5 Things That Millennials “Ended”

Millennials undoubtedly get all kinds of a hard time for “ending” or “ruining” various things that were left over from older generations. With that being said, there are plenty of things that were once normalized in the times of old, that the world is far better without in this day and age. This AskReddit thread-inspired piece takes a quick look at some of the unwanted things that millennials “ended” that were honestly best put to rest.

1. The lack of wage transparency.

A red pen with "payday" that's been circled on a calendar.

This one will no doubt leave folks split up at different ends of the spectrum in terms of appreciating wage transparency vs. wishing that there was less of it, due to a business having to spend a bit more to level the field of hard-working employees. “In my state we passed a law that forces employers to disclose job wages in ad postings so we normalize people speaking about wages and let people know they are federally protected in doing so.”

2. An irrational sense of pride on spending more on diamonds.

A close-up image of a smaller diamond ring that's in a red leather case.

There seems to be a bit of a trend present in certain older social circles where people will literally brag to you about how much they spent on a given ring, and that goes without even touching on whether the diamond was sourced from a conflict-free zone.

3. Ironing clothes.

Close-up image of someone ironing their clothes.

Okay, this one definitely doesn’t apply to everyone, as there will likely always be those events that call for the perfectly ironed and polished shirt. However, the frequency that folks are ironing their clothes seems to have vastly diminished over time. Just appreciate all the time that has been saved.

4. Having kids because “everyone else is.”

Older couple smiling while they stare off across a lush green valley during their hike together.

Depending on where you grew up and the people you associated with, if you were in an older generation, it might have been more normalized to have the whole plan put together in terms of when you would settle down with your partner and get to raising kids. Nowadays, such a “trend” seems to be less and less present in social circles.

5. The stigma of mental health.

A therapist taking notes with their legs crossed while they talk to their patient.

It’s become increasingly common to come to conversations with friends and family with an overriding stance of emotional vulnerability when talking about one’s mental health. Obviously, being open with someone about any mental health struggles that you might have isn’t necessarily easy, but there are many more resources and encouragement from folks to bring the mental health conversation to the table in the first place.

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