5 Things You Should Always Put In The Fridge

Look, there are plenty of folks out there who really do need the extra written instructions when it comes to successfully navigating the series of “shoulds” and “should nots” in this life. Fortunately, this AskReddit thread-inspired piece provides further clarity on the things that you should always make sure to put in the fridge.

1. Super Glue

A close-up image of a tiny glue dispenser.

Wow, and we’re starting things off with a true surprise. You’re not alone if you didn’t expect super glue to be one of those go-to fridge items, but here we are. In fact, Redditor u/Minimum_Dance2724 writes, “Humidity in the air will make the glue set up faster. The fridge/freezer is a dry environment, so it’ll keep longer.”

2. Camera Film

A close-up image of different rolls of camera film.

It turns out that refrigerating camera film will allow you to ensure that you’re able to get the absolute most out of the film that you buy. And camera film obviously isn’t particularly cheap. Redditor u/Antnie writes, “Camera film, it can stay fresh years past the expiration date if refrigerated.” It seems like a pretty solid trade-off for a simple extra step.

3. Opened Grated Parmesan

A close-up image of a big pile of grated parmesan.

While you would think that certain pizza places wouldn’t want the knowledge that opened grated parmesan isn’t something that should be left out outside of the fridge, it just so turns out that you are supposed to put opened grated parmesan in the fridge. There’s just no other way around it.

4. Open Jam

A close-up image of a jar of jam.

While it might seem like jam is one of those things that would be totally fine to keep out outside of the fridge, if you’ve ever experimented with leaving it out of the fridge, then you’ll know that an open jam left without the cold embrace of the fridge can turn moldy very quickly. And jam is far too pricey nowadays to let it go to waste.

5. Flour

Yes, so you really, really don’t want to end up in a scenario where you find yourself battling a steady and stubborn procession of pantry moths. Pantry moths are terribly resilient and will gladly make a mess out of the various precious food items that you might have stowed away in your pantry. So make sure you put that flour in the fridge.

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