Zillow Gone Wild: 19 Wild and Decadent Home Listings

The real estate market can be a tough arena to navigate. Some listings for homes both new and literally ancient are priced so obscenely high that it can make your stomach turn. It could be a result of whoever put it on the market allowing themselves to be absolutely possessed by greed, or maybe it’s just one of those rare homes that requires the extra funds. Either way, these Zillow listings certainly didn’t hold anything back.

1. “Not sure what’s going on here, but it’s $500K.”

A large white bungalow-style house with a prominent arched entryway and an expansive front veranda. Wide steps with a central black handrail lead up to the front door. The house is surrounded by well-manicured bushes and grass, with a neighboring red brick building visible.
u/theda/via reddit.com

“I just need one solid drone shot to secure my unwavering interest.” – u/PhysicalIsFun

“It’s pretty much an unhinged Sims house.” – u/PetsSoundss

Zillow Listing: $480,000

2. “The flipper dreams didn’t work and it dropped from $1.6 million to $675K.”

A white, two-story house with black trim and roofing, featuring a mansard roof and decorative dormer windows. The porch has classic columns, and a well-maintained lawn surrounds the home. American flag buntings hang on the fence in front, and trees are visible in the background.
u/macbookonfire/via reddit.com

“The real question is how much they put into the house after buying it.” – u/takethisdownvote1

“People that love to buy old homes also love clean and contemporary designs.” – u/amazonhelpless

Zillow Listing: $599,000

3. “Anyone have $250K lying around though.”

A grand Victorian house with a turret, multiple gables, and intricate woodwork. It features a wraparound porch, arched entrances, and a mix of stone and wood exterior. The house is set against a cloudy sky with bare trees and adjacent homes visible.
u/tlshumard/via reddit.com

“A truly beautiful home, so the neighborhood must be terrible for it to be that price.” – u/cptjaydvm

“The hidden cost is that you have to live in Galesburg.” – u/Jaypeq

Zillow Listing: $250,000

4. “Any witches in need of a home.”

A unique, rustic wooden house with a tall, pointed roof and wide eaves. The structure features large wooden beams supporting the entrance. The surrounding grass and sparse trees suggest a rural setting, with clear blue skies above.
u/clemenberoog/via reddit.com

“I can’t imagine the upkeep that this structure needs.” – u/DogWhistlersMother

“I’d 100% buy this if I could rationalize WV.” – u/therealmizC

Zillow Listing: $270,000

5. “I must get this house and there’s no other option.”

A large, historic Victorian-style house with a mansard roof and ornate architectural details stands amidst a lush green lawn. Trees surround the property, and additional houses are visible in the background under a cloudy sky.
u/radio_passive/via reddit.com

“There seems to be a strong likelihood that this house is haunted by ghosts.” – u/RedofPaw

“It’s giving Haunting of Hill House and that’s not exactly a desirable thing.” – u/PeachesSwearen

Zillow Listing: $821,000

6. “Just an old school in a driftless area for over $200k.”

A large, old-fashioned stone building with snow on its roof and patches of snow on the surrounding grass. The building has multiple stories with numerous yellow windows. In the foreground, there is a large paved area with basketball hoops. Hills are visible in the background.
u/novel1389/via reddit.com

“Perfect headquarters for a cult.” – u/Apart-Assumption2063

“Now imagine heating it.” – u/GarbageEmpty8181

7. “Anyone have have $1.45 million for this ancient home.”

An aerial view of a large, historic mansion with beige walls and red chimney tops. The house has a grand, columned entrance and a semicircular terrace. Trees and neighboring buildings surround it, and a well-kept lawn is in front.
u/striking-bicycle/453/via reddit.com

“This is actually a dream home for me.” – u/draem1341

“It looks like a house straight out of an iconic 80s movie.” – u/MistahOnzima

Zillow Listing: $1,350,000

8. “My ’70s dome dream home even comes furnished.”

A unique dome-shaped house with triangular windows and a shingled roof stands in a wooded area. The house has a mix of shingled and brick exterior. A gravel driveway leads to the entrance, surrounded by bare trees and patches of grass.
u/forsaken_crafts/via reddit.com

“It feels damp.” – u/mental_mixture8306

“Just the kind of funky hideaway that I’ve been looking for.” – u/Hamblerger

9. “This is a single family home, not a small apartment building.”

A tall, narrow, modern white house with a minimalist design stands in a wooded area. It has multiple small rectangular windows and two small balconies on the upper floors. The house features a garage on the lower level and a minimalist front entrance. Trees surround the property.
u/okamzvi/via reddit.com

“So, definitely built in 2022 then.” – u/egg_sandwich

“Clearly, the entire house was bought at Home Depot.” – u/Jayhawker_Pilot

10. “A majestic castle indeed.”

Aerial view of a unique, multi-story house built on a rocky cliff surrounded by lush greenery. The house features a mix of architectural styles, including a large glass wall, a red brick chimney, and terrace levels. A curved pathway leads to the entrance.
u/teddytehhed/via reddit.com

“Dang, honestly pretty cool though.” – u/deleted

“I want to go there.” – u/jmurphy42

Zillow Listing: $3,900,000

11. “Just your typical casual $7 million mansion.”

An aerial view of a grand, castle-like mansion with multiple towers and turrets, surrounded by well-manicured lawns and tall trees. The house is located in a residential neighborhood and features a long driveway and a small body of water nearby.
u/pnlalsaas/via reddit.com

“Just the kind of place that would have a garage pool.” – u/deleted

“My inner goth loves this.” – u/CrystalStils

Zillow Listing: $7,495,000

12. “$68 million for your very own concrete monolith.”

An aerial view of a large, modern concrete mansion with a circular courtyard in the center. The mansion is surrounded by lush greenery and offers a clear view of a sprawling cityscape in the background, under a hazy blue sky.
u/lasthbull/via reddit.com

“I know a minimum security prison when I see one.” – u/seakc87

“Try covering it in creeping fig to start.” – u/Urrrsrs

Zillow Listing: $68,000,000

13. “It’s giving intense Marriott Hotel Circa vibes.”

A modern, single-story building with a broad flat roof and multiple vertical pillars at the entrance. The structure has large glass windows, and is surrounded by trees, manicured shrubs, and a paved driveway that leads to the front door. A blue sky is visible above.
u/thedabbaay/via reddit.com

“I kind of love it.” – u/silkrover

“I’m honestly all in on this.” – u/tony_73

Zillow Listing: $785,000

14. “It’s all about that stargazing life.”

A large, greenish-gray house with a brown roof is set among dense trees and mountains at sunset. The house features multiple stories, a round tower with a conical roof on the left, and an expansive driveway with a two-car garage on the right.
u/biskqlie/via reddit.com

“Yes, yes please.” – u/1dominatablespirit

“That’s actually awesome.” – u/m_trumpets

Zillow Listing: $1,595,000

15. “It could use a bit more tender loving care.”

A two-story, partially renovated house with a slanted roof stands among green trees. The façade is partially covered with house wrap. An American flag is displayed on the right side, and there are garden plants and flowers in front of the building. The sky is overcast.
u/boeing_X32/via reddit.com

“Yeah, just maybe a bit more work to be done here.” – u/RexVanZant

“This is seriously gone wild though.” – u/Geteos

Zillow Listing: $129,900

16. “Totally normal 1810 mansion, nothing to see here.”

A large, two-story colonial-style house with a red metal roof, white siding, and black shutters. It has a central porch with columns and a staircase leading to the entrance. The yard is surrounded by bare trees and a trimmed green hedge in the front.
u/gruselsschloss/via reddit.com

“Haunted for sure.” – u/silvermanediwo

“Yes, absolutely love this house.” – u/Mysterious-Ruby

Zillow Listing: $4,995,000

17. “Just a sweet $5.2 million in Laguna.”

A colorful, eclectic kitchen features rustic wooden cabinets with blue panels, a large stone-patterned floor mat, and modern hanging lights. Shelves are filled with various knick-knacks, and large windows at the back let in natural light, showcasing a lively room.
u/queasy_ticket_3998/via reddit.com

“Artists are so much fun.” – u/realldlqo

“I would no doubt buy this place if I had the necessary money.” – u/CrAqqols

Zillow Listing: $1,738,000

18. “Because who doesn’t want to live in a missile silo.”

A concrete bunker entrance is built into a mound of earth with a wide, paved pathway leading to it. The entrance has a large, gray metal door and is flanked by small windows. Electrical wires and equipment are visible on top of the mound under a clear blue sky.
u/teddiethehedgie/via reddit.com

“Cleared for a private runway. Very nice.” – u/i_like)_the

“Has to get creepy if you’re alone in one of these things.” – u/nfireroad0192

Zillow Listing: $1,450,000

19. “This looks just a bit dangerous.”

A large, two-story house built over a lake with white walls and prominent arches on the upper level. It has a covered gazebo area on the left, surrounded by trees, and an expansive water view in the foreground. The blue sky is clear and sunny.
u/coldimpression1836/via reddit.com

“It’s beautiful, but I’m not emotionally prepared for those kinds of repairs.” – u/rollatexroll

“Hope that they’re in a no wake zone.” – u/timeok8571

Zillow Listing: $3,625,000

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