20 Design Blunders That Are Literally Too Bad to Believe

Some designs try far too hard to be creative and only end up being hauntingly creepy. Then, there are other designs that literally leave us scratching our heads over what could’ve been going through the designer or design team’s mind when they dreamt the design up. It’s all well and good to test the boundaries of art in the pursuit toward making one’s mark in the world of art, but sometimes wires just seem to get crossed.

1. “I still can’t figure out what this place is called or what it is.”

A gray building with "EaTC" logo on the front is surrounded by greenery, including a lawn and hedges. A blue fire hydrant is visible on the right side, and an American flag is positioned near the entrance. The background shows trees and a partly cloudy sky.
u/sylentt_/via reddit.com

“Advanced IT concepts (AITC).” – u/kayret

“My brain wants it to be “attic” except I know there are two As and only one T and that’s not the right order.” – u/splendidpunkinbutter

2. “Tiger pattern on my kid’s onesie is actually Leopard.”

Close-up of a baby's white onesie featuring "Detroit Tigers" text. The letters in "Tigers" have a tiger stripe pattern. Below the text, a cartoon tiger wearing a Detroit baseball cap is depicted holding a bat.
u/scorpiosultan/via reddit.com

“I think it’s Dalmatian.” – u/redbuttonpusher

“Looks like cow to me.” – u/oneangryduck

3. “Squirrel proof bird feeder.”

A squirrel is inside a bird feeder, eating seeds. The feeder is hanging just outside a window with white frames, and a lush garden is visible in the background. The sunlight illuminates the scene, highlighting the greenery and the squirrel's fur.
u/neumanium/via reddit.com

“Squirrels see the phrase squirrel proof as a challenge.” – u/DBSeamZ

“Bird proof squirrel feeder.” – u/Fortnitefo

4. “This two bed hotel room has a window looking directly into the shower.”

A small square window with frosted glass featuring a grapevine design is set in a beige tiled wall. Through the window, a distant view of the outside can be seen, but the focus is on the interior wall and the decorative glass.
u/MattapoisettPatton27/via Reddit.com

“I assume it’s to let natural light into the space.” – u/Sparkle_Rott

“Intimidation Tactics 101.” – u/toast_addiction06

5. “They built a light pole in the middle of the road.”

A city street scene showing a few motorbikes and cars at an intersection. A building with white and red stripes is on the left, and a larger building is on the right. The sky is cloudy, and traffic lights and orange cones are visible on the road.
u/first_cry_2088/via reddit.com

“They widened the road around a light pole.” – u/revoman

“That’s obviously why they put traffic cones around it.” – u/adjustafresh

6. “This one certainly stands out.”

A spacious kitchen features white cabinets, a stainless steel dishwasher, and a matching side-by-side refrigerator. The tiled floor has a light green pattern. A large window above the sink lets in natural light, and a clock is mounted above the cabinets.
u/proudly_disengaged/via reddit.com

“Even on The Sims people say no to this.” – u/firsca

“Seeing this makes me irrationally angry.” – u/Hour_Savings146

7. “This sign’s design makes it almost indecipherable.”

A street view at night featuring a brightly lit sign above a sidewalk that reads "Atlas" in stylized font. The sidewalk has outdoor tables and chairs, and shops with illuminated signs line the street. The scene reflects a lively, urban environment.
u/ducksinabus/via reddit.com

“Atlas?” – u/ilikebabycarrots2

“Wake up babe! New alphabet just dropped.” – u/Loof_the_floof

8. “Which way to the men’s room?”

A hallway with white tiled walls leads to a gender-inclusive and accessible restroom. The wall at the end of the hallway has icons indicating a men's, women's, and wheelchair-accessible restroom. A touchscreen panel is mounted below the icons.
u/billyrougebird/via reddit.com

“Straight through the wall, Harry Potter style.” – u/Isthatapun

“Through the portal in the wall of course!” – u/magnuzthewize

9. “What’s the caffeine strength?”

A coffee bag labeled "Original Family Blend" with colorful illustrations of playful cats holding coffee cups. Text reads, "Roasted with love in California, USA", "100% Arabica Coffee Ground", "Medium Roast", "Smooth", and "Rich". Caffeine strength is indicated by filled beans.
u/heatwavetothecrowd/via reddit.com

“4/5 I guess.” – u/DrDroid

“And tasting notes of what?” – u/Individual_Agency703

10. “This sign in a hotel elevator is a little hard to read.”

A small decorative plaque hangs on a wooden surface. The plaque features a pattern of white circles on a black background, and the words "It's the most wonderful time of the year" arranged in the shape of a Christmas tree. A thin string is attached at the top for hanging.
u/testsubject1137/via reddit.com

“Can’t be to code.” – u/kennydeals

“Hilton Garden Inn.” – u/Moseson

11. “The outside walls are thin warping sheet metal.”

Modern, minimalist building with two adjacent rectangular structures featuring large windows and a metallic facade. The building is situated next to a street with a traffic light in view and clear skies above. A side mirror of a car is visible on the right edge of the image.
u/imgainary-key-8132/via reddit.com

“The house would have looked super cool in the rendering.” – u/chikuwa34

“If the Tesla Cybertruck was a house.” – u/alex4494

12. “How should you park here.”

A parking lot features a single empty parking space paved with red bricks and marked by a yellow and black bumper. Adjacent to the space is a small, unpaved area with exposed soil. Several other cars are parked nearby, and the background shows a gray road.
u/thehunter9364/via reddit.com

“Drive over the curb. Looking at the tire marks on the curb, you wouldn’t be the first.” – u/sdtacoma

“It’s off-road vehicles only.” – u/harry-the-hutt

13. “I thought it was one piece.”

A broken knife with a detached blade and handle lies on a light gray surface. The handle has a black grip, and the blade is thin and metal. Nearby, a detached plastic piece and what appears to be a metal clip are also visible.
u/csgosilverforever/via reddit.com

“This is why I always do a few safety clacks with these bad boys before I grill.” – u/saltnotsugar

“The one piece wasn’t real bro.” – u/sonic19989

14. “This pathway doesn’t like the rain.”

A newly landscaped garden with small shrubs is seen in front of a modern building with large windows. Light-colored, vertical siding panels and a white awning enhance the building's façade. The freshly planted area is bordered by a curb, with some soil scattered on the pavement.
u/ho3bo3/via reddit.com

“They just need to reroute that downspout.” – u/Goofballs

“I’d be more worried about the hole that’s being eroded in the flowerbed.” – u/justadiode

15. “As as it gets.”

Posters for "Monster Jam: As It Gets" are displayed outdoors on a fence, depicting a blue monster truck in mid-air with a backdrop of a cheering crowd. The event is scheduled for August 17, 2024, at the Getec Arena. Green foliage partially covers the posters.
u/smorivercat/via reddit.com

“As camo as it gets.” – u/logicbus

“I don’t even know what it says. This is just a horrible choice.” – u/Nolotw

16. “A neighboring building has a blindingly reflective light feature.”

A sunny day view from inside a room with light-colored brick walls. Two windows with partially lowered blinds let in bright sunlight, creating glare. Outside, trees and buildings are visible under a partly cloudy sky. The room appears simple and uncluttered.
u/bloated_toad_4000/via reddit.com

“Congratulations, you discovered the sun.” – u/wgloipp

“That hurts to look at just in photo form. Yikes.” – u/Undead0rion

17. “What floor are we at?”

A digital elevator display shows the elevator is on the 12th floor with a maximum capacity of 900 kilograms. Red LED arrow indicators are pointing upwards. A faint reflection of a person taking the photo is visible on the screen.
u/its_a_thing_via reddit.com

“Not sure, but if I’m reading things correctly, the elevator’s HP is down.” – u/UnScrapper

“Watch out, Robocop is behind you.” – u/ajzinni

18. “Did they build the road or the pole first?”

A street scene featuring a tall concrete utility pole with cables attached, standing near a road. To the right of the utility pole is a lamppost. In the background, there are lush green trees and a metal fence running alongside the road. The sky is clear and blue.
u/arktay/via reddit.com

“I suspect the pavement/sidewalk came last.” – u/wgloipp

“I’ve seen this a lot in the Northeastern US.” – u/SA-dot

19. “Arbitrary stairs in the middle of a hallway.”

A staircase with marble steps and black edges leads to a corridor. The polished floor features a geometric black and white diamond pattern. Decorative railing lines the stairs, and a potted plant sits on a small table at the end of the corridor.
u/barbary_corsairs_/via reddit.com

“I saw something like this in Russia once. Apparently it was for flood defense.” – u/gardenfella

“Those are called flood stairs. They’re there to keep water contained to one area in the event of a flood or pipe bursting.” – kycereal

20. “Yes, all the windows please.”

A large, weathered multi-story house featuring multiple windows and external fire escapes. The structure includes a combination of vertical and sloping roofs with visible wear. The property has a grassy front yard with several white posts. Trees and more houses are in the background.
u/any-classic-5733/via reddit.com

“Looks like a shanty town in one building.” – u/Malstrome26

“Tell me you added on without a permit without telling me you added on without a permit.” – u/shavedaffer

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