19 Vintage Pics of People That Are Pure Old School Cool

We’re all for embracing the nostalgic moments every now and again. It can be truly fun to take a quick look back to the past just to see how much has transpired in your own life’s journey. If that’s not as much your speed though, the good news is that there are plenty of other folks out there that are more than happy to share flashback moments from their own golden years. We’re talking about some good old-fashioned old school cool.

1. “My grandparents the night they met in 1970.”

Black and white photo of a man and a woman. The man, with mid-length hair, is sitting and playing an acoustic guitar. The woman, with long hair and bangs, is seated behind him, looking at him attentively. They are indoors, and a vintage table is visible in the background.
u/harleykuhwinnnnnn/via Reddit.com

“That look never gets old.” – u/_amoeba

“The look I give my husband when he remembers to replace the trash liner.” – u/Sagzmir

2. “My grandma in the 70s.”

A woman with blonde hair, wearing a sleeveless, light yellow top, is seated at a table with drinks in front of her. She is gazing at the camera. The background features dark posters with abstract sketches. Part of another person is partially visible beside her.
u/throwawayyyyyymeow/via Reddit.com

“Your grandma’s beautiful.” – u/DanWillHor

“She looked gorgeous like a model!” – u/Orchid500

3. “My parents on their wedding day in 1984.”

A woman in a white dress with long sleeves stands beside a man in a gray suit and black striped tie. The man holds a champagne glass, and both appear smiling. The woman has her right arm around the man’s shoulder, and they are indoors with white walls in the background.

“Big Sigourney Weaver and Rick Moranis in Ghostbusters energy, love it.” – u/panadoldrums

“They look like an 80s comedy duo.” – u/Jasper_Woods

4. “My grandpa at 19 years old in 1972.”

A black-and-white portrait of a young man with shoulder-length wavy hair smiling warmly. He is framed against a plain background, wearing a dark shirt.

“This officially makes me feel old.” – u/Morbid-Leo-Beast

“This officially makes me want to date grandpa.” – u/syRose

5. “My dad in the 80s.”

A man with long hair and a beard, wearing a blue denim jacket, a blue checkered shirt, and a blue hat with a logo, holds two large lobsters. He is standing outdoors on a sunny day with trees and a rural landscape in the background.
u/napkinpo3m/via reddit.com

“Most interesting man in the world.” – u/bbheim2112

“He’s like the guy in the disaster movies who knows exactly what’s going to happen because he’s the only one who has seen it before.” – u/BobbyKonker

6. “My great grandmother in 1910 at the beach.”

A sepia-toned photograph of a young girl standing on a beach. She is wearing a dark dress and knee-high socks, with her long hair flowing in the wind. The ocean waves can be seen in the background, and the photo shows some signs of aging and wear.
u/nightmarenarrative/via reddit.com

“She looks like she’s posing for an album cover here.” – u/Stucklikegluetomyfry

“She looks like a witch. I don’t mean that in a bad way. She’s beautiful.” – u/LscoupleOhio23

7. “Me and my wife on our honeymoon in 1987.”

A couple stands closely together in a living room. The woman, with long wavy hair and a black dress, is embraced by the man, who is wearing a light blue shirt and white pants. They are standing next to a wicker chair and table, with framed pictures on the wall behind them.
u/divinedante/via reddit.com

“You look like extras who get attacked by vampires in The Lost Boys.” – u/Throway71829

“Mullet of power. Good work man. Disco.” – u/Sad9706

8. “Ric Flair meeting a 12 year old Dwayne Johnson in 1984.”

An older man with white hair wearing a gray suit, white shirt, and dark tie stands next to a young man with curly brown hair dressed in a white outfit. The young man smiles while pointing up with one finger. Both are standing indoors against a dimly lit background.
u/quegracks/via reddit.com

“Ric Flair looks like a villain from a post apocalyptic anime film.” – u/unbiasBias

“He grew better facial hair at 12 than I can grow as an adult.” – u/jaskic99

9. “My dad in the Caribbean with his Coca Cola loving parrot.”

A person with curly blonde hair sits under palm trees with a colorful parrot perched on their shoulder. The parrot is holding a red Coca-Cola can in its beak. The background shows a tropical setting with clear skies and green palm fronds.
u/soulless666/via reddit.com

“Something so nostalgic about seeing pictures with a camera flash.” – u/camdalfthegreat

“This is a piece of artwork.” – u/aliansalians

10. “My mom circa 1973.”

Black and white portrait of a young woman with long, straight hair, wearing a light-colored, floral patterned blouse. She gazes directly at the camera with a neutral expression.
u/shirebeware/via reddit.com

“She is so pretty!” – u/kstev1994

“Beautiful.” – u/TeaTimely9413

11. “Marissa Tomei’s yearbook from 1982.”

A black and white yearbook photo shows a young person with curly dark hair wearing a dark top. Below the photo, text reads: "MARISA TOMEI, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Goal: Actress.
u/franckjplf/via reddit.com

“Wow she was beautiful. Obviously she still is.” – u/SugarGoat86

“Her beauty is timeless, just like her talent.” – u/itaya12

12. “My grandparents in the 1950s.”

Black and white photo of a man and woman sitting at a table, both smiling. The man is wearing a suit and tie, and the woman is in a satin dress. The table has teacups, saucers, and a bottle. Another man in a suit stands in the background.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“Lighten up Francis. Both of you!” – u/SbMSU

“Dude they knew they had to marry each other the second they met.” – u/Fidozo15

13. “My cool aunt, circa 1989.”

A person dressed in black leather jacket and gloves, wearing sunglasses, is sitting on a white motorcycle parked next to a light blue, wooden wall in an urban area. A black vehicle and a brick wall are visible in the background.
u/ultranothing/via reddit.com

“I like her style.” – u/deleted

“I thought I was a cool aunt. I was mistaken.” – u/psychotica1

14. “Grandma and Papa’s wedding day 1949.”

A black-and-white photo of a smiling couple dressed in formal attire, seemingly from a mid-20th century event. The woman is wearing a white dress and a stylish hat, holding a small bouquet. The man is in a light-colored suit with a patterned tie and boutonnière.
u/quirky_wrongdoer_873/via reddit.com

“Aggressively good looking people.” – u/deleted

“They look like a golden age of Hollywood power couple.” – u/Nolron7786

15. “My mom and Coolio in the 90s.”

Two people standing side by side in a casual setting. The person on the left is wearing sunglasses, a bandana, and a denim jacket, while the person on the right is smiling, wearing a black scarf and denim jacket. They are indoors with a blurred background of seats.
u/nathanax/via reddit.com

“Million Watt smile. Hope she still flashes it every day.” – u/givin_u_the_high_hat

“Coolio tearing families apart.” – u/deleted

16. “Amy Winehouse at her grandmother’s home in 1999.”

A person with dark hair stands indoors smiling at the camera. They are wearing a yellow sleeveless top and blue jeans and are holding a filled champagne flute in one hand. They are standing by a window with light-colored frames.
u/rosseep/via reddit.com

“Such a beautiful voice. Sorry she had such a hard life.” – u/LazarusMundi4242

“Her voice was one in a million.” – u/tourmaps

17. “My mom got dressed up and had her roommate take this photo before her first date with my dad.”

A woman with long brown hair poses against a plain background. She is wearing a silver V-neck top with black trim and looks directly at the camera with a neutral expression.
u/cline12/via reddit.com

“She looks like she’s right out of a 007 movie.” – u/Beard_o_Bees

“She looked serious and mean!” – u/McGee

18. “Before going solo Britney Spears was in an all female group called Innosense.”

A group of five women are smiling and posing together for a photo. They are dressed in various outfits, with most wearing sleeveless tops. The background appears to be an indoor setting with dim lighting.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“No no, she’s not that Innosense!” – u/peripheral77

“That’s the worst name of all time.” – u/zahnsaw

19. “Albert Einstein at the beach in 1939.”

A black-and-white photograph of a man with wild, white hair and a mustache, wearing a white shirt and shorts, sitting casually on a large rock near a body of water. The shoreline and distant buildings are visible in the background. He appears relaxed and thoughtful.
u/donbosco2017/via reddit.com

“Footwear game on point.” – u/Black_Kirk_Lazarus

“Fashion is relative, proved empirically.” – u/Machette_Machette

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