75 Scary Signs That Are Straight Out of A Horror Movie

Warning signs are incredible. Clearly, they’re designed to keep us safe, but they also hint at a specific incident or story that we can only guess at. They’re intentional, if not sometimes cryptic, environmental storytelling. Other times, they’re so direct that they almost seem cruel or uncaring. We’ve found a lot of both and quite a bit in between. Here’s our collection of scary signs that we feel would be great starting premises for a horror movie.

1. “I’ll just hold it”

Scary signs at a public restroom warning users to "Please look under the toilet seat for bees" and "Please be aware of the bees". The restroom is outdoors, surrounded by trees and a water tank is visible nearby.
u/Chicxulub420 / Via reddit.com

2. “Found in the Adirondacks. Explosive and Acid is a good combo.”

A warning sign on a log cabin wall reads: "WARNING. 12 Burglaries in 8 years is too much! This Bldg. is NOW Boobie-Trapped!! I expect to see some of you in the hospital. EXPLOSIVE & ACID. - The Owner.
u/Wintertimefriends / Via reddit.com

3. “Watch where you step”

A large red and yellow sign warns hikers about unexploded artillery shells from avalanche mitigation on the mountain. The sign advises not to touch the shells, to mark their location, and to report it to an Alyeska employee. It features illustrations of shells and rounds.
u/userdeleted / via reddit.com

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4. “Under terror”

A sign mounted on a stone wall reads: "BEWARE OF INVISIBLE COWS. Most of the Mauna Kea Access Road below Hale Pohaku is open cattle range, and the cows frequently cross the road. Dark colored cows are often invisible in darkness and/or fog. Use extreme caution and drive very slowly in this open range." The sign includes cow silhouettes in the upper corners.
u/random-ink / via reddit.com

5. “Fight back”

A yellow sign provides safety instructions for encountering a mountain lion. It advises to face the lion and back away slowly, be large and shout, keep children close and pick them up without bending, and to fight back if attacked.
u/Scrott123 / via reddit.com

6. “A disease which has no cure”

A white enclosed trailer on a road has the text "THIS CONTAINER TRANSPORTS A DISEASE WHICH HAS NO CURE" on its rear door. The trailer is secured with a padlock and features various stickers, including "LOOK TWICE," "TOY HAULER," and "YAMAHA.
u/ohyouarefunny / via reddit.com

7. “Any questions?”

A warning sign is affixed to a rough, stone wall. The sign reads: "DANGER YOUR CHILD COULD BURN TO DEATH. STAY OFF THE FIRE PIT." The text is in black and red, with "DANGER" highlighted in red. The sign is secured with two screws.
u/bigFatTomato / Via reddit.com

8. “Yikes”

A metal plaque on a white wall reads: "The 'Black Death' entered England in 1348 through this port. It killed 30-50% of the country's total population.
u/err_mate / Via reddit.com

9. “You will die”

A warning sign in a snowy ski area bordered by trees. The top of the sign has two stop signs and a skull and crossbones symbol. Below it reads: "SKI AREA BOUNDARY. Non-Survivable Extreme Winter Terrain Down This Drainage. HIKE BACK UP IS ONLY RETURN TO SKI AREA. YOU WILL DIE IF YOU DO NOT RETURN TO SKI AREA.
u/mirandanielcz / Via reddit.com

10. “The School Lockdown Song”

A handwritten lockdown drill poster taped to a classroom wall lists steps in four lines: "Lockdown, Lockdown, Lock the door / Shut the lights off, Say no more / Go behind the desk, Wait until it's safe inside / Lockdown, Lockdown, it's all done, Now it's time to have some fun!
u/OG3XOG / Via reddit.com

“Lockdown, lockdown, lock the door.

Shut the lights off, say no more.

Go behind the desk and hide; wait until it’s safe inside.

Lock, lockdown it’s all done, now it’s to have some fun!”

11. “Cute cartoons don’t make creepy messages better”

A workplace safety sign showing a cartoon construction worker wearing a hard hat and safety vest. The text reads, "It's better to correct an unsafe friend than to bury one." The worker is giving a thumbs up with a green check mark and a thumbs down with a red X.
u/jakeairforce /Via reddit.com

12. “The drowning machine”

Warning sign next to a waterway with a concrete barrier structure and fast-flowing water. The sign reads "Extreme Danger: Submerged Weir - The Drowning Machine" with a graphic showing a person being pulled underwater. A chain-link fence runs along the front.
u/RenderTheGame / Via reddit.com

13. “Apparently from Killington Ski Resort”

An orange sign reads, "The mountains will be just as cold and lonely tonight as they were 200 years ago. Do not ski alone." The background features an illustration of a skier sitting on a slope with trees in the distance.
u/Toybasher/ via Reddit.com

14. Terrifying statistic

A brown sign near a lake surrounded by trees reads: "128 Persons Have Drowned In This Lake, 2 Wearing A Life Jacket, 126 Not Wearing A Life Jacket." The sign emphasizes the importance of wearing life jackets. A smaller, partially visible sign is posted beneath it.
u/jegraves / Via reddit.com

15. “Is not an emergency, yahuah”

A colorful amusement ride sign features a cartoon character. The sign reads: "This ride only stops in an emergency. Crying is not an emergency." The cartoon character at the bottom appears to be waving with a cheerful expression.
u/Classic_Cream / Via reddit.com

16. “Ok, I understand”

A sign on a tree at a zoo reads: "Please do not stand, sit, climb or lean on zoo fences. If you fall, animals could eat you and that might make them sick. Thank you." The sign includes cartoon images of a goat and a zebra. Trees and a pathway are visible in the background.
u/userdeleted / via reddit.com

17. “At my apartment complex”

u/protokitty / Via reddit.com

18. “Saw this at my new job. Wish me luck.”

A yellow warning sign with black text that reads "DANGER RISK OF IMPALEMENT" is mounted on a red brick wall. The sign features an illustration of a person being impaled on a spiked fence.
u/GerogeTheGoat94 / Via reddit.com

19. “Found this gem at a local bulk food store”

A sign reads "Children must have adult supervision. Thanks!" The sign includes a drawing of two adults and two children, all with large eyes, resembling security cameras, emphasizing the need for supervision.
u/OnsetOfMSet / Via reddit.com

20. “Posted on a hiking trail at a very high waterfall”

A warning sign on a wooded trail reads, "DANGER: The rocks are covered with a plant growth that makes them extremely slippery. Twenty three people have died while climbing on these rocks. View the falls from designated areas only." A bench is nearby.
u/frenchlick33 / Via reddit.com

21. “You don’t know who is lurking here”

A warning sign on a pole shows an illustration of a person lurking between two trees shaped like eyes. The text reads, "You don't know who is lurking here. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK." Background shows dense trees and foliage.
u/Thewholesomegod / Via reddit.com

22. “Sign near nuclear planet in NJ”

A street sign in a suburban area reads, "EMERGENCY SIREN. IF SIREN SOUNDS FOR 3 TO 5 MINUTES TUNE RADIO TO 97.3 FM." The sign is mounted on metal poles next to a street, with houses and trees visible in the background.
u/selfawarefeline / Via reddit.com

23. “Bronx Zoo”

A sign in a zoo reads: "Dear Visitors, A 3½ foot long mangrove snake is missing from its exhibit in JungleWorld. They are mildly venomous, but not dangerous to people. Mangrove snakes are shy, arboreal, and active at night. Notify a staff person if seen.
u/BVB77 / Via reddit.com

24. “Careful when skiing”

A yellow and red sign on a snowy mountain warns, "DANGER: YOU ARE LEAVING THE SKI RESORT. YOU CAN DIE. THIS IS YOUR DECISION," with a skull and crossbones symbol. Snow-covered peaks and a clear sky are visible in the background.
u/thetoastmonster / Via reddit.com

25. “Just another day in Alaska”

Sign on a door reads: “ATTENTION! MAKE SURE THE DOOR IS CLOSED TIGHTLY SO BEARS CAN'T GET IN! Thank you!” The sign is printed on white paper with black text and is taped to a pale-colored door.
u/electronicthesarus / Via reddit.com

26. “Warning sign near Peggy’s Cove lighthouse. Nova Scotia, Canada”

A weathered sign with white text on a black background reads: “WARNING. Injury and death have rewarded careless sightseers here. The ocean and rocks are treacherous. Savour the sea from a distance.” The sign is mounted on a white wall.
u/userdeleted / Via reddit.com

27. “No worries, 3 layers of glass still remain to protect you from the king of the jungle”

A sign posted against a shattered glass panel at a zoo reads: "Don't worry! Our lion yard is still safe. One of the four layers of this exhibit glass has shattered, but it's still safe. Repairs are planned. For questions, talk to a staff member.
u/Tails_RulesTheWorld / Via reddit.com

28. “I think I’ll just take the stairs next time”

A sign on an elevator door reads: "Caution: No sudden movements or jumping. Elevator is extremely sensitive. Please stand still." The text "Caution:" is in red, while the rest of the text is in purple.
u/cinedemon / Via reddit.com

29. “Tell someone where you are going”

u/harryruby / via reddit.com

30. “If polar bear attacks, you might fight back”

A sign on a wooden wall with the title "Safety in Polar Bear Country." It reads: "If a polar bear attacks, you must fight back." The sign includes logos of Parks Canada, Manitoba, and other organizations at the bottom.
u/losandreas36 / Via reddit.com

31. “I explored an abandoned mine this weekend. The floor drops down in an abyss past this sign”

Dimly lit mine shaft with wooden beams and debris. A damaged sign labeled "NOT SAFE" is prominently displayed in the foreground, surrounded by fallen and broken wood. An unstable, narrow path leading further into darkness is visible in the background.
u/panmines / Via reddit.com

32. “Inside the boy’s bathroom at school”

A printed sign on a teal-tiled wall outlines bathroom lockdown procedures. It states to stay calm, get into and lock a stall, sit on the toilet with feet raised, remain quiet, and ignore fire alarms during the lockdown. The logo "CT" is at the bottom.
u/SkyaGold / Via reddit.com

33. “This got dark real quick”

A clear yellow road sign with a red-bordered circle showing the speed limit of 25 mph. Below, a cautionary message reads, "Kill your speed, not a child." The background features a park-like setting with trees, grass, and a sidewalk.
u/shadowclient / Via reddit.com

34. “Spotted while delivering food today”

A brown door is sealed with a blue Coroner's seal that reads, “Warning: Removal or defacement of this seal is a crime. Los Angeles County Coroner, Investigations Division, 1104 N. Mission Road, Los Angeles, CA 90033, (323) 343-0512.”
u/grandecoconut20 / Via reddit.com

35. “Do you know where the bears are?”

Two warning signs on a metal fence in front of a body of water with trees and rocks in the background. The sign on the left asks, "Have you checked all gates, races and locks before you leave?" The sign on the right asks, "Do you know where the bears are?
u/yaaaaasitshayden / Via reddit.com

36. “You get the gist, even without knowing a word of Swedish”

A yellow warning sign with black text and images. The top reads "VARING FÖR KLÄMRISK." Below are two diagrams: one with a person correctly moving a cart into an elevator, and another with the person being crushed by the cart. Text below warns against transporting goods in elevators without inner doors.
u/abaganoush / Via reddit.com

37. “Trust me, I won’t”

A Highland cow with long, curved horns and shaggy fur stands behind a wire fence in a muddy field. A sign on the fence reads, "DO NOT GRAB HAMISH BY THE HORNS." Trees and greenery are visible in the background.
u/userdeleted / Via reddit.com

38. “Good to know”

A sign with a yellow triangle warning symbol and text that reads, "CAUTION IMMEDIATE 6 FOOT DROP UPON ENTERING DOOR." The illustration within the triangle shows a person falling. The sign is displayed on a plain surface.
u/Peteydubzzz / Via reddit.com

39. “On a gas station outside of Valdosta, GA”

A printed sign taped to a window in a store reads, "Due to the sensitive and tragic nature of the accident and the effect it had on our employees, Please refrain from asking questions. Thank you for your understanding while we get through this difficult time.
u/bendergreat / Via reddit.com

40. “This sign by the entrance to my church”

A wall-mounted air horn with a sign that reads: "USE THE AIRHORN IF YOU SENSE IMMINENT DANGER! This will alert the congregation to evacuate the building. Do not put yourself in harm's way." Below it, a Purell hand sanitizer dispenser is attached to the wall.
u/DemotivatedTurtle / Via reddit.com

41. “A happy little sign at my work”

A handwritten sign is taped to a metal surface, likely an oven. The sign reads, "Make sure fan is ON when oven is on or you will die." The text "fan is ON" is highlighted in red. The sign appears slightly crumpled.
u/Cyninombie / Via reddit.com

42. “Saw this walking through my university after hours”

Sign warning about the dangers of riding an elevator with a nitrogen tank. It shows a cylindrical nitrogen tank in an elevator with the text: "DANGER! DO NOT GET ON AN ELEVATOR WITH ONE OF THESE! If it leaks you will die. Leave it be...someone is waiting for it on another floor.
u/ketchupcostsextra / Via reddit.com

43. “Escape is impossible”

A warning sign near a waterway reads: "Venturing over weir is risking certain death. Escape is impossible once caught in the whirling water." The sign features an illustration of a person being swept into dangerous, swirling water near a weir.
u/actual-catlady / Via reddit.com

44. “Save the bees”

A sign attached to a wooden fence surrounded by green foliage features a cute illustration of a bee and the text, "If we die, we’re taking you with us.
u/nevula_dweller / Via reddit.com

45. “Do I trust the sign or the sensor?”

Close-up of a filter status indicator on a panel. The indicator shows a red light, but there's a sign next to it that reads, "WATER IS SAFE TO DRINK. Please disregard the red filter-status light." A GreenSpec Listed label is also visible.
u/SharkFinn24 / Via reddit.com

46. “Stay out of the water or you’ll get burned”

A warning sign is displayed on a stone ledge next to a fountain. The sign reads, "WARNING: Stay off the fountain. Fire feature in center will start without notice." A portion of a person’s black shoe is visible at the bottom right corner of the image.
u/mcleanatd / Via reddit.com

47. “At least they give you a choice”

A sign with a bright red "WARNING" message against a metal wall. The sign reads: "You are entering an interactive attraction. You have two choices: 1. Remain a spectator and don't put on a glow necklace, or 2. Wear a glow necklace and become part of the show..." and continues explaining terms of participation and consent.
u/BurntReynolds347G / Via reddit.com

48. “Fact.”

A wooden fence with a laminated sign attached that reads, "People die swimming here. Fact." The background shows greenery and trees with yellow leaves, suggesting an autumn setting.
u/DuvetCapeMan / Via reddit.com

49. “Percy Preist Lake in Nashville, TN”

A partially submerged sign in a lake reads: "171 Persons Have Drowned In This Lake. Wearing Lifejackets: 3. Not Wearing Lifejackets: 168." A pier or dock can be seen extending from the water in the background. The water level is high.
u/aea27 / Via reddit.com

50. “When you buy the old neighborhood drug house”

A sign in a residential yard reads, "This is no longer Adam's house. There are no drugs here. YOU ARE ON CAMERA!" The sign is placed near a sidewalk, a patch of grass, and a small utility cover. A house and landscaping are visible in the background.
u/mantarochen_ / Via reddit.com

51. “Straight to the point, don’t become soup”

A pond surrounded by mist has a sign attached to a railing in front of it. The sign contains text in Japanese and English warning: "DANGER - If you fall in the pond, you will be boiled." Some greenery is visible at the bottom.
u/MrBoko1234 / Via reddit.com

52. “In Bear Trap Canyon, Montana”

A yellow warning sign with black text and striped border is posted near a river. It reads, "WARNING! Sirens or lights mean get out of the river NOW! Water will rise rapidly" and includes a pictogram of a person hurriedly exiting water. Rocky terrain and vegetation are visible in the background.
u/bees-in-a-trenchcoat / Via redditcom

53. “Don’t do meth”

A sign on a wall warns that using methamphetamines within 12 hours of a dental appointment can be deadly when combined with dental anesthetic. The sign lists various street names for methamphetamines, such as Crystal Meth, Crank, Speed, Glass, Tweak, and Yaba.
u/Trickypostila / Via reddit.com

54. “Ryan Dam, Montana”

A warning sign posted on a wooden fence reads, "Warning! Evacuate the island if you hear 8 short blasts," with the NorthWestern Energy logo in the bottom-right corner. The background is a grassy area with trees and a house visible.
u/mayurbanwasi / Via reddit.com

55. “Uh oh. Keep out of the danger noodle room”

A handwritten note taped to a glass door reads, "DON, THE SNAKE GOT LOOSE AGAIN. HIS BITE IS VERY POISONOUS. DON'T COME IN UNTIL I CAN CATCH HIM. NORMAN." A security sticker from ADT is visible on the door frame.
u/lilblondezombie / Via reddit.com

56. “At a nearby wolf sanctuary”

A sign posted on a wooden fence reads, "This property is protected 24/7 by security cameras & 20 or more wolves," with images of a surveillance camera and a wolf howling. The background shows trees and a wire fence.
u/Gymnos84 / Via reddit.com

57. “Beware of falling deer”

A person wearing a red beanie and scarf stands in front of a humorous warning sign. The sign reads, "BEWARE OF FALLING DEER: Leopards conceal their unfinished food in the tops of trees." A deer silhouette is shown inside a triangular hazard symbol above the text.
u/kickyour247 / Via reddit.com

58. “Slowly puts shovel back in trunk”

A snow-covered, weathered stone marker in a field, displaying an engraved warning that reads: "CAUTION—DO NOT DIG. Buried in this area is radioactive material from nuclear research conducted here 1943–1949. Burial area is marked by six corner markers 100 ft. from this center point. There is no danger to visitors. U.S. Department of Energy 1978.
u/sights_of_the_sun / Via reddit.com

59. “That’s reassuring”

A notice is posted on a glass window, reading: "DO NOT SIT CLOSE TO THESE WINDOWS. BUILDING NEXT DOOR IS BEING DEMOLISHED.
u/11flynnj / Via reddit.com

60. “Oddly poetic sign in Sea Ranch, Ca”

A weathered wooden post and fence with a sign that reads, "CAUTION: High surf, Cliff edges crumble, Never turn your back on the ocean." The fence is overlooking a grassy field with a hill and trees in the distance under a partly cloudy sky.
u/horseonthefront / Via reddit.com

61. “Amazing how saying ‘when’ instead of ‘if’ can make such a difference”

A close-up of an elevator panel showing an emergency phone button, a "HELP" button, and a large blank button. Below the buttons is a red sign instructing: "When Elevator Stops Functioning Press and Hold Help Button for 3 Seconds.
u/ChunkySoup93 / Via reddit.com

62. “Sign at Lava Falls in Grand Canyon”

A sign from the United States Department of the Interior, National Park Service, warns about heat-related deaths in the area. It states that most deaths occur within 15 minutes from the sign and advises visitors to return if experiencing heat-related troubles.
u/UriahPeabody / Via Reddit.com

63. “Took this picture a few years ago in near the border”

Signs in English and Spanish warn that it's unsafe to walk further, and offer help by pushing a red button. The U.S. Border Patrol will arrive within an hour. A button with a protective cover is attached below the English text. Desert landscape in the background.
u/bobakonush55 / via reddit.com

64. “Casual sign I took a picture of in Cambodia”

A standing metal sign with a white background warning, "Please don't walk through the mass grave!" is placed on a dirt ground with some patches of small green plants. The text is written in both Khmer and English.

65. “Area closed”

A wooden "Area Closed" sign is partially buried in sand, surrounded by dry shrubbery. The sign is barely visible, indicating a restricted or off-limits area, possibly due to environmental protection or safety concerns.
u/Headhearttrue / Via reddit.com

66. “Are we still talking about ice cream?”

A Dairy Queen sign with the logo at the top and the words "Grill & Chill" below it. Beneath that, a marquee reads "HEY KIDS SCREAM UNTIL DAD STOPS" against a clear blue sky with some trees in the background.
u/calyank1184 / Via reddit.com

67. “Isn’t there an old movie about being snowed in at a ski lodge? Did it have a happy ending?”

A red sign with white text reads: "INTER-LODGE TRAVEL CLOSED. AVALANCHE DANGER. IT IS ILLEGAL TO LEAVE THIS BUILDING. Salt Lake County Ordinance 13.12.010." The sign is placed inside a building near a glass door.
u/mcutler / via reddit.com

68. “Yeah I think I’ll pass”

A sign for Poison Spider Trail stands on a leafy path surrounded by trees. The sign includes icons indicating activities allowed: hiking, biking, and motorbike riding, and one activity prohibited: no horses. A green 'easy' difficulty marker is also present.
u/210z / Via reddit.com

69. “This anti-gambling ad seems awfully dystopian”

A framed poster shows a concerned woman with her hand on her chin. The text on the poster reads, "IN THE END THE MACHINES WILL WIN." Below, there's smaller text with information on where to get more details and help regarding gaming in Victoria, Australia.
u/nekminnit4 / Via reddit.com

70. “At a beach along a hiking trail in Kauai, Hawaii”

A weathered wooden sign warns against entering the water at Hanakapiai Beach. The message reads: "Hanakapiai Beach WARNING! Do not go near the water. Unseen currents have killed 83+ visitors," with tally marks beneath the numbers. The sign is nailed to a tree.
u/Einstein1um / Via reddit.com

71. “Saw this on my walk earlier”

A red warning sign mounted on a pebble-stone wall reads "KEEP CLEAR UNEXPLODED BOMB" in white letters, with two bomb icons on either side of the text. The sign is located beneath some overhanging green plants and a brick ledge.
u/LonoThompson / Via reddit.com

72. “I work in a foundry, where at any given time up to 26 tons of molten iron could be going right over your head”

A yellow metal sign with a red octagonal "STOP" symbol at the top. Below it, the sign reads "BE AWARE OF OVERHEAD MOLTEN IRON" in black capital letters. The sign appears worn and slightly dented.
u/Z3styR4nch / Via reddit.com

73. “Uh, what’s out there?”

A bright orange sign reads "NOT SAFE TO GO OUTSIDE" in bold, all-caps lettering, hanging on a chain against a metallic wall. Various safety warning labels are visible in the background, emphasizing caution.
u/guiltyandfast / Via reddit.com

74. “Road sign on the M25 Highway following the London bombing on July 7, 2005”

A digital road sign above a busy motorway advises: "AVOID LONDON. AREA CLOSED. TURN ON RADIO." Below, various vehicles drive on the road, with a distant landscape featuring hills and fields. Directional signs ahead indicate paths to Watford and London M11.
u/sixthaccount / via reddit.com

75. “Perth at its absolute finest”

An empty stadium with a large screen displaying a food recall alert. The alert instructs not to consume sandwiches, wraps, or salads purchased at the stadium and to return them to the outlet. The scoreboard shows a cricket match between NZ and another team.
u/Madowa01 / Via reddit.com

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