Things People Stopped Buying Altogether Due To The Cost

The cost of living is continuing its steady climb, and it sure doesn’t seem like things are going to slow down anytime soon. With that unfortunate fact of this life being said, there are certain goods and services that people have had to cut out of their rotation out of financially mindful necessity.

1. Junk Food

Different kinds of junk food including a burger, pizza slices, a donut, that have been spread out on a countertop.

Not only will discontinuing the purchases of various junk food items save you money (what happened by the way, Doritos?), but it will help you get back on that healthy train like none other. Seriously the cost to both your bank account and overall health isn’t worth it these days.

2. Square Pizzas

Two different oven square pizzas that have been positioned next to each other on a cutting board.

In keeping with the theme of how you should absolutely not waste your financial resources on junk food, square pizzas simply aren’t it. Not only is it excruciatingly hard to not burn the ever living oblivion out of a square pizza when you forget about it in the oven, but they’re also not worth the buck when it comes to lacking flavor complexity.

3. Brand Name Cereal

A bowl of sugary cereal.

Save for those rare moments when your local grocery store might try to help you make the most out of what money you have left from your last paycheck, by offering up highly appealing discounted item promos, you can count on brand name cereal continuing to somehow get more and more expensive.

4. Food Delivery

A restaurant employee putting a meal in a delivery bag.
Koh Sze Kiat/istockphoto

Seriously, some of these food delivery apps have absolutely lost it when it comes to the associated fees and costs required to maintain a subscription for their services. You could end up in a truly harrowing scenario where you have to field anywhere up to triple the cost of what you would normally have to pay for having your groceries delivered.

5. Concert Tickets

Close-up image of someone extending their phone to show off their virtual concert ticket.
Edwin Tan/istockphoto

This one really hurts. There used to be a day when you could have a proper night out on the town, catching one of your favorite bands as they rolled through town, without having to worry about spending uncomfortable amounts of money on the tickets, the meal, the rides, etc. While you might be able to score some discounted tickets via a seasonal promo every now and again, the odds seem to continue to grow slimmer and slimmer.

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