10 Luxurious Activities That Scream, “I’m Rich”

There are many telltales signs that someone has managed to make enough money for themselves that they are clearly living in a wealthy world that is borderline detached from the reality that the rest of the world’s hustling and hard-working and overworked human beings shares with one another.

1. Buying a whole new pizza because the “old” one was left out for 2 hours.

A wooden plate of pizza.
Ivan Torres/unsplash

Yes, it would seem that there are indeed people that are able to carelessly restock their pizza if they’ve unfortunately left their pizza out for a couple of hours. One Reddit user wrote, “I had a girlfriend in high school, and both of her parents worked in the oil industry. One time her dad ordered a pizza while her and I were out, and when we got back I went to grab a slice. I’ll never forget what he said. “That’s 2 hours old, don’t eat it, you’ll get sick. I’ll just order another couple.”

2. Not checking the price tag of something before buying it.

Wow. That must be quite the feeling. To literally browse your way around a shop, grabbing whatever particularly catches your fancy from off the shelves, and the whole time never having any intention nor need to check the price tags.

3. Simply not doing anything you don’t want to do.

Image of a personal driver opening up their back door with their white glove on.

Perhaps the most precious “commodity” of all is time. Time is something that by its very nature, we can’t take back. So, when you find yourself with enough money to essentially pay other people to take care of your various chores that you’d otherwise have to sink your energy, time, and resources into, you know you’re living the good life.

4. Buying a new car every year with cash.

Man standing in front of a new car with a present bow and tie on it.

Okay, so not only is the frequent activity of buying a new car every year a sign of impressive financial success, but then you have someone who is literally able to buy that new car every year with cash? Sure must be nice. One Redditor wrote, “I work with a doctor/surgeon. Divorced, single, and kids are grown and independent and successful/financially independent. She has no one to spend her money except herself. Claims her retirement/savings is extremely well padded. She buys a new car every year with cash. She has a 4,000 square foot house with bedrooms ready for her kids to visit at a moment’s notice. She has a personal chef, a groundskeeper, and a housekeeper. She doesn’t know how much a pizza costs.”

That last bit about the pizza is just ludicrous, no?

5. Buying property in a foreign country.

Image of a couple standing out front of what looks to be a beautiful home in London.

Yes, there are in fact people out there that go shopping around for homes in new and highly desirable countries just because they can. Oh, there’s a new stunning home that’s fresh on the market over in London? Sure, don’t mind if I do.

6. Yachts.

In a word, “yachts.” Yachts really have to be one of the timelessly accurate representations of someone who has more wealth than they know what to do with.

7. Owning a private plane.

A private plane certainly gives off a similar vibe to owning a yacht. Except in the case of owning your own private plane, you all at once have the capacity to fly around the world whenever suits your fancy, and don’t have to deal with profoundly draining things like infinite waiting lines at the airport.

8. Full-time job as a philanthropist.

When you’ve found yourself with such a mountainous pile of money that you can afford to have your job be a full-time philanthropist, you know you’ve really made it. Believe it or not, there are indeed people in this world that have tasked themselves with giving away their money as efficiently as possible. No doubt, a morally admirable activity to carry out.

9. Using “summer” as a verb.

If you ever overhear someone casually asking someone else how they plan to summer, then you can safely assume that you’re hearing someone who has accumulated such wealth that they need not burden themselves with something like working during the summer months.

10. Owning a home that you don’t live in.

The mere idea of having enough money to throw in on a stunning home, only to never actually live there is certainly an interesting reality to consider. You’d just kind of hope that whoever had that situation set up for themselves would be the kind of person who might be open to having their friends and/or family members crash there when they’re not around. Which could be always.

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