19 Funny Pics of Oblivious Drivers Who Barely Rolled Into the Shop

It’s far too easy to forget that we truly share the roads with some impossibly clueless individuals. To make matters even more unsettling, it’s wild just how far some drivers will go when it comes to avoiding taking their cars to the shop. The shop is there for a reason, and if your car is busted up beyond belief, it’s best to just do everyone a favor and not take that mess of a vehicle out on the road.

1. “Customer complains his new Chevrolet Suburban engraved a Chevy Logo on his driveway.”

Close-up view of a car's rear bumper with dual exhaust pipes. A projection of the Chevrolet logo is visible on the ground beneath the car. The car is parked on a concrete surface.
u/purveyorofsparisti/via reddit.com

“That level of intellect while piloting a 6,000 pound truck is terrifying.” – u/Thermallgnition

“Crazy lasers, man.” – u/xampl9

2. “Customer insisted that I replace his brake pads because the truck has 100,000 miles.”

A set of six worn and dusty car brake pads are lying on a piece of cardboard. The pads show signs of significant wear with visible scratches and dirt, indicating they have been used extensively and may need replacement.
u/hbarrel/via reddit.com

“Now that’s a person who never stops.” – u/popcorn2502

“The most brake pad I’ve seen yet.” – u/Mayormaynotbepie

3. “These are the people that you share the road with daily.”

A close-up view of a car's foot pedal area. The brake pedal is taped with red tape and is located in the center, while the accelerator pedal, marked with green tape, is on the right. The floor appears slightly dirty with some dust and debris visible.
u/icetilt/via reddit.com

“Wonder how they handle a yellow light.” – u/someguyfromsk

“Both pedals to the floor because green and red make yellow anyways.” – u/TWITCHYAY

4. “I just need a tire, but how long is it going to take though.”

A close-up view of a car with a damaged front bumper in a garage. The car's black wheel is visible, and various garage tools, equipment, and a car jack are in the background. The car's right front tire appears to be misaligned.
u/hot_fee9051/via reddit.com

“If that actually rolled in, then I’m honestly impressed.” – u/ADVNTURR

“Don’t try to upsell me.” – u/newtekie1

5. “Their brain doesn’t have memory controls either.”

A white paper sign is taped near the car's gear shift. The sign has printed text on it. Below the sign are the gear shift, wrapped in black leather with red stitching, and part of the car's center console, including the gear indicator.
u/cellardrawer/via reddit.com

“If I have to road test it, I am making those adjustments so that I can safely drive it regardless of what they say.” – u/Few-Swordfish-780

“I know the first thing that a more immature version of myself would do.” – u/Nowatercress2571

6. “I cannot believe how common these are.”

Close-up of a car seatbelt buckle slot with a decorative, holographic checkered pattern insert. The insert has a label that reads "DO NOT USE," indicating it is not suitable for securing a seatbelt. The surrounding interior features black upholstery.
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“I like how it even clearly says to not use it.” – u/raduque

“Usually comes with an empty fuel tank and multiple warning lights as well.” – u/KamaroMike

7. “Got called out to diagnose an overheating issue.”

A gold sedan with significant rear-end damage is parked diagonally in a lot outside a convenience store at night. The car's trunk area is heavily crumpled, exposing internal components. The store has bright signage and displays offers in its windows.
u/livid_ad_2437/via reddit.com

“It’s like someone vanquished a Transformer in the middle of transforming.” – u/deleted

“A Michael Bay transformer maybe. Not a good one or anything.” – u/animerb

8. “Guy pulled up to the shop to do an oil change.”

A heavily damaged maroon car with its hood open and front bumper missing, revealing internal components. An engine oil bottle rests inside the open hood. Other vehicles and trees in the background, indicating an outdoor parking area.
u/jcrosb94/via reddit.com

“Dude is very optimistic buying extended motor protection oil for a car like that.” – u/Historical_Gur_354

“Buy it for life.” – u/egf1342

9. “Went in for four new tires and was warned about my dangerous brake pads.”

A hand holding two worn, dark-colored brake pads. The pads show visible wear and dirt, indicating they need replacement. The background is a rough, sandy surface with scattered dry leaves, and the person’s fingers appear slightly dirty.
u/burner654987/via reddit.com

“Well yeah, they are dangerous. They should be in the calipers.” – u/anondup

“If only slimy shops like this went bankrupt like they deserve.” – u/Romytens

10. “Plastic control arms. That’s all.”

Close-up of a vehicle's undercarriage, showing a dusty and worn suspension component, including a shock absorber coil spring and part of a tire. The overall condition of the metal parts appears aged and corroded.
u/windowsweirdo/via reddit.com

“Don’t think of them as control. Think of them as mild restraint.” – u/Justin_P_

“Be right back. Going to 3D print a long travel kit.” – u/Secret-Ad-7909

11. “Customer wanted a titanium exhaust engine installed before his first oil change.”

A view of the underside of a BMW M5 CS, focusing on the car's detailed exhaust system and mechanics. The car is elevated, showing quad exhaust tips, a large performance exhaust system, and part of the rear suspension components.
u/dvsn_F/via reddit.com

“If you have $100K lying around for the car, another $5K isn’t too big of a deal anyways.” – u/F22_lives

“I had no idea you weren’t allowed to change the exhaust before the oil.” – u/usernameusername121

12. “These are the people that you share the road with, everyone.”

A close-up view of the driver's side footwell in a red vehicle, showing the black rubber floor mat, brake and accelerator pedals. The mat has grooves and dirt on it. The car door is open, and part of the car seat is visible on the right.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“Had one of these this morning. Still not over it.” – u/Undoppable

“Every day I get closer and closer to living a secluded life in the woods.” – u/Robsteady

13. “Customer doesn’t trust plugs and patches. Paid for new tires.”

Close-up image of a car tire with a visible nail embedded in the tread. The tire has distinct grooves and appears to be in otherwise good condition. The nail is located near the center of the tire.
u/courtaid/via reddit.com

“Well their success rate clearly isn’t up to 100%.” – u/rdesktop7

“Peace of mind is priceless.” – u/SidneyHuffman316

14. “Customer gave up halfway between motor replacement and had it towed to me.”

An engine block with the valve cover removed, showcasing the camshaft, timing gears, and various internal components. The surrounding area is cluttered with numerous hoses and cables, indicating an ongoing repair or maintenance process.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“We’ve all been there before when it comes to thinking we can just save money and take care of it ourselves.” – u/_Ping_Pong

“I can’t stand these jobs.” – u/CookieMonsterOnesie

15. “Sales filled up the washer machine with what they thought was water.”

A silver SUV with significant windshield damage and the hood open, revealing the engine bay. The windshield is shattered, and glass pieces are spread on the car's hood. The vehicle is inside an automotive repair shop with visible tools and equipment in the background.
u/hzucchini/via reddit.com

“Mighty expensive water.” – u/Nailfoot1975

“The real question is who was responsible for letting sales into the shop in the first place.” – u/2loves2loves

16. “Apparently he blew his tire out in the woods and couldn’t stop driving.”

Close-up view of a severely damaged car wheel, with the tire completely shredded away, exposing the metal rim, which appears worn and corroded. The wheel is partially suspended off the ground beneath a vehicle, highlighting the extent of the damage.
u/soil_nerd/via reddit.com

“Super low profile tire right there.” – u/Fantom_Lord

“I paid for the whole wheel, so I’m going to use the whole wheel.” – u/j4ngl35

17. “Never thought I’d see this in real life.”

A close-up view of the underside of a vehicle, showing a black component attached to a metal bar. The vehicle is elevated on a yellow car lift. The background includes parts of the car lift and the workshop, which appears to be well-lit.
u/dreadnaught403/via reddit.com

“I’m thinking bagpipes tied into the turbo might actually be more effective.” – u/Justin_P_

“My favorite version of this has to be the cowbell.” – u/tonkatruckz3034

18. “Four nails in a row to defy the odds.”

Close-up of a car tire tread with four partially embedded metal screws. The screws are arranged in a line, penetrating the rubber surface. Gravel and grass are visible on the ground beneath the tire.
u/themane32/via reddit.c om

“Collated nails, for sure.” – u/Shopshack

“The other three are to make sure that the first one stays in there.” – u/LegitimateSailor

19. “Customer states that they hit a log.”

A close-up view of a damaged section of a car's exhaust pipe. The pipe appears to be split or broken, revealing a rough, irregular interior. The surrounding area includes other parts of the vehicle's undercarriage.
u/thebearfighter/via reddit.com

“Found it. Check complete.” – u/minion-of-entropy

“Carbon fiber driveshaft has just logged off.” – u/CySnark

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