20 People Who Were Cheap, Picky, and Entitled Beyond Belief

Online marketplaces are filled to the brim with choosy people who have achieved shameless levels of pickiness. The worst situation that can arise when you find yourself dealing with an entitled person is if they just flat out expect you to give them what they want for free. As if the very idea of spending money never realistically crossed their mind. All you can really do in such a situation is to hit the eject button as quickly as humanly possible.

1. “Always a good idea to spoil the kids already going to Disney.”

The back of a white van with messages written on the windows: "Disney Bound," "Help spoil our kids! Venmo: (username obscured)." The messages are decorated with small drawn images, including Mickey Mouse ears. The van has a New York license plate.
u/supermanrr1980/via reddit.com

“I used to work for Disney. You wouldn’t believe how many parents would go on Facebook and search for people that had Cast Member in the about me section of their profile. They would then message those people asking for free Disney tickets because they can’t afford to go and it’s not fair to their kids.” – u/casuallyreddit

“Send them a Venmo request instead asking for money and saying you’ve never been to Disney.” – u/juliekelly26

2. “Right to my work email.”

An image of a message requesting household items for a new home. The message mentions a raffle for a coffee maker and lists needed items such as kitchen trash bags, toilet paper, and dishware. A blurred-out spreadsheet is partly visible at the bottom.
u/plantanddogmom1/via reddit.com

“The real question is where do they work that this is an okay thing to even considering doing.” – u/defensivewizard

“A middle school.” – u/plantanddogmom1

3. “Choosing beggar under the toogoodtogo app.”

A review rating with two and a half stars, dated 04/06/2024. The reviewer mentions the late pick-up time (9-10 pm), affecting meal freshness, specifically mentioning rice and lentils. They appreciate the cost savings but prefer bakery bread to be available before 5 pm.
u/streetcorgi2610/via reddit.com

“Ah yes, why on earth would the pickup time be so late. Clearly, one of life’s greatest mysteries.” – u/Aurum2k

“A literal excellent example of a choosing beggar at work. Well done, indeed.” – u/Able-Exam6453

4. “Please earn 3.75 an hour while working for my husband with your own tools.”

A Facebook post seeking a gardening laborer for two days of work to cut the lawn and trim bushes. Offering £30 per day, with a possible bonus. Preference for those with their own tools. The image shows an overgrown yard with tall grass and dense bushes near a fence.
u/firefire6436/via reddit.com

“Let’s be real, there’s not gonna be a bonus.” – u/EstablishmentNo5594

“Wow, so generous, the bonus would work out to be 25 cents.” – u/National_Clue_6092

5. “The pickiness seems endless.”

Text image of a message seeking help with furniture and appliances for a move by December 1st. The list includes mattresses, beds, dressers, nightstands, washer, dryer, dining table, chairs, couch, bar stools, microwave, and coffee maker.
u/good-sky6874/via reddit.com

“The whole I’m just going to submit my order style pickiness just needs to go.” – u/Adventurous_Ad_6546

“There are times in my life that I’ve used lawn chairs as furniture and an air mattress as a bed.” – u/chewbooks

6. “I guess your friends know, so ask strangers instead.”

A Facebook post from a State College Classifieds group. The user requests help with moving larger and smaller items, needing a U-Haul 20 or 26. They mention paying back gas money when paid, and express frustration with cancellations and lack of assistance.
u/mem68/via reddit.com

“If a stranger doesn’t have gas money now, when something needs to be done, I wouldn’t trust for them to have it on Friday either.” – u/AgreeablePie

“Ah, sweet old central Pennsylvania.” – u/mela_99

7. “Free jewelry of course, but I’m picky.”

Facebook post in a "Buy Nothing" group. The user seeks new jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets, and brooches but specifies no earrings or rings, and no warm colors. They mention being selective and express appreciation for any offers. Two likes and one comment.
u/rlaaustin/via reddit.com

“I’m ready for a change of jewelry is a brand new sentence to me.” – u/AnastasiaNo70

“Yeah, I would like some free jewelry too.” – u/Tuxiecat13

8. “This is my first house, so just furnish it please.”

A Facebook post is asking if anyone is giving away free items for a first house, including a crockpot, air fryer, kitchen table, farmhouse-style items, kid table, dishes, kitchenware, vacuum cleaner, and carpet cleaner. The post has 1 like and 1 comment.
u/bluejaycharacter6384/via reddit.com

“Way overpriced farmhouse accessories. No wonder they want them for free.” – u/TheldaHoanDJ

“Well, I’ve always wanted a giraffe, and I live in a house.” – u/Olivia_Bitsui

9. “Provide my kids’ summer and my ability to watch them.”

Image showing a message from someone seeking various items, primarily clothing and swim gear for kids: swimsuits, summer clothes, swim shoes, toys, and a canopy. They also request chairs, a porch swing, and aim to make summer enjoyable for their children.
u/necessary_seesaw1320/via reddit.com

“The real question is over who is supplying the porch and the pool.” – u/BlueBirdAny3077

“No transportation is the biggest issue here.” – u/mmooney1

10. “Just pay me to care for my cat and my dog.”

A rental advertisement featuring a two-story house with a green exterior, a porch, and large windows. The ad describes a $1200/month rent for a 2-bed, 1-bath house, seeking roommates to care for pets. A close-up of a black and white dog is also visible.
u/pigahcat/via reddit.com

“It seems like they want to abandon their pets. Talk about a whole lot of yikes.” – u/garlicbutterb

“I live in a high cost of living area, and this is a legit bargain.” – u/IHaveBoxerDogs

11. “Please bring me all of the unnecessary things.”

Screenshot of two requests from a "Buy Nothing" community. The first is for a coffee table, mentioning a lack of mobility for pickup. The second is for a TV with USB port after a theft, specifying immobility for delivery. Both posts end with "TIA.
u/keepitcleanbois/via reddit.com

“Someone could benefit from learning more about needs vs. wants.” – u/Catmom1964

“I’m in desperate need for a chandelier, but also nothing too gaudy though.” – u/awkward1066

12. “Just a casual Broyhill dresser then.”

A Facebook post with a blue background featuring balloon and streamer illustrations. The text reads, "Hi! I'm new to this group. I recently joined because I need a Broyhill dresser and chest of drawers." Below the text is a cartoon woman holding a birthday cake with candles.
u/unicorn28/via reddit.com

“Nope, you want a Broyhill dresser and a chest, but you don’t actually need it.” – u/AssistPure

“I can’t imagine asking for a dresser and also demanding that it be real wood.” – u/Pineapple14

13. “A truly brilliant way to deal with influencers.”

A tweet by Shattered-Earth with an avatar of an animated character. The tweet reads: "When rando 'Influencers' ask me for free merch I always propose my offer. They can buy what they want and I'll give them a coupon code for them to post. If the code is used at least 10 times in 30 days I will refund their entire purchase + shipping. No one ever takes me up on it." It has received 1,400 retweets, 187 quote tweets, and 5,500 likes.
u/dataismycopilot/via reddit.com

“Choosing beggars don’t have time to deal with that crazy thing called logic.” – u/banjowashisname

“Genius. Simple, elegant, and wildly effective.” – u/NewTubeReview

14. “I was giving away a free dishwasher on Craigslist, and I caught one in the wild.”

A mobile phone screen shows a text conversation. The first gray message reads, "I saw the free dishwasher you have on craigslist. I live in Smyrna though got anything else to throw in to make it worth my time?" The green reply says, "I'll tell ya what, I'll knock half off the asking price.
u/nashjoe/via reddit.com

“Generous counteroffer in all honesty.” – u/FlowRollMB

“I will never understand people who want a better deal than free.” – u/Cybertoaster

15. “Broke boy.”

A tweet from @LILNOSLEEPY reads, "you know he’s broke when he buys you water," with a photo showing water glasses and a burger. Another tweet response from @cloutboyjojo reads, "you know you’re broke when you depend on someone else to pay for your meal.
u/epix4/via reddit.com

“I usually order water. No need for the extra sugar and calories.” – u/TallicLizzy

“You know your soul is broken when you only search for the materialistic in everything.” – u/Edi369

16. “My mechanic just telling how it is.”

A wall displays two printed notes under a calendar. One note reads: "If I do a job in 30 minutes, it's because I spent 10 years learning how to do that in 30 minutes. You owe me for the years, not the minutes." The calendar shows blurred dates and numbers.
u/mewisme700/via reddit.com

“We see this so often in the IT world too.” – u/C39J

“Quick, cheap, or good. Simply pick two.” – u/deekpah

17. “This store knows.”

A white sign with bold black text reads: "$100 surcharge will be applied to any customer that mentions how they can find parts cheaper online." The sign is taped to a perforated board.
u/mothery/via reddit.com

“The more common thing is for people to ask if the store price matches.” – u/deleted

“So, they’ll just buy them online.” – u/anonymous1

18. “He’s going to pay with experience bucks.”

Screenshot of a Twitter conversation. The first tweet says "Unpaid👋 internships👋 should👋 be 👋 illegal!!" The second tweet responds with "Experience IS your payment." The final tweet replies with "Experience doesn’t pay the bills" with 384 likes. Names are blacked out.
u/alfaphantom/via reddit.com

“I’ve earned enough experience bucks to tell you that this isn’t going to work.” – u/RoyallyOak

“Wonder what the conversion rate is of Stanley nickels to experience bucks.” – u/Burnerzog

19. “The ketchup critics walk among us.”

Screenshot of a social media post. The post reads, "My neighbor asked to borrow ketchup (yes, I know a neighbor) & gave me attitude cuz it was Hunt’s and not Heinz so I pulled it back & refused to give it to her and now our altercation is on a neighborhood app. What I’m saying is we’re living in the stupidest timeline in history." The text is written on a black background with the time showing as 9:47 and cell signal, WiFi, and battery percentages visible at the top.
u/jpdi/via reddit.com

“The Pittsburghers are shaking as they read this.” – u/jess8771

“What kind of person goes and buys Hunt’s though.” – u/anonnymous32

20. “Over a whopping 75 cents, to boot.”

A screenshot of a tweet says, "My Uber driver just stopped to give a 'beggar' some change. I was going to compliment him. Very kind. The beggar yelled '75 cents? I don’t want this.' and threw it back at the car. I just experienced the literal 'Beggars can't be choosers' and it makes me sad.
u/vadimced/via reddit.com

“Loose change does add up over time though.” – u/Etrigone

“To think that 75 cents used to be enough to get something small at Taco Bell.” – u/expbrussel

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