19 Pics From The Photoshop Troll Who Takes Requests Completely Seriously

James Fridman is in a league of his own when it comes to trolling people’s photoshop requests. At this point you can only hope that anyone who bothers submitting a photoshop request to James Fridman knows exactly what they’re signing up for. Either way, the work always turns out hilariously. A photoshop troll from James Fridman is probably on a fair amount of people’s bucket lists, and it’s no surprise.

1. “That yellow hair tie was so inconsiderate.”

Two photos: The left photo shows a couple taking a selfie near a scenic lake. The woman has a yellow hair tie around her finger. The right photo is edited where the man's hair is tied up with the same yellow hair tie. The text above reads, "Hello Jamie, I really like this photo of me and my bf and I want to put it on my workplace desk, but the yellow hair tie I’m holding kind of ruins it... could you fix it? Fixed.
u/James Fridman/via Facebook.com

Here we have our first example of the master artist that is James Fridman just going to work. Little did anyone know that the hair tie was just being held back from realizing its fullest potential. At least that can be put to rest.

2. “It was written in her expression.”

Two images show a couple posing affectionately in front of a quaint, colorful house with a tile roof. In the left image, an older woman stands nearby, seemingly unaware. The right image is edited to remove the woman. Captions reference the removal request humorously.
u/James Fridman/via Facebook.com

You’ve got to love it when James Fridman pulls through with a wholesome photoshop troll. This lady clearly just wanted a bit more love from everyone else around her. Suffice to say, it was realized in the next picture.

3. “Well, he might’ve nailed it.”

A side-by-side image showing an email exchange and comparison photos. Left: A man with long curly hair in a casual outfit. Right: The same man with short, combed hair and a mustache in a suit and tie. The email requests a photo edit to look more professional.
u/James Fridman/via Facebook.com

If I were this guy, I’d just fully commit to the bit and see what the world of LinkedIn would make of such an update. Some concerned and/or highly entertained phone calls would likely ensue.

4. “How sweet.”

Left image: A person standing in a kitchen looking up at an out-of-reach dish drainer. Right image: The same person standing on someone's shoulders, attempting to reach the dish drainer, while the person carrying them looks bemused. Conversation text above.
u/James Fridman/via Facebook.com

Yeah, he’s right. You can’t put in all that stress and end up grabbing the wrong drainer. That’s nothing short of a catastrophe.

5. “There’s no such thing as loving yourself too much.”

Split image with two versions of the same photo. The left side shows a man and a woman standing closely together, both smiling. The right side is identical except the woman's dress is edited out, forgotten, indicating a humorous photo editing request mishap.
u/James Fridman/via Facebook.com

Sometimes, the best way to get over an ex is to just turn inward and focus on all that it is that you love about yourself. That being said, this photoshop troll transcends the bounds of self love.

6. “Ouch.”

A Twitter conversation between a user asking James Fridman to make their shorter friend taller. The image shows two photos: the original with the shorter friend hugging a taller person, and the edited version where the shorter friend’s head is humorously removed.
u/James Fridman/via Facebook.com

They asked, and James pulled through. Obviously, not in the way that they might’ve hoped. But therein lies the whole point.

7. “Love can find you at the most unexpected of times.”

Two-panel image. Left: A woman in sunglasses and a helmet stands near the ocean with a man in the background. Right: The same woman, this time with a veil photoshopped onto her head, and the man is now photoshopped behind her holding a rose and wearing a tuxedo.
u/James Fridman/via Facebook.com

That dude was mad chilling, but also there has to be more to the story here. Like the intentional photo crash moment. The proposal must’ve already happened.

8. “Oh, how the tables have turned.”

An email exchange between Amy Neiswander and James Fridman. Amy requests that her boyfriend's big hand be made smaller in a photo. In the modified image, the boyfriend appears very small next to Amy's normal-sized hand.
u/James Fridman/via Facebook.com

Honestly though, the dude does have quite the impressive mitt. At least he’s not self-conscious about it by the looks of his pose for this picture.

9. “A wakeup call for her for sure.”

Two side-by-side photos of the same woman in a blue dress, taken in a plaza with historic buildings in the background. The first photo has a clean plaza with no trash. The second photo shows a large pile of trash next to the woman. A text exchange above the photos shows the first person asking for the "trash lady" to be removed and the second person responding "Done.
u/James Fridman/via Facebook.com

You see, this is why some folks need James Fridman far more than they realize. She was bothered by the lady’s presence, without even thinking about why the lady was working so hard in the first place.

10. “That’s a pricey crown, to be sure.”

A woman in a teal dress sits by a pool, holding a coconut. An email exchange above asks for a crown edit to make her look like a princess. The first image shows the woman without a crown, and the second image humorously shows a giant tooth-shaped crown on her head.
u/James Fridman/via Facebook.com

I can’t say that this looks like a particularly comfortable piece of headwear. However, the humor we receive from James Fridman absolutely didn’t come up short.

11. “That escalated quickly.”

Two photos of a young couple posing on a scenic hillside with a view of the ocean in the background. In the first photo, the woman's hand is on the man's finger. In the second photo, the hand has been edited out. There is a chat showing the photo edit request and confirmation.
u/James Fridman/via Facebook.com

It’s amazing what the presence of a pair of scissors can do in terms of completely altering the vibe of a photo. A once happy enough looking couple now seems to be showing all signs of speeding right for a full-fledged disaster.

12. “At least the expression changed for the better.”

Two-panel image depicting a couple in formal wear. In the left panel, the couple poses together; the man looks serious. In the right panel, the woman poses alone, holding a laptop with her boyfriend's smiling face edited onto the screen.
u/James Fridman/via Facebook.com

Clearly, the boyfriend overcommitted to looking poised and professional for the photo he took with his girlfriend. Then again, at least James Fridman found it in the kindness of his heart to change the boyfriend’s expression.

13. “He’s ready for a new superhero show.”

Two images of a woman in a red dress. Left image: the woman poses with a man, both standing outdoors. Right image: the man is humorously replaced by a person-shaped bush, as requested in an email to a person named James to Photoshop her "ex-boyfriend" out of the picture.
u/James Fridman/via Facebook.com

Honestly, the photoshop alteration is kind of giving a bit of a “The Thing” vibe, and I’m not hating it. Can’t imagine that the boyfriend who stars in this photo is particularly a fan though.

14. “Aw, the king, James Fridman delivers again.”

An email request is shown asking for two individuals to be photoshopped together in a homecoming picture. To the right, there is an edited picture of a man in formal attire photoshopped standing next to a covered tarp in front of a tree.
u/James Fridman/via Facebook.com

Their best decision was to lead with their appreciation over how great James Fridman’s work is. It really is something special.

15. “He never misses.”

On the left, a person poses next to a Halloween decoration in a store. On the right, the background is altered to a dark, spooky scene with menacing text including "UNEMPLOYMENT CRISIS," "UNAFFORDABLE HOUSING," "MEDICAL DEBT," and "HIGH ENERGY PRICES.
u/James Fridman/via Facebook.com

Wow. The changes made to this photo are just a bit anxiety-inducing. It’s like a rush of unforgivingly unsettling things all at once.

16. “He got what he asked for.”

Side-by-side comparison of two edited photos. On the left, a man in the foreground is in sharp focus while the cityscape behind him is blurred. On the right, the man is blurred while the cityscape behind him is in sharp focus. There are humorous email exchanges above the photos.
u/James Fridman/via Facebook.com

What a beautiful city. To have been there to enjoy the view. You can really see the gleam of appreciation in this guy’s eyes over the view. Unmistakable.

17. “No, just right.”

A side-by-side image features a young woman sitting on a wooden platform in professional attire. The image from the conversation shows the young woman transformed into Shrek sitting in the same pose. Text in the conversation humorously acknowledges the drastic color change.
u/James Fridman/via Facebook.com

Oh, there goes Shrek with the glow-up though. He looks like he’s excited about exploring the waterfall behind him, while she looks absolutely appalled over everything.

18. “The pole was there for a reason.”

A two-part image: On the left, a bride and groom stand under a tent in an outdoor setting, holding hands and smiling, with a tent pole in front of them. On the right, the tent pole is removed but so are the couple, leaving only the empty landscape and part of the tent. An email from Kelsey to James Fridman is shown at the top with the request to remove the pole in front.
u/James Fridman/via Facebook.com

You’ve got to love it when James Fridman uses his wizardry to point out to people why the very objects they’re asking to have removed are there in the first place. The pole was just trying to do its job, man.

19. “There he goes again.”

A woman with long dark hair is sitting at a restaurant table, smiling at the camera. In the altered image, her previously missing right arm is resting on the table. She has a plate of food with a taco, rice, beans, and guacamole in front of her.
u/James Fridman/via Facebook.com

When you ask James Fridman a photoshop question and you leave any leeway, and leeway at all, you best ready yourself for him to take advantage of that. If you’re not careful you might end up losing both arms.

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