19 Tricky Photos That Have Things Hiding In Plain Sight

We love a proper chance to test the outer bounds of your observational skills. It’s way too much fun to try to identify the hidden objects that lurk within various images. As it turns out, leopards and then cats in general, are remarkably adept at hiding themselves in various landscapes. Just make sure you remain patient when you try to find the various hidden objects/animals that are hiding away in plain sight.

1. “Find the cat.”

A lush garden with a large hydrangea bush in full bloom, featuring clusters of vibrant blue flowers. The hydrangea is surrounded by large green hosta plants, other foliage, a wooden fence, and some background trees. Nearby is patio furniture on a paved area.
u/primoslate/via reddit.com

“Sir, I don’t appreciate being lured into an easy find the cat scenario, only to not find the cat immediately where I expected it to be. This was far too much effort and it ruined my tea. Good day.” – u/CooksAdventures

“I love your garden. I haven’t found the cat yet though.” – u/thaddeus423

2. “Find the two park rangers.”

A breathtaking view of a rugged canyon with steep, jagged cliffs and dense green forest in the foreground. A narrow river winds through the canyon, and there is a mix of overcast sky and distant mountain ridges in the background.
u/pantryessentials/vi areddit.com

“The hat makes it easy.” – u/evilmonkey

“I think they’re having a picnic.” – u/f1lth4lth

3. “Find the Allen key.”

A large pile of twisted and tangled metal pieces, scattered across a concrete surface. The overlapping metal components create an intricate and chaotic pattern, with varying shapes and lengths intertwined amidst each other.
u/ralfsv/via reddit.com

“Maybe Allen should find his own key.” – u/thebriker

“You did this on purpose, you maniac.” – u/breeeez

4. “Find the pacifier.”

A wooden staircase leads down to a gravel-covered area. Adjacent to the stairs, a garden bed with blooming pink flowers stretches along the border. A patch of green grass is partially visible in the background. A hose is coiled on the lawn.
u/yeah489/via reddit.com

“There’s a Ring Pop shaped rock that I thought was it at first.” – u/Adviser-Numerous

“I found the pacifier. What is that in between those boards at the bottom of the picture? It almost looks like part of a snake.” – u/SmkyMtnHikes21

5. “Find my cat.”

A dining table with papers and household items occupies the center of a room. Three wooden chairs surround the table. In the background, there's a TV on a stand, a sectional sofa with a blanket, and windows letting in natural light. Shelves and a fireplace are also visible.
u/bbyjsus/via reddit.com

“The void demands your fingers. Or at least my cat does when he hides.” – u/ruminatingsucks

“Went straight to the box.” – u/traditional_gas825

6. “Difficulty, impossible.”

A cozy bedroom with large windows, a brown quilted bedspread, and decorative pillows on the king-sized bed. Two bedside tables with lamps and framed art above the headboard adorn the room. Natural light flows through the windows, highlighting the wooden floor.
u/llada/via reddit.com

“Cute floof to go with your morning coffee. Approved.” – u/Electrical_Middle78

“This was an uplifting one. How cute.” – u/yasaitairan

7. “Find the screw.”

A collection of metal drill bits arranged neatly in rows on a green foam backing. The drill bits are of various sizes, with larger ones at the bottom and smaller ones at the top. The bits have cylindrical shanks and spiraled cutting edges.
u/slug1590/via reddit.com

“That took a bit. Thought you were screwing with me. But I drilled into it and found it.” – u/randomtask512

8. “Find the baby Bobcat.”

A dense collection of dry, intertwined branches and twigs forms a chaotic natural structure. Some branches are thick and rough, while others are thin and more fragile. The background is obscured by the tangled mass, suggesting a woodland or forest floor setting.
u/el_tigre352/via reddit.com

“Holy cow. Baby be watching me.” – u/b0s9r

“Looks like a grey house cat to me.” – u/julesk

9. “My kid dropped his toy soldier.”

A dense ground cover of various green leaves, some larger with prominent veins, while others are smaller and more numerous. The earth beneath is scattered with wood chips and brown foliage. A fragment of a shoe is visible in the bottom left corner.
u/digitalgoodtime/via reddit.com

“Always check the middle.” – u/Biggroop

“Waiting for the enemy, sir.” – u/Critical-Shift8080

10. “Find the quarter I dropped in the grass.”

A close-up view of a patch of grass with a mix of green and dry blades, showing an irregular texture with some areas more densely covered than others. The grass appears to be part of a lawn or field.
u/bionicleman15/via reddit.com

“Accidentally zoomed right into it.” – u/StrangeSera

“I couldn’t find it, went to google what color a quarter is, came back, zoomed in and realized I had zoomed right into it at least three separate times before.” – u/misswhovivian

11. “We thought we lost our baby bearded dragon.”

A small hand-knitted hammock hangs from a shelf with a leafy green plant in the background. Below the hammock, a pillow with beige floral patterns lies on a grey surface, and a white cylindrical container is placed nearby.
u/ewxve/via reddit.com

“Amazing camouflage.” – u/SmallRocks

“I still don’t see it.” – u/TJSPY

12. “Find my kid’s Crocs.”

A rocky landscape with a mix of small pebbles and larger stones leading into a dense forest of green trees. The scene is under a bright sky, suggesting a sunny day. Some of the tree branches slightly overhang into the rocky area.
u/centerwork/via reddit.com

“That took me way too long.” – u/internal-musician-20

“Nope. That’s your job as parent, not mine.” – u/Tall-Tree12

13. “Find the razor blade I dropped at work.”

A textured gray surface, possibly concrete, with a faded green paint area outlined by white brushstrokes in a rough oval shape. There are scattered small debris and specks of white paint, giving the surface a worn and weathered appearance.
johnnypancakes49/via reddit.com

“What is this? A Google Earth image?” – u/Comfortable-Radio477

“Surf shop, ding repair room (mostly resin, tape, fiberglass, and sanding dust).” – u/johnnypancakes49

14. “Beats airbud fell out of my ear. Please help me find it.”

A patch of bare, dry soil and sparse plant growth next to a sidewalk. A small tree trunk is visible in the background. The ground is covered in scattered mulch and a few emerging, small green plants. The area appears to be in a state of neglect or early regrowth.
u/healthy_warthog_466/via reddit.com

“Turn up the sound really loud, and listen for it.” – u/Fluffy_Ball7493

15. “Find the razor blade that fell out of my box cutter at work today.”

A close-up view of a tiled floor with a gray and white marbled pattern. The tiles are arranged in a grid, creating a uniform and repetitive design across the surface. The texture and color give the floor a stone-like appearance.
u/alleviate24/via reddit.com

“That was a hard one.” – u/deleted

“This one is fun because you don’t have to zoom to see it.” – u/Perrin-Golden-Eyes

16. “Find the burger patty in my daughter’s food toy set.”

A collection of colorful plastic toy food items, a toy cash register, and bowling pins are scattered on a carpeted floor next to a clear plastic container. Items include fruits, vegetables, play money, and part of a board game.
u/trunkaduns/via reddit.com

“I’m sorry but the pinecone is sending me.” – u/kgee1206

“Blends well into the carpet.” – u/longwhitejeans

17. “Cats in our neighborhood keep going missing.”

A lush green park features a large tree with a thick trunk standing in the center, surrounded by a well-maintained lawn. Dense foliage and additional trees form a natural backdrop in the distance under an overcast sky.
u/mcshooshi/via reddit.com

“Wiley guy.” – u/blueSnows

“How does the coyote not see the rabbit 10 feet away?” – u/Alternative_Rub_576

18. “Find the screw.”

A close-up view of a textured carpet with a multi-colored pattern consisting primarily of shades of green, brown, blue, and hints of yellow and red. The dense, looped fibers create a rough, tactile surface.
u/dtmf223/via reddit.com

“Love the off center ones.” – u/FluffyOwl2

“Looks like a bolt.” – u/mookormyth

19. “This clever girl was hunting me.”

A backyard with overgrown grass and weeds. There are some large cactus plants broken and scattered on the ground near the back, and a wooden fence is partially visible in the background. This area appears untended and wild.
u/captainchunk/via reddit.com

“I was looking for a velociraptor.” – u/AbbreviationsDry763

“Such a cutie.” – u/agent_flounder

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