You Should 100% Never Order These Foods On A First Date

There are foods that can be disagreeable with most anyone’s digestive system, just as there are other foods that will quite literally throw your body into harm’s way due to you having a literal life-threatening allergy to. For instance, choosing to go all in on a dish that’s almost entirely made up of cheese is just a tad bit of a risky decision. To suggest that you might end up dealing with a tidal wave of gas is just a bit accurate. To the person that ordered the squid ink pasta, bold bold move indeed.

1. Spaghetti With Squid Ink

Spaghetti that's been dyed with squid ink and then tossed with vegetables.

Oof. The nerve. While the dish itself must’ve felt fancy enough, and is no doubt just the kind of dish that one orders when you’ve decided to treat yourself, you’re also setting yourself up to end up making quite the mess. Redditor u/Barbara_Celarent writes, “Once o ordered spaghetti with squid ink on a date. I looked like Marilyn Manson.” That’s probably not exactly the look that you’re going after.

2. Onion Soup With Cheese Melted

A bowl of onion soup that's been paired with melted cheese and has bread on the side as well.

Okay, now while this is absolutely an utterly delightful seasonally-relevant dish, it can also end up being quite the messy process when you try to wolf it down. Basically, there’s currently no known graceful way to eat the dish when you’re joined by someone else.

3. Bone Marrow Appetizer

A little dish of bone marrow that's been paired with onion and carrots.

Now, you might assume that a bone marrow dish would come with some kind of bread accompaniment but therein you very well might be wrong. Take it from Redditor u/smda827, who writes, “I once took a first date to a Scottish restaurant and ordered bone marrow as an appetizer, thinking it would be served with toast to spread it on like I’d seen on TV. Nope. Plastic straw I had to slurp it out of the bone through. It was like a warm beef milk shake. I figured at that point the date couldn’t get worse so I drank the bone goo. Married my date a few years later and we still laugh about it.” When you drink the actual bone goo you’ve know you’ve descended to newfound disaster date levels. At least it all worked out for those two somehow.

4. Hot Peppers

A pile of hot red peppers.

While you might enjoy the spice delivered to a dish via hot peppers, it’s most definitely not guaranteed that your date will enjoy the after burn effects that linger on your tongue for a while after you’ve eaten a hot peppers-inspired dish. There are plenty of other ways to spice up a date.

5. Garlic-Heavy Dishes

A close-up image of some cut up garlic cloves.

If you weren’t already well aware that garlic has a world renowned reputation for being able to make one’s breath absolutely stink. You really don’t even have to have that much of it to become painfully aware of how you might not want to speak to close to someone after that seemingly innocent little garlic clove. So, mindfully err on the cautious side and resist the urge to go in on the garlic-infused dishes.

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