20 Images of Funny and Weird Facebook Marketplace Finds

Facebook Marketplace will always keep you on your toes. People are trying to pawn off all kinds of crazy stuff. It’s that, or you have folks that are just making fun of the whole online marketplace in the first place. That goes without saying, that some Facebook Marketplace finds are actually so weird that they end up being funny.

1. “Oh no, she said no.”

A hand holding an open ring box with a diamond ring inside. The listing title says "she said no" and it is priced at $1,000. The interface shows options to send a message, save, share, send offer, and set an alert. The message section reads, "Hi, is this available?
u/cr_spitfire/via reddit.com

“That looks like a 3 carat diamond at least. She must have really not wanted to have said yes.” – u/Shadow0fnothing

“One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.” – u/c00girlstella

2. “Honestly though, kind of cool.”

A small car model made out of empty Pepsi cans and bottle caps is displayed on a beige carpet. The crafted car is labeled "Pepsi Car" and priced at $10.
u/caterboi777/via reddit.com

“I’d pay at least $10 for that.” – u/rathmira

“This is actually tight.” – u/bestNBAfanever

3. “Peak Colorado.”

A humorous image shows a camping tent with an air conditioner attached. The text below reads, "1 Bed 1 Bath - Townhouse $150,000." There is a "See All" button and a button to "Send seller a message." The background consists of trees and grass.
u/jellyfishareevil/via reddit.com

“Great deal if that’s heating and cooling combined.” – u/colostwq

“He knows what he has.” – u/CTware

4. “What a steal.”

A box of McDonald's fries is filled to the top with ketchup, placed on a table next to a small white container holding a few fries, a keyboard, and a paper cup. The caption below reads "chips and ketchup £25".
u/-you-like-1-3/via reddit.com

“Kips and chetchup.” – u/Beboxed

At the very least you’re getting a lot of ketchup out of the deal. Just make sure to be extra careful with the transportation of the ketchup.

5. “A lightly used Papa Johns pepper.”

An empty pizza box with a single pepperoncini pepper and some dark grease stains. The image includes a partial heading that reads "Papa johns pepper - $1".
u/justanoob/via reddit.com

“The Papa John’s pepper is the best part though.” – u/deleted

You might even get some spare pizza crumbs out of the deal. Now that’s a serious haul to not be underestimated.

6. “They really swung for the fences with that asking price.”

A close-up photo of a 1974 Lincoln penny. The words "IN GOD WE TRUST," "LIBERTY," and the year "1974" are visible. At the bottom of the image, text indicates the coin is priced at $250.
u/sucks_at_games/via reddit.com

“It’s actually worth 1.5 cents if you factor in the outstanding melt value.” – u/bsimfq

“Looks like it’s had quite the life.” – u/iiimnqlwe

7. “Just a bit of an identity crisis.”

A MacBook laptop is displaying the Windows logo on its screen, indicating it is running a Windows operating system. The listing title reads, "MacBook that thinks it's a windows," and the price is $80. A user message asking if it's still available is shown below.
u/iexistformemes/via reddit.com

“Better than a Windows that thinks it’s a Macbook.” – u/MikesHarrySt

“$80 for a Windowbook is a true steal.” – u/matybatts

8. “Yes, it’s definitely authentic.”

A wooden plank with a simple face drawn on it, featuring red eyes and a blue smiling mouth. The plank is propped against concrete steps. Text below reads "Plank From Ed, Edd & Eddy. $1,000" with a message box saying "Hello, is this still available?".

“Call me crazy, but I’d actually buy that.” – u/strawberry_the_neko

“What. This is the find of a lifetime.” – u/deleted

9. “Pretty neat.”

A black Gameboy Macro with visible wear on its screen. The device appears to be missing some parts. Listed for $15 with free shipping, the post has 9 likes. The text states "Gameboy Macro (parts only)" and mentions the last update was on 07/03/23.
u/fishisticks/via reddit.com

“This is a legitimate thing that some collectors and enthusiasts do.” – u/BeaverB

“Just for parts? Yeah, nothing to see here.” – u/eioq;lka

10. “Car seat rocking chair for the man cave.”

A rocking chair made from beige leather car seats, complete with seatbelts and adjustable armrests, is shown in a garage setting. The chair is priced at $600, marked down from $900. Various tools and workshop items are visible in the background.
u/joyfulmoney736/via reddit.com

“That is truly sweet.” – u/deleted

“I like it. I’d go no further than $200.” – u/MangoZaurul

11. “What on earth.”

A Facebook marketplace listing titled "Rare plant growing from tennis ball." The listing shows a tennis ball with a small plant growing out of it, placed in a plastic bin beside a flashlight. The price is $50, and the seller's number is partially visible.
u/topper8/via reddit.com

“Of course. Obviously you pick tennis balls just like oranges.” – u/Sangroidjoy

“Wall-E 2.” – u/babydog

12. “3-D printers will change the world they said.”

A split-image showing a 3D-printed green "Hulk arms" accessory for chickens on the left, and a brown chicken wearing the 3D-printed Hulk arms on the right. The product listing indicates the item costs $10 and includes free shipping via USPS First Class Mail.
u/caltrn/via reddit.com

“This is amazing.” – u/Saxon91923

“Take my money.” – u/deleted

13. “Some folks, man.”

The image shows an online review for the SunBay Cardamon Wooden Pool (12.18 x 4.27 x 1.46 meters). The pool is rectangular and above ground. The reviewer gave 1 star, stating that it was empty upon delivery and cost more to fill with water than to purchase.
u/germdog/via reddit.com

“What water would cost more than the pool? You’re not supposed to fill it with Dasani.” – u/deleted

“Sure would be cool if pools came with water when you bought them.” – u/MesquiteT

14. “At least they protected the dog’s identity.”

Two side-by-side images show a black sofa jammed in a narrow hallway, stuck between the walls. A small dog with a red tag stands in the hallway looking at the sofa. The text above reads: "Need professional mover $25. Got this sofa stuck and need a professional that knows how to fix this.
u/apprehensive_Aspen/via reddit.com

“Clearly, turn the middle side topwise.” – u/10sharks

“This looks like a job for Captain Hindsight.” – u/deleted

15. “Legendairy.”

A gallon of milk with an expiration date of March 10 is labeled "Best By MAR10" being sold for $50 as "Limited edition Mario milk" on an online marketplace. The listing is 22 hours old and located in Little Compton, Rhode Island. The user can send a message to the seller.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“That milk better taste like gold at that price.” – u/virtislk

“In all fairness, what a steal.” – u/deleted

16. “I need it.”

A screenshot of an online listing displaying a jalapeño Cheeto shaped like a person next to an image of a small person in medieval-style clothing. The listing includes the title, "Rare Collectible Tyrion Lannister Shaped Jalapeño Cheeto," priced at $350 with free shipping.
u/asxx324/via reddit.com

“I actually will buy that though.” – u/Rice-12019

“It’s the jalapeno that really brings the value to the table.” – u/Llamma666

17. “I don’t know if I rescued him, or if he rescued me.”

A caption above the image reads, "Baby Husky for sale, $300 let me know." The image itself shows a possum standing on a dirt and grass area at night, humorously misidentified as a husky.
u/notmypretzeldent/via reddit.com

“He hisses sometimes, but it’s because he’s bilingual.” – u/ParadoxicalArmadillo

“I would adopt.” – u/CursedCommentDean

18. “Welcome to Pennsylvania.”

A black Sony PlayStation 2 console with memory cards inserted is housed inside a white binder. The image is from an online listing that mistakenly labels it as a "Sony PlayStation 5 console" priced at $3,000. The listing was posted in Warminster, PA.
u/gabebag666/via reddit.com

“This hits too close to home. Only 3 miles away from me.” – u/10isk;a

“This checks out for Eastern PA.” – u/deleted

19. “So much nope.”

A disposable plate holds multiple halved hard-boiled eggs filled with both peanut butter and jam. A Facebook post above the image advertises the eggs for kids' birthdays at $20 for a dozen, with a mention of availability for weddings too.
u/dragonflame81/via reddit.com

“It truly is the devil’s egg.” – u/kreacher-

“They really tied it together with the bit about also being able to do weddings.” – u/my0001l

20. “Wow, what a good deal.”

A close-up photo of a single blue Nerf dart with an orange tip, held in a person's fingers against a blue and white fabric background. The listing price is $85, previously $100. The update note indicates the listing was updated 3 months ago.
u/tomatoesbros/via reddit.com

“It’s just going to teleport into another dimension anyway after I fire it.” – u/Rymag3ddon

“Wow, nerf shortages really are spiraling out of control.” – u/Peachu12

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