19 Sneaky Pics That Have Things Hiding In Plain Sight

Our eyes play all kinds of tricks on us. Sometimes, it’s a matter of guiding your brain through a disorienting optical illusion. Other times, it can be something as infuriatingly simple as getting your brain to spot the “hidden” object that is literally trying to hide out right in front of your face. So, get yourself prepared because these pictures aren’t taking it easy when it comes to including things that are hidden in plain sight.

1. “My kids dropped a leopard toy on the playground.”

A close-up image of light-colored woodchips scattered on the ground. The woodchips vary in size and shape, creating a textured surface with a mix of small fragments and a few scattered larger pieces. The overall appearance is natural and slightly uneven.
u/L0TUS37/via Reddit.com

“Oh wow, this was a good one.” – u/IMOvicki

“Guys I found it, it’s near the wood chips.” – u/DryAnteater909

2. “Find the Snow Leopard looking directly at you.”

A close-up photo of a rocky cliff face with patches of snow and icicles hanging from the edge. The rock surface is rugged and uneven, with a few smaller rocks jutting out. The background is out of focus, making the cliff the primary subject of the image.
u/gabbar_/via reddit.com

“I’m visually challenged and I actually found this one. You gotta be better than me.” – u/NoParticular4240

“This is crazy how it looks like a closeup of a small rock then you realize the sheer beauty of how large it actually is. Also, the snow leopard is beautiful too.” – u/filson_war1997

3. “Find the predator.”

The image shows a rocky hillside with a group of four wild goats or sheep. The animals are blending into the rocky and dry terrain, with one prominent goat standing near a large rock formation on the right side.
u/primary_nearby/via reddit.com

“He looks like the loner at the party just watching the cool kids.” – u/Flashy-Club5171

“I only found out there’s more than 1 goat after 5 minutes.” – u/taikjudi

4. “At first glance it’s just an aerial photo of a town.”

Aerial view of an urban landscape featuring a prominent stadium with a bright blue roof, surrounded by a mix of residential and commercial buildings. Rivers and green spaces are scattered throughout the city, under a clear, blue sky.
u/reddit_account317/via reddit.com

“Those boys really sneak up on you, if you’re looking at them from above.” – u/TheOne_Nigel_Tufnel

“That was freaky!” – u/notfromhere66

5. “Find the 1/700 scale model battleship turret.”

Close-up image of a textured, light beige carpet with a looped pile. The material appears soft and slightly worn with a uniform pattern. Some areas show minor variations in tone, possibly due to lighting or wear.
u/calvinfreeman/via reddit.com

“Just down from centre slightly right, grey turret. Tough one.” – u/ComprehensiveDiet104

“So much hair so few battleship turrets.” – u/MileMenace614

6. “Dropped black silicone wedding ring at the bar.”

A pair of white sneakers is seen standing on a black rubber mat with a circular grid pattern. The mat covers a section of the ground, with a slight shadow cast over it.
u/nostrmontis/via reddit.com

“Oh, I think I see a penny!” – u/Mr_Jack_Flack

“So sorry about your upcoming divorce!” – u/evilevilcow

7. “Find the cube in all the spheres.”

A close-up view of a tray filled with numerous small, round tablets, predominantly reddish brown with some white and beige tablets interspersed among them, arranged in a tightly packed grid.
u/bennyhano/via reddit.com

“I would totally put those in my mouth.” – u/CruncyNippleDip

“What did he say!” – u/WhereR

8. “Find my wedding ring.”

A close-up photo of a collection of variously sized and colored stones and pebbles, primarily in shades of brown, gray, and white, tightly packed together. The ground is covered entirely with these rocks.
u/raedcabello/via reddit.com

“Always look dead center first.” – u/mizz_understood

“This did not help me in any way shape or form.” – u/raedcabello

9. “Find the corgi.”

A cozy living room with a TV playing a show in the background. In front of the TV, there is a dog bed on the floor. A small table with a sandwich on a plate and a can of drink sits between two grey sofas. A wooden crate with clothes rests in the corner.
u/herrben/via reddit.com

“His nose found something.” – u/NoThanksSamlam

“To find the corgi, you need to think like the corgi.” – u/deleted

10. “Dropped my hair tie at the cabin.”

A close-up image of a patterned carpet. The design consists of repeated hexagons and circles in shades of brown, orange, beige, and black, creating a geometric and retro style. The hexagons form a honeycomb-like pattern across the surface.
u/regularbitter3482/via reddit.com

“When did you drop it, 1972?” – u/Talk_nicely

“I don’t know about hair tie, but I spotted the worst carpet seam.” – u/Willing

11. “Find the snake.”

A ground covered with dry, brown leaves and small twigs. Tree roots are partially visible, emerging from the leaf-covered surface. Random patches of lichen are seen on one of the roots. The image has an earthy forest floor appearance.
u/luccaaasss/via reddit.com

“As a Floridian with a severe fear of snakes, I found it almost instantly.” – u/Hamilfan2020

“Littler than I was expecting.” – u/cardcatalogs

12. “Feeling watched.”

Modern kitchen and living room combo with dark hardwood floors. Kitchen features stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and open dishwasher. Living room has a cream sofa, brown armchair, green plants, and large windows bringing in natural light.
u/easy_marzipan_1996/via reddit.com

“Sneaky bird.” – u/Elk-Assassin

“Nice place you got there.” – u/coriander526

13. “Find the hot sauce.”

A large pile of individual red ketchup packets fills a white container. The packets are uniformly red with white text, featuring a familiar ketchup bottle logo. The packets create a visually textured red surface within the container.
u/mcelweeworkshop/via reddit.com

“Taco Bell has entered the game.” – u/LiveAd3962

“I found it very quickly because we have this same drawer in our house.” – u/overbats

14. “Find the frog.”

Close-up of a tree trunk with rough bark partially covered in white and green lichen. Some green leaves and small plants are visible at the base of the trunk. The background shows dense green foliage, suggesting a forest setting.
u/ecstasyzero/via reddit.com

“Thank you for not continuing the trend of just zooming in the middle.” – u/ws_Bishop

“Near the plants at the lower middle right.” – u/ecstasyzero

15. “I dropped my glasses.”

A gravel-covered ground with a red wooden deck and a cylindrical brown trash can to the left. In the background, there is a dark brown rectangular dumpster.
u/educational-health/via reddit.com

“Pro tip. If you hide something in a picture, you shouldn’t center it.” – u/R0cketcrafting

“This photo should be blurry for realism.” – u/firmlyundecided

16. “Find the key my girlfriend dropped.”

A corner of a room with textured brown floor tiles and light wood panel walls. Part of a wooden chair's leg is visible on the right side, and part of a door frame can be seen on the left. The spaces between the tiles and walls contain gaps and uneven joints.
u/muffassa/via reddit.com

“What we should really be searching for is whoever designed this crevice.” – u/Ok_Letsgo990

“That trim work is atrocious.” – u/IDownVoteCanaduh

17. “Find all three cats.”

Two cats in a living room: one sitting atop a TV stand, and the other lying on its back in a sunbeam on the carpet. The room has a fireplace, a coffee table, a gray couch, and various cat toys scattered around.
u/raupj8909/via reddit.com

“So good. Fluffy anti shadow.” – u/deleted

“Why did I look in that little ventilation grate? Truly a cat place to be though.” – u/Mogui-

18. “The fox sees you.”

A sunlit forest with tall, dense pine trees casting shadows on the forest floor, which is covered with brown soil and patches of low green vegetation. A few tall grasses grow at the forest's edge, close to a slight slope.
u/viperx1001/via reddit.com

“She is extremely creepy.” – u/cupcakesandcanines

“I’m too distracted by the giant snake.” – u/Cold_Carrot_340

19. “Find the three copperheads.”

A forest floor covered in a thick layer of brown, dry leaves. Small, scattered patches of green plants and sunlight filtering through the trees above create subtle highlights among the leaves. The image conveys a sense of calm and untouched nature.
u/meseeumm/via reddit.com

“I never want to be anywhere that isn’t paved over anymore.” – u/gangofone978

“They’re scared of you. So, they’re hiding usually.” – u/bryty93

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