20 Weird Yet Oddly Terrifying Pics We Saw This Week

The internet’s never been in short supply of pics that can quickly leave you with a sense of terrified wonder. I’d go so far as to say that the images that err on the side of being oddly terrifying are the ones that can haunt you most deeply. We rounded up some of the most bizarre and unsettling images that we could find from this week.

1. “This coffee mug I found in the cabinet when I moved into a new apartment.”

A ceramic mug with a whimsical face design, featuring a protruding nose, mustache, and two eyes that appear to be made of blue and white beads. The handle connects to one ear, and the mug has a blue glaze on the exterior. It sits on a wooden surface.
u/swing178/via reddit.com

“Is anyone else seeing Nigel Thornberry?” – u/Naro_Lonca

“I can’t believe they left that! Maybe I’m weird, but I love this.” – u/ghostfreckle

2. “Just a happy family in the 1800s.”

A black and white vintage photograph of three people. An elderly man with white hair and glasses sits holding a young child in a white dress, while an elderly woman in a dark dress and shawl stands beside them with her hand on the man's shoulder.

u/sed2017/via reddit.com

“Is the baby 30?” – u/brisket

“That’s Lurch from the Addams Family.” – u/Immediate_Mud6547

3. “Hole in living room.”

A living room with a large sinkhole spanning most of the floor, partially exposing the ground beneath. The sinkhole is directly in front of two sofas, which remain intact. The room also has tiled flooring with a geometric pattern surrounding the sinkhole's edge.
u/monsur_aush/via reddit.com

“$2,600 per month plus utilities. No pets.” – u/kabush

“Just lay down a rug over it.” – u/darrenbosik

4. “The giant water bug my sister found near Virginia Beach.”

Close-up of a small insect with tiny white spots on its back inside a clear plastic container. The container is placed on a wooden surface, and the sunlight casts clear shadows, highlighting the insect's details.
u/cannonel10/via reddit.com

“I don’t like this.” – u/cat_slay4

“I hate this.” – u/Lifesalchemy

5. “Pitbull meets Dachsund.”

A muscular brown dog with short legs is standing on a patch of uneven ground. The dog has a sturdy, low-to-the-ground build and appears to be a mix of a pit bull and a dachshund. The dog has a leash attached, held by someone standing out of the frame.
u/breakrules939/via reddit.com

“Watch your ankles.” – u/woburnit

“This looks like a creature from a medieval tapestry.” – u/holdon

6. “The mouth of a Leatherback Sea Turtle.”

A close-up view of the inside of a fish's mouth, showing multiple rows of sharp, pointed teeth and a pinkish fleshy interior. The teeth appear jagged and intimidating, giving an insight into the fish's predatory features.
u/lepeke2011/via reddit.com

“That is enough internet for the day.” – u/End00

“That looks more like a penguin mouth.” – u/Limp_

7. “Ominous Mammatus storm clouds in Monument, Colorado.”

A cluster of unusual, bulbous clouds resembling giant, hanging tufts of cotton is captured in the sky. The clouds are illuminated from behind, creating a striking contrast. Tree silhouettes frame the bottom of the image.
u/spiritual_ear_3456/via reddit.com

“The final shape is coming.” – u/DeltaDark_

“Cloudy with a chance of meatballs.” – u/Pooh_

8. “These hotel pools.”

An indoor swimming pool complex with a main pool in the background and a small, separate shallow pool in the foreground featuring a clown-themed inflatable toy. The area is well-lit with overhead lights and has white tiled walls and floors.
u/delaiz/via reddit.com

“You know what? I like it.” – u/YGoxen

“Not this again.” – u/WarWonderful893

9. “This Cyclops costume at my sister’s class play.”

A person is performing on stage wearing a large mask with an exaggerated face and a single large eye in the center of the forehead. Two people with their arms wrapped in black fabric are in the background, creating a surreal and dramatic scene against a dark backdrop.

“They have such kind eye.” – u/Serious-Rutu

“It’s terrifying for sure.” – u/CherishS

10. “The internal power supply of a Commodore PET-2001 computer from 1977.”

Close-up of the inside of an electronic device, showing a transformer, a blue capacitor, circuit board, and various connected wires. The components are placed within a metal and plastic housing, with visible connections, resistors, and integrated circuits.
u/partydude19/via reddit.com

“Spicy.” – u/Lotusboi13

“My gosh! Think of the children!” – u/dyerseve07

11. “These homemade Teletubbies overalls.”

A child's outfit hangs on a rack, featuring denim overalls with a patch of a green character wearing a black and white hat on the front. Underneath the overalls, a green long-sleeve shirt is visible. The outfit is displayed in a store with toys on the nearby shelves.
u/doodlejake/via reddit.com

“Someone’s Nanna put so much love into this.” – u/MenacingGummy

“This actually goes super hard.” – u/letsgetpunk

12. “This happy dude watching the world go by.”

A small, whimsical statue of a creature with a mischievous grin, bushy eyebrows, and tousled gray hair peeks out from behind a window. The creature has exaggerated facial features and is wearing a green outfit. Dust and grime are visible on the window.
u/whoislikebob/via reddit.com

“Top of the morning to you.” – u/punch_sucker

“That’s super creepy.” – u/leejen

13. “The final exit.”

A stairwell leads down to a white door marked "Final Exit" with a green sign. The stairs and floor are dirty and partially covered with debris. The walls are painted white, and various pipes and electrical conduits run along them.
u/thenoremac_42/via reddit.com

“Don’t forget the smile.” – u/YGoxen

“Sorry, I can’t help with that.” – u/Adventurous-Bill-660

14. “This popcorn bag.”

A white and red striped popcorn bag with a cartoon character holding a popcorn bucket and giving a thumbs-up. The cartoon character has spiky hair, glasses, and exaggerated facial features. The words "AWESOME POPCORN" are written at the top and bottom of the bag.
u/lok/via reddit.com

“Looks like his buddy’s name is Homer Simpson.” – u/Adonitologica

“I didn’t realize MAD made popcorn.” – u/Hawktor9

15. “This toy doll somewhere in the middle of an Amazon warehouse.”

A large metal storage shelf in a warehouse contains various large boxes and a life-sized creepy doll with wide, staring eyes and a distressed expression, partially hidden among them, visible through the shelf's metal grid. The floor is concrete.
u/idealmonk/via reddit.com

“Nope!” – u/mostlysarcastic

“Yes! I love this so much.” – u/tan0on

16. “A collection of toys I found in an abandoned house in a small Australian town.”

A worn-out clown doll, with a tattered outfit and a hat, sits on a shelf against a brick wall. Beside it lies an old doll's head with a partially cracked face and an antique cylindrical container. The scene is dimly lit, giving it a vintage and eerie ambiance.
u/date00n/via reddit.com

“Yikes! I’m glad it’s morning here.” – u/w12321

“House wasn’t abandoned. The people are the dolls now.” – u/LennoxLuger

17. “Concrete wave break structures.”

Three images: Top, an aerial view of a snorkeler swimming over spherical reef modules with intricate patterns. Bottom left, a crane lowers a reef module into the water. Bottom right, a person stands on a platform above a submerged module, visible just below the surface.
u/wholeooippner/via reddit.com

“They’re super cool looking to me, but I don’t have trypophobia.” – u/EdboiDecoi

“Sea crumpets, the sequel to sea biscuit.” – u/Appropriate_Link9317

18. “Normal spider? Count the legs!”

A spider with very long, thin legs and a small body clings to a textured indoor wall. The spider's legs, marked with orange dots at the joints, are splayed out in various directions. The wall is white with a groove near the bottom.
u/distint_release_638/via reddit.com

“Maybe it’s molting.” – u/Edenoide

“Looks like some shadows in there that look like legs.” – u/jjpenguins66

19. “A few years ago at my grandparents house.”

A long hallway with walls and ceiling covered in a vintage, floral wallpaper featuring large orange and yellow flowers. The floor is carpeted in gray. There are several doors along the sides and a mirror at the end of the hallway reflecting the patterned walls.
u/lumberjackandokay/via reddit.com

“Who wallpapers a ceiling.” – u/ffsk88

“Like the hallway in The Shining.” – u/Ancient_Pop172

20. “A tunnel dug by the Giant Ground Sloth in Brazil.”

A large burrow-like tunnel with reddish-brown walls, leading deep underground. Two people stand at the far end of the tunnel, partially obscured by shadow, wearing safety vests and hard hats. The ground appears to be made of loose soil and rocks.
u/monsur_aush/via reddit.com

“Secret tunnel!” – u/roman_boman

“What my Q-Tip sees.” – u/Professiona-Hat-687

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