17 Mildly Infuriating Things That Set Us Off This Week

We know in the grand scheme of things these aren’t huge issues. These are the everyday things that just set your day off in a bad direction.

1. “At the gym during the busiest time of day”

2. “I had two steaks. It is date night. She is coming over any minute. One steak disappeared. Suspect might be in the picture.”

3. “My wife tells me I need to buy water because we don’t have any”

4. “How badly did I mess up? Old fridge was 35″, new one is 35 13/16″”

5. “My neighbor sprayed herbicide on my back lot to make himself a parking spot.”

6. “Spent 10 minutes getting checked in by security and this is my visitor’s badge”

7. “My apartment charges me a $60/month service feed to pay online with no options to pay by cash or check”

8. “This car parks like this every day. Still parked there after the chalked message too.”

9. “Is this normal at restaurants now?”

10. “The IRS messed up 3 years ago and want interest on their mistake”

11. “My school blocked all the emergency exits instead of fixing the alarm”

12. “This is the last available spot after I got back to my AirBnB after working 12 hours”

13. “The freezer at my job”

14. “Thanks, love being pelted with pebbles”

15. “My window seat on the plane I paid extra for”

16. “The USPS ripped my art in half”

17. “My new neighbors keep driving their U-Haul on my lawn”

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