50 of the Strangest and Most Obscure Vehicles To Ever Roll on 4 Wheels

I started out wanting to make this piece because I found a couple of interesting-looking cars and decided to pull on that thread. With the help of some car forums and some great subreddits filled with people passionate about the weirder side of automobiles, I’ve become fascinated with concept cars and what could have been. There are cars in this list (I’m looking at you 1979 Renha Formigao) that I would take a bullet for.

So this is a list I’ve assembled of obscure, concept, modified, and downright bizarre vehicles that are (mostly) on four wheels. So whether you’re a car nut or not, I hope there’s something here for you.

1. 1980 Citroen Karin

A futuristic beige concept car with a sharply angular, low-profile design, featuring a large, sloped windshield that extends over the roof, and distinctive rectangular headlights. The car has a sleek, minimalist appearance, set against a plain background.

2. 1973 Ford Explorer SUV

A vintage car with an unusual design features a large, wing-like structure extending from its rear. The car is parked on a grassy area with trees in the background, under a clear sky. The vehicle appears to be from the mid-20th century, painted in an orange hue.

3.1981 Oldsmobile Sport Omega

A white two-door coupe with "sportomega" decals in orange and gray parked in a residential driveway. Another black car is seen in the background. The scene includes houses, trees, and a sunny day.

4. 1987 Nissan Judo Concept

A light blue Isuzu Judo concept car with a compact, sporty design is shown against a plain background. The car has a unique front grille with dual round headlights, white wheels, and a rugged stance suitable for off-road driving.

5. 1970 Mazda RX-50

A silver Mazda RX500 concept car is displayed indoors. The sleek, futuristic design features distinctive black grills on the rear with "Powered by Rotary" text. The car is showcased from both front and rear angles, emphasizing its aerodynamic structure.

6. 1955 Lincoln Indianapolis Concept

A sleek orange vintage car with a streamlined design is parked indoors against a gray horizontal paneled wall. The car has white wall tires and a distinctive curved roof. Elegant reflections of the car can be seen on the shiny floor.

7. “A 1976 Land Cruiser FJ 40 turned into a Hot Rod”

A custom beige hot rod vehicle with a vintage, rugged design is parked on a grassy area. It has large off-road tires, a modified front grille, and an overall retro aesthetic. Trees and a wire fence are visible in the background.

8. 1985 Honda City R w/ Motocomp

A red Honda City car is parked on a brick driveway in front of a house with palm trees. Next to the car is a red Honda Motocompo foldable scooter. Both vehicles are vintage and share a matching color scheme.

9. 1955 Powell Sport Wagon. It came equipped with fishing pole storage

Two photos of a retro-style, cream-colored pickup truck with red accents. The upper image shows the bed loaded with a blue go-kart. The bottom image features a unique extension mechanism that slides out from the truck bed, increasing its length.

10. “Straight from Duckburg: Donald’s 313 real-life version”

A man drives a unique, vintage-style red car with large white-walled tires on a sunny day. The road is bordered by rocky terrain, and the man's expression conveys enjoyment. The car has the number "313" on the front.

11. “My 89 vette rebody, made from 9 other cars”

Three images show a custom, angular, black sports car with unique rear lights, taken in a parking lot. The car features a low profile and aggressive styling. Its rear lights form a V-shape pattern, and the license plates in each image are blurred for privacy.

12. 1995 Mercedes-Benz VRC Concept came with interchangeable body parts

A blue car is parked on a tiled surface next to several separated roof components arranged on a bench. The components include different roof styles and rear sections, showcasing various customization options for the car.

13. 1976 Volkswagen SP2

A vintage yellow sports car with sleek, rounded edges and thin, black racing stripes parked on a gravel surface. The car features large, gold rimmed wheels and a low, aerodynamic profile. Trees and a small hill are visible in the background.

14. 1971 Ford Transit Supervan 1971

15. 2003 Jeep Vangler Concept

A rugged off-road SUV equipped with large tires, a roof rack with cargo boxes, and additional lights is parked near a coastline. The vehicle has a robust front bumper and a sleek, metallic body designed for adventurous terrain. The sea and trees are in the background.

16. “Vector W8. It still looks like it’s from the future”

A sleek black sports car with a futuristic design, featuring angular lines, low-profile body, and wide tires. The car has a prominent rear spoiler and distinctive wheel rims, with illuminated headlights contrasting against a plain backdrop.

17. “Spotted this out in the wold on Saturday. I believe it’s the Lancia Stratos with a Lister Bell kit?”

A two-panel image features a green and yellow Lancia Stratos sports car parked in a lot. The top panel shows a front-side view highlighting the car's unique design and rally decals. The bottom panel shows a rear-side view, emphasizing the distinct rear and exhaust design.

18. 1980 6×6 Renault 5

A modified silver Renault 5 car with six wheels, featuring raised suspension and off-road tires. One image shows a side view of the car on a dirt mound, while the other image captures a front three-quarter view on rocky terrain. The car has "6X6" decals.

Okay, I know this one is also just outside of the premise of this piece since it has 6 wheels, but look at it!

19. 1974 Volvo C303

A red, rugged, off-road vehicle with large tires is parked on a grassy field. The vehicle has a boxy design, multiple windows, and black accents, including a roof rack and front bumper. The background features a distant fence, trees, and a clear sky at sunset.

20. 1979 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Type K

Two images of a classic silver Pontiac Firebird Trans Am from the 1970s. The top image shows a woman in a yellow jumpsuit standing next to the car, while the bottom image provides a side view of the car. The car features distinctive hood decals and custom wheels.

21. “Back in black: A custom chopped For Van dubbed the ‘Bad Cut’

A customized black van is pictured in two different views. The van features a sleek design with metallic accents and a "Lethal Light" logo on the front. The first image shows the front and side with an open door, and the second image displays the left side profile.

22. 1926 Wolseley-Vickers wheel-track car

Two black-and-white photos showing a vintage half-track vehicle with a convertible soft top. The top image shows the vehicle with flat tracks, while the bottom image shows the vehicle with its tracks in a deployed, raised position for off-road use.

23. “1979 Corvette America. Six cars were built for GM by a California coachbuilding company to test the market on a four-door Corvette. About 2 survive today.”

A vintage brown sports car with a T-top roof is parked in a residential driveway. It has "Corvette" written on the side and white-letter tires. In the background, a blue car with gold rims is parked, and suburban houses and trees are visible.

24. 1969 Mustang Wagon

A black classic station wagon is parked on a dirt road surrounded by trees. In the background, there is a large body of water and hills or mountains. The car's design suggests it is from the mid-20th century.

25. 1969 Oldsmobile Toronado Prototype

Black and white image showcasing two views of a futuristic concept car from the 1970s. The top view shows the car's side profile, highlighting its sleek design and gull-wing doors. The bottom view presents a front perspective, emphasizing its sharp angles and streamlined body.

26. “A customized 1959 Cadillac”

Two images of a black vintage car with sleek lines and distinctive tail fins. The license plate reads "DEATH." The car's design has a gothic and ominous aesthetic, amplified by the dark paint and shining chrome details. The first image shows the rear view, and the second image shows the side view.

27. “Mid-Engined 1984 Honda Civic 3.2L v6”

Two images of a modified, gray Honda Civic hatchback parked on grass. The first image shows the front and side view, while the second image captures the rear and side view. The car features wide body panels, aftermarket wheels, and a lowered stance.

28. “Subaru Brat Camper designed by Jay Nelson”

A yellow pick-up truck converted into a camper with a custom wooden cabin structure on the back. The camper features round porthole windows, a canvas pop-top roof, a small chimney, and a bumper sticker that reads "BRT." The vehicle is parked in a wooded area.

29. “Gurgel X-15, first gen with the asymmetric windshield. Based on a VW Bus chassis, it was a rugged vehicle from the only 100% Brazilian automaker”

A rugged, tan-colored off-road vehicle with a boxy design is parked indoors on a concrete floor. It features large tires, distinctive front grilles with square headlights, and a soft top. The vehicle appears to be well-suited for rough terrains.

30. 1978 Aston Martin Bulldog

A unique white wedge-shaped sports car with a sleek, futuristic design is shown in a snowy, mountainous setting. The two images feature the car from different angles: one highlights its side profile, and the other shows its front with open doors, and two people inspecting it.

31. “The Studebaker Zip Van is one of the strangest, and most cheerful looking mail delivery vehicles ever made”

A vintage blue and white U.S. Mail truck is parked in an outdoor setting. The truck has a small, boxy design with "U.S. MAIL" written on the side and a postal emblem on the door. It is parked on a road with a wooden fence and trees in the background.

32. 1921 (propeller powered) Leyat, Helica

Two images of a unique, antique car featuring a large, circular propeller at the front, open cockpit, and a vintage design. The car has a sleek, enclosed body with two doors, a cylindrical tail, and large, spoked wheels with bicycle-like tires.

33. 1979 Renha Formigao

A silver, boxy, two-door vehicle labeled "TESTE" is parked along a road with trees and hills in the background. The car has a unique, angular design and a pickup-style bed. The scene appears to be captured in a natural, rural setting.

34. 1975 Sebring-Vanguard Electric Citicar

A small, yellow, wedge-shaped car with a compact body and two round headlights is parked outdoors. The car features a flat roof, narrow tires, and a minimalistic design, with its brand name "CitiCar" visible on the side. Trees and a fence are in the background.

35. 1974 Zagato Zele

An orange, three-wheeled microcar is displayed in an indoor exhibition with information boards and equipment in the background. The vehicle has a compact design, round headlights, and a front license plate reading "VLO 735M." The floor is covered in green carpet.

36. 1970 Pontiac “One” concept car

Two photos of a red sports car. The top image shows the car from the front angle, highlighting its sleek, aerodynamic design and distinctive headlights. The bottom image displays the rear view, showcasing its bold rear fenders and unique taillight setup.

37. 1993 Renault Racoon

A futuristic red concept car with a sleek design and large tires is shown in various desert settings. The car features a bubble-like cockpit, minimal windows, and is displayed in both driving and stationary positions with doors open in one of the images.

38. 1976 Unimog 406 double cab

A green, vintage Unimog truck with a double cab is parked indoors against a distressed brick wall. The truck has a sturdy, industrial build, large off-road tires, and a flatbed cargo area. The setting appears to be an old warehouse or garage.

39. “Italdesign Columbus (A minivan that has 2 levels and a BMW V12 engine)”

Two images of the Renault Espace F1 concept car. The top image shows a side view against a building. The bottom image presents an overhead view with the doors and roof open, revealing a beige interior and the unique gullwing and butterfly door configuration.

40. 1955 Citroen Prototype C

A vintage, futuristic car with an egg-shaped, aerodynamic design, displayed on a platform. It has a cream-colored body, a large curved windshield, and round headlights. The sign in front reads "CITROËN Prototype C10 1956.

41. 1951 Studebaker Manta Ray

A vintage, cream-colored convertible car is parked on a street with lush green trees in the background. The car features a distinctive, pointed front end and a sleek, streamlined design. The roof is down, and bright sunlight illuminates the scene.

42. “Sbarro Super Eight, powered by a 3.0L V8 from a Ferrari 308 GTB”

Two images of a custom red hatchback car with a sporty design and wide body kit. The car has gold wheels, dual exhausts, and a rear spoiler. The front view shows a redesigned bumper and air vents, while the rear view highlights unique tail lights and a "CH" sticker.

43. 2001 Jeep Willys2 Concept

A rugged, open-top SUV with a silver and teal color scheme is parked on a scenic mountain overlook. The vehicle features large tires, a robust design, and distinctive grille, with a wooden fence and vast landscape visible in the background.

44. 1969 Fiat 128 Teenager beach car by Pininfarina

A yellow vintage convertible car with striped seats is parked on a rocky coastal area with the ocean in the background. The car has a minimalistic design with no roof or doors, and the scenery features a rough terrain with sparse vegetation.

45. 1966 Bronco Dune Duster Concept

Two women are posing with a vintage Ford Bronco concept car. The top image shows them standing in and near the front of the car on a lawn. The bottom image shows them posing on and around the back of the car. The vehicle is convertible with open rooftop and tailgate.

46. 1988 Bertone Lamborghini Gensis

Two images of a red concept car with gull-wing front doors and sliding rear passenger doors. The top image shows a front-side view with doors open, revealing the interior seating. The bottom image displays a side view with all doors closed.

47. 1939 General Motors Futurliner

A streamlined, retro-futuristic red and white bus with a large "GM" emblem on the front, designed with an aerodynamically rounded nose. The bus is parked in an industrial area with old vehicles and a highway in the background.

48. Cliff Hall’s 1969 Corwin Getaway

A sleek, black 1982 Urbacar Puma GT S2 stands on a plain white background. The car features a futuristic, angular design with a low-profile body, aerodynamic curves, and a sporty stance. It has large, stylish wheels and a compact, two-door configuration.

49. 1989 Pontiac Stinger

A vibrant green, compact, convertible car with an open top is being driven on a beach. Two occupants are in the vehicle, the driver wearing a cap. The ocean and waves are slightly blurred in the background, enhancing the sense of motion.

50. 1976 Lawil William Lambretta Postman

A small, vintage red van with a boxy shape is parked indoors on a tiled floor. Its design features a prominent grille with the brand name "VISANI" and round headlights. The van has white-rimmed wheels and is set against a backdrop of a workshop or garage.

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