5 Of The Most Overrated Cities In The World

There are numerous cities that have garnered unreasonably heightened levels of hype from folks that have seemingly never been to the places that they seem incapable of not singing praises about. If anything this AskReddit thread inspired piece should serve to steer you clear of investing your hard-earned cheddar into visiting them.

1. Dubai


Dubai was the first and seemingly most agreed upon overrated city of the bunch. Dubai seems like one of those cities that has blatantly intentionally over-hyped pictures associated with what you might expect from taking a trip out there. When in reality you’re likely going to end up busting your bank account right open at a soulless mountainous “resort” only to find yourself wondering what else you’ll do beside hanging out at the pool all day to waste away what time you have left to stay at the “resort.”

2. Miami

A drone shot of Miami on a blue sky sunny day.

Apparently Miami has cultivated quite the shabby reputation for being a magnet for attention-seeking influencers that are absolutely committed to skipping to the front of the lines of any club that you would see promoted within Miami. And if that’s not enough of a selling point for why you should go to Miami, you can always bank on having your bank account busted open by wildly overpriced items across the board. Like, a bottle of water would probably run you at least $5.

3. Atlantic City

An image of Atlantic City at nighttime with a scene of the water.

Apparently all that you need to do to get a solid sense of disillusionment is to venture off the notoriously bright-lit boardwalk of Atlantic City, to realize that the locals have been impacted in the worst of the ways by the steady streams of tourist traffic that roll through Atlantic City.

4. Los Angeles

A drone shot of Los Angeles on a blue sky day.

Much like the previously mentioned Miami, Los Angeles can be a terrible petri dish of influencers and people that are absolutely desperate to make it for themselves by filming the most mundane activities that you could ever imagine.

5. Dublin

An image of a sidewalk in Dublin on a cloudy day.

When many folks picture Ireland they are quick to picture images of rolling bright green countrysides populated by various cottages and what have you, but Dublin itself is apparently a terribly drab, overall gray, heavily cemented city that you would be hard-pressed to find a fresh patch of verdant green grass in.

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