearing an orange top, blue skirt, and blue shoes. A basketball and other figures are partially visible in the background.
u/uramesheyuusuke/via reddit.com

“Good idea, but terrible execution.” – u/Skilifer

“Why am I hearing clown music in the distance.” – u/Rando_mIndividual

17. “Play on me before I perish.”

A colorful seesaw with a central structure featuring a smiling face is placed in a grassy playground area. The seesaw has bright red handles and yellow seats, and is surrounded by an orange fence. Leaves are scattered across the grass.
u/joshygill/via reddit.com

“It is embarrassed of something.” – u/llewotheno

“It looks like it’s in pain from all the children sitting on and pushing its limbs.” – u/deleted

18. “The fingers.”

A mannequin dressed in a sleeveless top stands in a shopping mall. The mannequin is posed with a raised arm and fingers near its chin, appearing thoughtful. The background shows various store signs and mall decor.
u/efetr67/via reddit.com

“Why does it have a mouth? I don’t like that it has a mouth.” – u/pass_me_the_salt

“Fingers like snakes, next spiders in her hair.” – u/Tiffisiffy

19. “If you’re going to make a Sonic doll, please make it less terrifying.”

A plush toy designed to look like a blue anthropomorphic hedgehog with wide, orange eyes and a white belly. The toy has red shoes and is set against a dark background with blue stars.
u/beautiful_fishing569/via reddit.com

“Sonic runs fast, but the hallucinations are faster.” – u/VladmirGrey

“Insanic the Hedgehog.” – u/MenasReddit

20. “But why’d they give it teeth?”

A billboard shows a smiling baby with text that reads, "KNOW THE FACTS: I HAD EYES 14 DAYS from conception." The billboard includes a phone number, 800-366-7773, and the logo for ProLife Across AMERICA on a red background. Trees are visible in the background.
u/tone_deaf_bard_/via reddit.com

“Why’d they airbrush those eyebrows? Looks evil on a baby.” – u/MGARLAND76

“A full set of perfectly aligned teeth at that.” – u/grannysmithcrabapple

21. “That car air freshener that looks into my soul.”

A cartoon air freshener featuring a red car with big round headlights and a smiling driver with large eyes, hanging from a white string. The driver appears to be joyful and the car design is exaggerated for a whimsical effect.
u/sonofameme1/via reddit.co

“Oh what scent? Fear?” – u/LilKetchupPack

“Let’s take a little drive.” – u/Gingersnap322

22. “At my local grocery store.”

An illustration of two men wearing suits and ties, each with an "IGA Affilie" badge on their lapels. They both have short hair and smiling expressions, with one having dark hair and the other light hair. The background is red and blue.
u/penlightmag/via reddit.com

“Uncanny Valley.” – u/deleted

“Alternate reality Beavis and Butt-Head as Hedge Fund Managers.” – u/IntoTheBorg

23. “These boots are made for hoppin, and that’s just what they’ll do.”

A pair of green children's rain boots with smiling frog faces on the toes. The boots are displayed on a metal shelf, with some other shoes, including a pair of brown ones, visible in the background. The frog faces have eyes and red smiling mouths.
u/oblivions_gate/via reddit.com

“One of these days, these boots are gonna hop all over you.” – u/d3773

“That boot looks like he’s just internally screaming.” – u/deleted

24. “He watches.”

A small pink figurine resembling Kirby with a human-like face, featuring a serious expression. The figure stands on a wooden surface with folded orange towels and a red cup in the background.
u/ghostfrog46/via reddit.com

“I want one.” – u/Redditboi05

“Lurking beneath the sea.” – u/igw_123

25. “Found this beauty at a Brazilian arcade.”

A close-up photo of an amusement ride featuring a colorful character resembling a green anthropomorphic turtle with a red mask. The turtle has a wide, toothy smile and big, round eyes. The ride includes two white lights positioned on either side of its face.
u/cyb3rbot_23/via reddit.com

“That’s a thing of nightmares.” – u/C_James1453

“I love him.” – u/Littlewarp101

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