41 Elden Ring Memes For The Tarnished Among Us

So young Tarnished, you’ve come for the Elden Ring memes.

Elden Ring is, of course, the massively popular and award-winning action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware and released back in 2022. It was directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki with worldbuilding by fantasy writer George R. R. Martin of Game of Thrones fame.

With the recent introduction of the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC, the Elden Ring community has come back to life with a huge influx of new memes.

1. Poor gate front soldiers

A frightened young boy labeled "Gatefront Soldiers" is driving a car. Outside the car, a smiling man holding two weapons is labeled "Me testing new DLC weapons." This Elden Ring meme humorously depicts the fear of opposing players encountering new game content.
EldenRingMemes / Instagram

2. “Was he laughing when he said that?”

A meme featuring two images. The top image shows a smiling person with glasses and text saying, "THE DLC IS THE SIZE OF LIMGRAVE." The bottom image shows another person with a skeptical expression and text saying, "THAT WAS A LIE," indicating disbelief about the statement above.
u/LittleMxSurly / Via reddit.com

3. “Is this valid?”

Meme depicting "Friendship ended with Miquella, Now Mohg, Lord of Blood is my best friend" with images of Elden Ring characters. Mohg is highlighted with flames and approval marks, while Miquella is crossed out. Background includes a handshake and text overlay.
u/Correct_Day4008 / Via reddit.com

4. “I’m sorry if this joke has been made before”

A two-panel meme image. The top panel shows a man in an orange jacket with a disapproving expression and hand gesture, next to the word "Erdtree". The bottom panel shows the same man smiling and pointing approvingly, next to the words "Minor Erdtree".
u/SayYes / Via reddit.com

5. “Crazy theory. It’s a new character”

A surreal image from a video game featuring a fantastical creature with multiple glowing eyes, surrounded by mist. Two illustrated characters discuss the boss, with one saying "ITS GODWYN ITS MIQUELA IN ANOTHER FORM MAYBE ITS RANNI OR MELINA" and the other replies "Dang this new boss looks sick".
u/HimB0Z0 / Via reddit.com

6. “Ima just go around”

A meme showing four game creatures titled "The Four Horseman of 'I'm Very Overleveled But Still Afraid to Fight Them'". The creatures include a roaring bear, a giant lobster, a humanoid figure with long limbs, and a large crow-like bird.
u/Imurcamille / Via reddit.com

7. “You don’t know the power of the Golden side!”

A meme with four panels. The first panel shows a crying, frustrated cartoon face. The second panel displays an image of a video game boss. The third panel features a calm cartoon face with a dialogue bubble saying, "The circle is now complete. When I left you, I was but the learner, now I am the master." The final panel shows another image of the game boss. The caption in the middle reads, "NOOOO WHY DO WE HAVE TO FIGHT THE SAME BOSS TWICE IT MAKES NO SENSE.
u/Milescat_ / Via reddit.com

8. “Why does it feel like 9/10 is an insult?”

The image features a game review rating at the top, displaying multiple high scores, including a central "10/10 GamesRadar+" and other ratings like "5/5 VG247" and "10/10 Video Games Chronicle." The bottom meme shows a man saying, "We were on the verge of greatness, we were this close.
u/Rithrius88 / Via reddit.com

9. “It’s true”

A person in a red cap is struggling to climb stairs labeled with challenging video games (Demon's Souls, Dark Souls series, Bloodborne, Elden Ring), with "Casual Gamer..." written above. The image humorously suggests the difficulty of these games for casual gamers.
u/TheREdditDude001 / Via reddit.com

10. “Thank you, Boss”

A meme featuring Shrek is seen in three panels. In the first panel, the boss tells Shrek to take the day off. The second panel shows Shrek smirking and coughing, thanking the boss. In the third panel, Shrek's smirk deepens as a PS5 game box of "Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree" appears with a "Beep" sound.
u/Imurcamille / Via reddit.com

11. “Solos every boss”

An armored character is being grabbed by a giant ethereal hand emerging from the ground. The caption reads, "Summons are cheating. You are not playing the game right." Below that, it says, "Me every time I encounter a minor inconvenience:
u/JarlTee / Via reddit.com

12. “Just use a shield bro”

An elderly man, in a leather jacket, stands resolutely with a mountainous backdrop. An array of in-game items from a fantasy RPG are overlaid, including shields and a talisman. Text at the top emphasizes using shields for tanking damage, with the man responding, "No, I don’t think I will.
u/bugzapperbob / Via reddit.com

13. “Uh”

A split image with the left half showing a peaceful landscape from Elden Ring and a calm face, captioned "Starting a new Elden Ring character." The right half shows the same person's face in distress, with a list of challenging game tasks, set against a dark background.
u/MemeGiant / Via reddit.com

14. “Mmmhmmm”

A cartoon shows a person labeled "Toxic overcompetitive players" spraying a fire extinguisher at another person labeled "People that play for fun," causing the latter to be overwhelmed by the foam.
u/MemeGiant / Via reddit.com

15. “Based on a true story”

Two images of a man expressing emotions. The top image shows him in distress with the text "You kill a forager by accident and now have to kill Sir Moore." The bottom image shows him smiling with the text "He does a fat roll.
u/ian_stein / Via reddit.com

16. “Ahh, how the turned have tables”

A meme contrasts three game titles (DS1, DS3, and Elden Ring) with "PURE STR MELEE BUILDS." DS1 shows a muscular dog saying "I will stand here and bonk you all day *BONK*." DS3 has a dog with a big sword, rolling and saying "*rolls* *haha bonk time* *BONK* *rolls*." Elden Ring features a smaller dog looking at a hammer with the text "Why boss so fast.
u/TheREdditDude001 / Via reddit.com

17. “D2 players don’t complain, they send dt to the devs instead”

A meme showing a split image. The top half depicts a distressed person with text about "Elden Ring" players complaining about reused assets in a DLC. The bottom half shows a smiling person with text about "Destiny 2" players being okay with slightly altered content in a new DLC.
u/Esacus / Via reddit.com

18. “I fixed the meme”

A meme featuring characters likely from video games. Top left: a mysterious figure with a hat and cloth over their eyes. Bottom left: a large turtle with a hat. Right: two muscular men, the top saying "I would never be a simp", the bottom saying "At your service my Queen".
u/Tricky-Secretary-251 / Via reddit.com

19. “Heroes Never Die”

A meme showing two images and some text. The top image depicts a concerned girl in bed with the caption "Everyone having DLC trouble." The bottom image shows an in-game character with a tweet overlay, stating "I'm ready. Let me solo her," referencing the game's challenges.
u/sir10deathprime / Via reddit.com

20. “How the heck do you kill these guys???”

An anime-style girl with tears in her eyes sits on the floor in fear. A robotic skeleton stands menacingly near her, arms raised. Text on the girl reads, "me who went into the dlc at lvl 300+ expecting to stomp." A fiery monster is overlaid on the robot's chest.
u/omrikamil2002 / Via reddit.com

21. “Bro needs his own boss theme”

A meme featuring an image of a dark, warrior-like character holding a bow with ruins in the background from the game Elden Ring. The text above reads, "Everyone busy struggling on the final boss. Meanwhile this madman: Bow Only." Below is a screenshot of a YouTube video titled "Elden Ring DLC - Consort Radahn Bow Only No Damage (No Backstep ver).
u/SpaceMonkey1505 / Via reddit.com

22. “It’s true”

A man in medieval-like armor enjoys a drink while smirking. The top text reads, "*takes 1 hit and loses 2% health*," and underneath, "Me." The background features a dramatic, mountainous fantasy landscape.
u/memegiant / Via reddit.com

23. “I never learn…”

A two-panel meme featuring a person in a red jacket. In the top panel, they reject the text "Using a boss's weakness against them." In the bottom panel, they approve the text "Doing the same thing over and over until it works." Perfect for Elden Ring memes enthusiasts.
u/CollosalNomad / Via reddit.com

24. “I feel these guys always get a hit on me”

A figure in a white robe and mask raises a gloved hand in a "stop" gesture. Text above the figure says, "Silence, Big sword build." Below is an image of a snarling creature. The text at the bottom reads, "An Elden Ring meme is talking.
u/Aegeus_Draga / Via reddit.com

25. “There is nothing more terrifying”

A split image with a top and bottom section. The top shows a dark silhouette with the text, "Oh please. Not the jar... Anything but that!" The bottom left has a woman smiling with the word "The," while the bottom right features a close-up of her smile and the word "WHAT." Elden Ring memes vibes are strong here.
u/bugzapperbob / Via reddit.com

26. “I gotta keep trying”

A smiling man in a suit is photoshopped into a game environment with a glowing, misty background. Text overlaid reads, "Traversing the mist for the 249th time with no change in strat, builds, or weapons... #EldenRingMemes
u/TheREdditDude001 / Via reddit.com


        Grid of nine fantasy characters with names beneath each, reminiscent of Elden Ring memes. Top row: Marissa (dark aura, spread arms), Morgan (dark armor, crown), Matt (ornate robe, scepter). Middle row: Ricky (lava-like texture), Rodney (spiked armor, red background), Riley (blue attire, large hat). Bottom row: Garrett (green armor,
u/NotARedditUser93 / Via reddit.com

28. “Need more larval tears. 18 isn’t enough”

A cat holding a sword stands in a dark, cave-like setting. The text above reads, "Mfw I finally finish the quest, but the loot is for a different build, so I can't use it." The cat has a determined expression—a classic scene straight out of Elden Ring memes.
u/meatpoint14 / via reddit.com

29. “That’s how I do it”

Top half: A stick figure steps on a rake and gets hit in the face. Caption reads, "First hour on Elden Ring". Bottom half: Several figures expertly vault over obstacles using rakes. Caption reads, "50+ hours on Elden Ring." This perfectly encapsulates the humor in Elden Ring memes.
u/Snoo61478 / Via reddit.com

30. “Relatable”

A medieval-styled image with a serious-looking woman in detailed attire standing in the foreground. Behind her, a peculiar frog-like creature with armor looks on. The text above reads, "my girl telling the McDonald’s manager I didn't want pickles on my cheeseburger." Elden Ring memes energy.
u/Electrical-Bee2685 / Via reddit.com

31. “They were so cute in the base game”

A cartoon character with a shocked expression and wide eyes says "My eyes!" The top text reads, "getting the dlc and finally seeing what's inside of the living jars." The background features a green and light pattern, perfectly capturing Elden Ring memes.
u/omrikamil2002 / Via reddit.com

32. “Accurate”

A meme featuring three images and a screenshot: Top shows a man labeled "Miyazaki thinking for the next DLC Weapon." Middle shows a distressed man labeled "PVP Players." Bottom shows the first man smiling. Right displays a red sword titled "Oceans of Blood" with various stats. Classic Elden Ring memes!
u/MemeGiant / Via reddit.com

33. “Noooo”

A screenshot from the video game Elden Ring. The text reads, "To all new Elden Ring players, the guy on the horse is the first NPC you want to talk to." In the scene, a player character approaches a large armored NPC on a horse in a fantasy landscape—classic material for Elden Ring memes.
u/Imurcamille / Via reddit.com

34. “Why did Miyazaki zoom in on Morgott’s feet in this cutscene?”

Close-up of large, clawed, and hairy feet of a werewolf-like creature walking down stone steps in a dimly lit environment. The creature's limbs appear muscular, covered in tattered clothing or remains of a garment reminiscent of those found in Elden Ring memes.
u/TheRogueTemplar / Via reddit.com


A four-panel comic. The first panel shows a gray humanoid saying, "Skilled players don't use summons." The second panel shows a white humanoid responding, "So you don't use flasks or talismans either, right?" The last two panels show the gray humanoid looking angry. Classic Elden Ring memes!
u/plimptredge / Via reddit.com

36. “Bro”

Four-panel meme: Top-left shows McDonald's order details, assigned to a "General Radahn." Top-right panel features a shocked dog staring at a phone. Bottom-left, same dog still looking shocked. Bottom-right, edited image of Radahn wearing McDonald's cap and armor. Elden Ring memes crossovers at their finest!
u/_MrTaku / Via reddit.com

37. “I think we’ve all played a bit too much Malenia”

A two-pane meme features a man pointing at a whiteboard. In the first pane, the whiteboard reads, "None of the DLC bosses heal on hit." In the second pane, it reads, "Use a shield if you aren't a dodge/roll/parry god." Perfect for Elden Ring memes enthusiasts, the man looks at the camera.
u/TheRogueTemplar / Via reddit.com

38. “Big Bonk”

A meme featuring a scene from "Star Wars" with the following text: "When you fail a boss and then come back later on:" at the top. The image shows Anakin Skywalker holding a sword, saying, "My powers have doubled since the last time we met." Perfect for Elden Ring memes!

39. “Poor Alexander…”

A four-panel meme with characters talking. Top left: A girl with blonde hair and a blue dress asks, "Do men have emotions?" Top right: A girl with short black hair responds, "I don't know." Bottom left: A bearded man from Elden Ring with a sad expression and face paint says, "I'm sorry bro... I need your talisman." Bottom right: An image
u/LilRPZ / Via reddit.com


A breaking news screenshot shows a giant, skeletal dragon facing a determined man wielding a weapon in a fiery, chaotic environment. The headline reads: "LOCAL MAN TOO ANGRY TO DIE," with a secondary mention: "'CURSE YOU BAYLE!' SAYS IGON | HOT DEALS AT PATCHES EMPORIUM." Fans are already making Elden Ring memes of the epic showdown.
EldenRingMemes / Instagram

41. “Exactly”

Elden Ring memes - A meme featuring a scene from a movie with a character in a robe. The text reads, "When you see people complaining that Elden Ring is just an open-world dark souls: That's.. why I'm here." The character appears to be responding with acceptance or agreement.
u/Imurcamille / Via reddit.com

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