21 Times Entitled People Were Stupid Levels Of Picky

Not everyone possesses the same level of self-awareness. Some people are really out there mystifying the masses over just how cluelessly picky they can get. If you’ve ever crossed paths with a choosy beggar, you’ll know that there’s no reasoning with that person. Some people in this world are committed to trying to pull fast ones on people that they made the mistake of underestimating in the first place. These people are in a grossly entitled league of their own.

1. “A hobby not a skill.”

A Facebook post hiring a wedding photographer with at least 3-5 years of experience. The pay is $25 per hour for 2 hours ($50 total), with a catered meal, one free drink, and an additional $25 tip for satisfactory final edits. The wedding is in October.
u/reesa447/via reddit.com

“Well that person sounds a treat. I bet people will be lining up for this gig.” – u/Salt-Lavishness-7560

“Looks like there’s going to be a wedding without a photographer.” – u/platinumperineum

2. “Will be repeat business.”

A Facebook post asking for last-minute catering recommendations for 30 people with a budget of $150 for a company event. The post mentions that there will be repeat business if the value is good. The post received 11 reactions and 36 comments.
u/mandyjo76/via reddit.com

“It’s for a company. A company that’s celebrating its bankruptcy.” – u/EvieeBrook

“Funny that she found several places, but was still looking.” – u/deleted

3. “In search of cheap babysitter.”

A Facebook post asking what a person should pay for a private babysitter for about 20 hours a week. The poster states the babysitters are asking for $13-$14 an hour, totaling $1040-$1120 a month, and comments discuss the rates and compare them to daycare costs.
u/tiggerk/via reddit.com

“Yes, it is a whole income. It’s the income of the person doing the job.” – u/ryanjcam

“Sounds like she needs to get into babysitting and making all of that easy money.” – u/Borderlineatbest

4. “Just need a little help, so here’s my expensive grocery list.”

A Facebook post asking for help with food. The author shares that their mom recently passed away, they are out of food stamps, and need various groceries. They ask if anyone can help or donate kid-friendly foods, as they don't have any more money to spend on food.
u/noexcuses14/via reddit.com

“Is she a top contributor because she asks all the time?” – u/frogzilla1975

“Dragon fruit.” – u/Super_Vanilla_6690

5. “I volunteer at a charity and do some free design work for them.”

Screenshot of a message criticizing a design. The sender suggests that the design is boring and uninspiring, urging the recipient, a graphic designer and artist, to be more creative in order to capture attention on Instagram. Timestamp on the message reads 11:17.
u/ielladoodle/via reddit.com

“The true definition of choosing beggar.” – u/AVDLatex

“Don’t do any more volunteer work for them.” – u/Jealous_Cow1993

6. “Choosing beggar wants dent repair in return for practice.”

Screenshot of a text conversation between a customer and a service provider. The customer cancels an appointment due to a baby-related issue, asks about a discount or free service, and the service provider apologizes and declines, citing their professional experience.
u/regular-message9591/via reddit.com

“We have over 25 years of experience was the perfect response.” – u/Rainyskies206

“This guy’s wife doesn’t know he dented the car.” – u/trajmahal

7. “Female dog sitter.”

A Facebook post by an anonymous member in a group called "Grapevine" seeks a female house sitter from June 4 to July 2 in Pakuranga Heights. The sitter would look after a rescue dog and receive free rent and amenities in return. The dog requires medication.
u/yellowwhairtie/via reddit.com

“Wow. Netflix and a dog that needs constant attention. What a bargain!” – u/DoctorFenix

“And that is how you get squatters.” – u/scubalizard

8. “Having a graduation party, please supply me.”

A Facebook post by a user in a community group seeking help with acquiring food items for a family graduation party. The list includes 15 items such as pizza dough, cheese, sausages, pizza sauce, bacon, meatballs, pepperoni, taco cheese, string cheese, Italian sausage, ground chuck, tomato paste, hot dog buns, and an 8-pound bag of party wings.
u/mollyyouindangergurl/via reddit.com

“A few things. I just want to open a small pizzeria.” – u/CrunchyTeatime

“That’s a big list for a few things. Like having a cart full in the express line of 10 items or less.” – u/Dapper_Run5322

9. “Facebook Marketplace is a hole.”

A screenshot of a messaging app conversation. The first message reads, "Hi, is this available? Is there any way you would be willing to give away the hair dye and possibly consider dropping off at Yeronga please due to no transport or money. Sorry for bothering you 😊". The response reads, "You are wild for that one".
u/rebeccaartwork/via reddit.com

“No money but clearly needs hair dye.” – u/little34

“Gonna go to a mall and enter a random store asking if it’s possible for them to give me free items since I have no money.” – u/luluzinhacs

10. “Free dog boarding.”

Screenshot of a social media post seeking someone to watch a dog. The dog is 11 months old, crate trained, and can clear a 4-foot kennel. The owner can't pay due to trip expenses and needs care for 2 weeks. The dog isn't fond of cats or young children.
u/potterstar/via reddit.com

“Train my giant puppy for free while I am on vacation.” – u/Old-Significance-98

“Oh, I see this ending well.” – u/KaythuluCrewe

11. “Work for hours for free for your portfolio.”

A Facebook post from Keesha Floyd seeking a photographer for her wedding in five months. She’s looking for someone to capture the outdoor ceremony and indoor reception, requiring about six hours of service. The post invites tagged friends to offer recommendations.
u/sparkleplentylikegma/via reddit.com

“Well she’s got one thing right. Everyone wants to be apart from her wedding.” – u/zROC6

“I would love to be apart from this.” – u/Bwatso2112

12. “We need flowers, but not those, or those, or these.”

A social media post from a user looking for various flowers and plants to classify their yard. The post lists several types of flowers and plants including hastas, lilies, roses, hydrangeas, tulips, daisies, and many more, and mentions needing them by next weekend.
u/lunadoo/via reddit.com

“I mean, there’s choosy, and then there’s insane.” – u/deleted

“Hm, I don’t see dandelions on the list.” – u/Royally

13. “Need a 5 bedroom for $900 or less, and it must allow pets.”

A digital illustration of a woman holding a flower and appearing to enjoy its fragrance. The background is a grassy area with flowers, leaves, and insects like bees and ladybugs. A text above the woman reads: "I need a 5 bed room 900 or less would be great on a fixed income needs to allow pets plz and thank u.
u/tritonice/via reddit.com

“You mean one bedroom in a 5 bedroom? Cause that’s all you’re going to get for that.” – u/CPolland12

“Mansion renting enthusiast looking to break into the game purely for exposure and nice reviews. I will offer, oh wait, I’m sorry. My properties start at six bedrooms. I’ll see myself out.” – u/gbelly

14. “Or just rent a car.”

A Facebook post reads: "Heyyyy friends!!!! I will be in town June [date]. The Lord has always been so good to provide a car for me to borrow. Any of my friends have an extra car that week I could drive? Thanks in advance for being amazing friends!! 😘😘😘
u/anxietyriddendragon/via reddit.com

“Well I guess my friends didn’t want to help. How disappointing.” – u/rondimpf

“The lord told me to tell you Enterprise Rental or Hertz is available.” – u/thisisreallymoronic

15. “Kiddie pool? Nah, we need a real pool.”

Text of an ask for help. The person needs a swimming pool due to physical therapy limitations. They seek assistance with land needs, installation, and overall labor. They aim to improve their health and spend time with their daughter. Open to any help.
u/tyedyeamish/via reddit.com

“She really just called herself an only parent.” – u/tall1678

“They might be a mermaid. You never know.” – u/Battlepuppy

16. “Come to my house lugging your equipment, and give two people haircuts for a total of $30.”

A social media post reads: "Looking for a licensed Hairdresser that would come to my house to trim my hair and cut my fiancee's hair. Cannot afford [sic] the only amount I could afford for both is $30.00.
u/snarkysheep/via reddit.com

“Looks like someone’s taking the bus to Supercuts.” – u/CrunchyTeaTime

“I would give them the worst bowl cut ever.” – u/madchen44

17. “I love small business owners.”

A screenshot of a 1-star Google review where the reviewer criticizes an establishment. The owner responds, explaining they saved the reviewer $135 on unnecessary repairs and didn't charge for an $80 diagnostic fee, acknowledging it was a mistake.
u/mattsalazar4/via reddit.com

“No good deed goes unpunished.” – u/TGin-the-goldy

“Just reminded me about how annoying it is when I see 1-star Yelp reviews on casual restaurants for stuff not related to the food at all.” – u/tinycaw

18. “One person’s request for the last 6 months.”

Screenshot of a Facebook post in a "Buy Nothing" group. The poster seeks a name-brand purse in great condition. They request help and express appreciation. The post has three comments, with options to like, comment, or message. The profile name is partially obscured.
u/madmaddmaddie/via reddit.com

“Not sure this person understands the difference between a want and a need.” – u/lxm333

“I am in need of a million dollars. Gently used only please.” – u/StretchResIsCheating

19. “Woman asks for a Blue Prius in a Buy Nothing group.”

A Facebook post from a "Buy Nothing" group includes a request for a hybrid car similar to a Toyota Prius. The post requests the car to be in good working condition, with a clean title and less than 200,000 miles. Images of a blue Toyota Prius accompany the post.
u/imthatsick/via reddit.com

“That’s a fourth generation Prius. I just sold mine (in silver) for $14K to CarMax. Don’t know what I was thinking when I could have just given it to this person instead.” – u/djsyndr0me

“I’m certain you ruined her kid’s Christmas.” – u/Appropriate_Cow9728

20. “12 days, no internet, no meat, no transport, no pay.”

A screenshot of a message from a person seeking a housesitter for their vegan homestead from 2nd to 14th January. Responsibilities include feeding 3 huskies and a cat and watering the garden. No payment is offered, own transport preferred due to remote location.
u/queenxenabean/via reddit.com

“This absolutely sounds like the setup for a cheesy horror film. Miles from anywhere, no signal, no clear, end date.” – u/Hot-Needleworker-874

“There’s not enough money in the world for me to care for three huskies for a week. Much less for free.” – u/deleted

21. “Puppy boarding for 6 months, but only willing to pay $100 a month.”

A text advertisement seeking assistance to board a German Shepherd for up to 6 months. The dog is 7 months old, very sweet but hyper, and needs space and a playmate. They offer $100 a month, plus cover food costs, with payment upon pick up at the end of boarding.
u/true-passage-8131/via reddit.com

“Pay at the end of the boarding. I’m betting you’d have trouble collecting.” – u/tidus1980

“So, free dog then?” – u/deleted

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