19 Bizarre Designs That Went Completely Off the Rails

Some folks can get terribly carried away when it comes to taking unconventional approaches to their designs. It’s actually pretty amazing just how quickly a design can escalate in terms of going from being unsettling to full-on terrifying. You wouldn’t assume that something as seemingly innocent as a couple of condiment containers could rock your world, but you’d have thought very wrong. These designs certainly took things way too far in their attempts to be creative.

1. “Fun condiments.”

Two squeeze bottles, one red and one yellow, sit on a glass table. Each bottle features a face with a protruding tongue and doll-like eyes. The background includes a checkerboard wall pattern and a glass of water on the right side.
u/andhegames/via reddit.com

“The KFC condiments looking at the rat jumping in the fryer.” – u/deleted

“That feeling when you see a sizzling hot dog fresh off the grill.” – u/Impossible-Long1110

2. “I’m sure this is completely innocent, but this thing completely freaks me out.”

A package of Dr. Jart+ Cryo Rubber Moisture Mask is shown. The packaging features a 3D blue face mask design with a cooling effect. The two-step treatment kit includes a hyaluronic acid ampoule and the rubber mask, illustrated on the right side of the box.
u/aunteiyodacat/via reddit.com

“We sell these at my job. They freak me out so bad.” – u/mewhenimnormal

“What is happening.” – u/Acceptable-Chance5354

3. “Found this abomination in a German toy advertisement.”

A colorful scene featuring cute, animated alien characters. The top half shows a purple alien with big eyes in front of playground equipment. The bottom half depicts the purple alien, a blue alien, and a beige alien playing near giant mushroom-like structures.
u/hermann1309/via reddit.com

“Looks like the Teletubbies combined with the Barbie mascot animals.” – u/Celiac_Maniac

“Oh no, not again.” – u/thefoolru

4. “Not an exit.”

A playground structure resembling a cartoonish bee with an open circular mouth, inviting children to enter. Above the mouth, a yellow sign reads "ENTER HERE I AM NOT A SLIDE." The bee's body forms a tunnel leading to another part of the playground.
u/arootdesign/via reddit.com

“If that’s a caterpillar I don’t want to see what that thing metamorphasizes into.” – u/usernameforusernames

“Brought back nope-mares.” – u/the_world

5. “I walk past this every day and have never seen a child on it.”

A green and white kiddie ride featuring a cartoonish train engine with a face. The train has large round eyes, a red nose, and a smiling mouth. It is positioned on a sidewalk near a building entrance. A sign on the base of the ride reads, "20₵ A RIDE.
u/swissy_/via reddit.com

“I wonder why.” – u/yammy

“This will be the stead I ride into battle on.” – u/deleted

6. “Let’s play.”

A close-up of a baby doll inside its packaging. The doll has a bald head, brown eyes, and a smiling expression. It is dressed in a yellow shirt and blue overalls with two white buttons. The background of the packaging is patterned with colorful hearts and shapes.
u/y_aa/via reddit.com

“Baby Chucky doll.” – u/Raerae1360

“Stay away from me you horrendous beast.” – u/The_pro_noob1

7. “Russian playgrounds are creepy.”

A snowy playground features an old, elephant-shaped slide covered in graffiti. A child dressed in a blue jacket stands on top of the slide beside some apartment buildings and leafless trees.
u/tgmrules/via reddit.com

“Album cover vibes.” – u/kaydas93

“If you look closely, it says I’m stalking everyone on the elephant.” – u/Tgmrules

8. “This door handle.”

A person using a gray plastic model hand to turn the metal doorknob of a wooden door with a red wall in the background. The door also has a round keyhole above the doorknob.
u/emptyfacsimile/via reddit.com

“I want it so bad.” – u/ScottShriner

“Some Willy Wonka vibes going on here.” – u/DrinkOrangina

9. “If anything could put me off doughnuts, this is it.”

A round character dressed as a pink frosted donut with arms and legs stands on a sidewalk. It has smiling eyes, a cute face, and white gloves, and is making a welcoming gesture. A red car and a seaside promenade with railings and lampposts are visible in the background.
u/gotta-get-theroux-it/via reddit.com

“The Michelin Tire Man’s little brother.” – u/_Silver

“I’m gonna dive through it like the ring of fire.” – u/deleted

10. “Red light!”

A large statue of a girl with blonde hair wearing a blue and white dress, resembling Alice from Alice in Wonderland, stands in front of a colorful, whimsical playhouse. The scene is illuminated by nighttime lighting.
u/asmodean7919/via reddit.com

“White Rabbit was eliminated.” – u/C4_3enterOne

“If the Squid Game doll was a Disney princess.” – u/Sparky4784

11. “Bunny.”

A person wearing glasses and a face mask stands next to someone in a large white and pink rabbit costume. They are indoors, and the rabbit character has oversized eyes with a cheerful expression. The person and the rabbit have their arms around each other.
u/buzz_baiano/via reddit.com

“You might want to stay away from that.” – u/MustardF

“I’m now concerned for that man’s life.” – u/FishNBones

12.”That’s a hard nope.”

A billboard features a close-up of a red bell pepper with a comical twist: the middle of the pepper is edited to include a wide open mouth with teeth, reminiscent of a human laugh. The background is a solid red and white, enhancing the playful expression.

“It’s looking for revenge.” – u/deleted

“The antagonizing pepper.” – u/MrSmileyxx

13. “This Finding Dory night light is perfect for kids.”

A tweet by Matt Navarra features a side-by-side comparison of a "Finding Dory" night light. On the left, the light is off, and Dory looks normal. On the right, the light is on in the dark, causing Dory's face to appear eerie and glowing. The tweet advises parents against buying it.
u/poisonedpizza/via reddit.com

“Angler Fish doesn’t stand a chance against Dory now.” – u/deleted

“The darkness now becomes more scarier.” – u/deleted

14. “Oh hey duck.”

Image of a colorful amusement ride resembling a bird-like cartoon character with a red beret and a clapping gesture. The ride features ship-shaped seats with pirate-themed decorations and is situated on a tarmac ground with metal fencing in the background.
u/sucalamo/via reddit.com

“You know he had to do it to them.” – u/imnotsurprised_

“Duckula.” – u/deleted

15. “Just imagine your dog chewing this bad boy.”

A red dog toy shaped like a sausage with a smiling face is hanging on a white rope next to a yellow and red rubber chicken toy on display in a pet store. Packaging for a dental care kit for pets is visible in the background.
u/teonanacatl_98/via reddit.com

“I feel very uncomfortable just by staring at this.” – u/Somewhat97

“The chicken behind it looks terrified.” – u/starfishkaleb

16. “Pig watering can with human lips.”

A close-up of a pink plastic watering can shaped like a pig’s head, sitting on a stone surface outdoors. The background features greenery, including bushes and flowers, with a blurred fence in the distance. An orange and blue object is partially visible to the right.

“And overfilled lips at that.” – u/vampiresinteract

“Everything about this is wrong.” – u/Cavee_Was_Here

17. “Thanos fell on hard times.”

A statue of Thanos, a character from Marvel Comics, displayed in a public indoor space. The statue is large, with Thanos depicted in his battle armor, holding a helmeted head in his left hand. The area is well-lit, surrounded by rope barriers.
u/foxman1192002/via reddit.com

“By the name of Thanos, someone needs to burn this.” – u/deleted

“He looks like he regrets his decisions to snap away half of the universe.” – u/Jhay_monroe

18. “These Pokémon ride ons at the mall.”

A group of colorful, animal-shaped children's ride-on toys are lined up in a mall. The toys include a purple cat, a yellow character resembling Pikachu, and an orange one with a distressed expression. The floor is tiled, and there are brick and metal structures in the background.
u/gothsgoblins/via reddit.com

“More like nightmare demon in the mall.” – u/Noobie_

“That thing on the left is mortifying.” – u/deleted

19. “Why Santa?”

A packaged "Holiday Window Watchers" decoration featuring a Santa Claus face with blue eyes, wire-rimmed glasses, and a white beard. The packaging says "Holiday Window Watchers" and "Santa" on the sides and front. The item attaches to the outside of any window.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake.” – u/cracker1234

“Thanks, I hate creeper Santa face.” – u/introverted365

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