The Most Unfriendly Places In the United States

There are certain places within the United States that seem to act as more powerful magnets for toxic behavior and all-around unwarranted negativity when compared to other spots. Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s the decades upon decades of normalized nonsense behavior that can run amok within certain states. You be the judge.

1. Long Island, NY

An image of the boardwalk on Long Island, NY.

What’s most peculiar about what seems to be a bit of a widespread belief that Long Island, NY has some pretty unfriendly people is that NYC is so close by, and many folks are more than ready to sing NYC’s praises. Maybe it’s being removed from the big city. Apparently the entitlement that’s displayed by various Long Islanders is off the charts.

2. Miami, Florida

A sunny image of Miami, Florida.
Art Wager/istockphoto

This might not come as too big of a surprise, but Miami can apparently get to be just a tad bit superficial. Maybe it’s the aggressively persistent access to clubs that are open at all hours of the day and night, and the flocks of thirsty and mad-eyed tourists that such an environment can bring in.

3. Deep in the Appalachian Mountains

An image of cloudy Appalachian Mountains.

So, apparently if you have a knack for not wanting to fit the uniform (whatever it may be) of an Appalachian Mountain local, then you’re not in the for the best of times. Yes, it would seem that you can be shunned for something as trivial as being a vegetarian. Ouch.

4. Seattle, WA

Seattle, Washington zoomed out.
George Dodd/istockphoto

There unfortunately could be some truth to the whole “Seattle Freeze” debacle. It’s not that people in Seattle, Washington will go out of their way to be unfriendly to you, it’s just that it might be a bit more difficult to make new friends than if you were in a different city.

5. New England

An image of Massachusetts on a cloudy and stormy day.

The whole rap with New England seems to be that people aren’t necessarily unfriendly, it’s just a place that is brimming with “busybodies” that don’t have or don’t want to take the time to make small talk amidst being on the go.

6. Minneapolis, Minnesota

An image of a bridge going to Minneapolis with a sunlit bridge.

If you’ve ever heard someone toss around the saying, “Minnesota Nice”, then you’re likely unfortunately acquainted with a notoriously superficial kind of friendliness that Minnesotans can put on, when they will make brief talk, but want to speed off to their remote cabins during much of the same conversation.

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