10 Fascinating Cross-Sections Revealing The Insides Of Things

In large thanks to the online community of folks that are completely committed to regularly updating the rest of anyone who is interested (which we very well all should be) in what almost anything you can think of looks like when it’s cut in half, we have this truly mesmerizing gallery. If there’s one thing you’ll know deep down in your bones after walking away from this gallery it’s that you should never judge what an object might look like beneath its surface, until you see what it looks like when it’s cut in half.

1. When you accidentally cut through a nail with a circular saw.

Close-up image of a cut through a nail with a circular saw.


This looks borderline scientific. Like it’s held underneath a microscope or something.

2. Just some passive electronic components.

Close-up images of various electronic components that have been cut in half.

These have no business looking as cool as they do. There’s nothing passive or casual about these.

3. This rock in New Zealand has some explaining to do.

Image of a bird perched on top of what looks like a giant rock in the ocean that's been split in two.


Okay, maybe it was the bird though? There’s something almost magical about the juxtaposition of this photo.

4. An oxygen tank.

A close-up image of an oxygen tank that's been cut in half.


It’s almost giving water slide vibes, no? That being said, obviously not as impressive as the passive electronic components.

5. Yes, believe it or not, that’s a hot tub.

An image of a hot tub that's been cut in half.


There’s a whole lot more going on inside a hot tub than you might otherwise expect. Then again, it does make sense in its own right in that you need a lot of different things in operation to provide such a paradise-like experience.

6. A nerf gun that’s been cut in half.

An image of a Nerf gun that's been cut in half.

It honestly shouldn’t be that surprising in the slightest that a Nerf gun sports an impressive aesthetic when it’s been cut in half. Nerf guns are just one of those toys that are built with all the proper fixins.

7. A vintage vacuum cleaner.

An image of a vintage vacuum cleaner that's been cut in half.


This vintage vacuum cleaner pretty much transformed into a new cool looking kind of toy after being cut in half. Not entirely surprising.

8. The cross section of a whale rib.

A close-up image of a whale rip that's been cut in half.


9. A tractor that’s been cut in half for a clutch change.

An image of a tractor that's been cut in half for a clutch change.


Sheesh, what did the tractor ever do to you, man? It looks like this tractor got on the wrong side of some kind of robot monster or something.

10. A siamese strawberry.

Sometimes, you’re just not ready to let the other half of you go. No matter how much it hurts to hold on. Clearly, something happened here.

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