6 Discontinued Snacks That We Desperately Miss

Like all memories, sometimes it’s hard to tell if a taste from your childhood was as good as you remember or if you’ve just stripped away all but the best parts so all that remains is a pure longing.

This is a list that I intend to keep updating as the phantom tastes and memories come flooding back of the foods that I can still barely remember the taste and smell of and wish I could travel in time to experience again.

I need your help, dear reader, remembering more forgotten and discontinued snacks, so please tell me what you miss in the comments.

1. Berries & Cream Dr. Pepper

Originally released as a permanent flavor in the United States in 2006, it was discontinued after just a few months.

In 2022, it was brought back as a limited edition flavor for the Pepper Perks award program.

“I’m not really into Dr. Pepper, but the Berries & Cream Dr. Pepper had a chokehold on me that no other soda has ever had.” – u/CinnaSol

“Man, the diet Dr Pepper berries and cream was the best [darn] soda God ever poured out onto this wretched soul. I miss it so much.” – u/bikerbomber

2. Philadelphia Cream Cheese Snack Bars

To say that these are a fan favorite is an understatement. I say “are” because there’s a Change.org petition with nearly 49k signatures demanding their return.

Here are some of the supporter’s comments:

“I’m signing because me and my brother used to sneak downstairs at night and steal these out of the fridge when we were little and now that i am an adult i’d like to have the freedom of buying these and not getting in trouble for eating them because they will be my snack and not my parents :)” – Marissa Meuker

“I remember eating these as a kid and loved them. If Full house can make a come back then these should too!!!” – Trusha Avery

“It cures my sadness” – Kayla Scirocco

3. Butterfinger BB’s

I can still clearly hear the line “crispety, crunchety, peanut-buttery” coming from a t.v. in another room during a commercial break.

Originally launched in 1992, the marble-sized version of the popular candy bar was heavily advertised with The Simpsons. They were discontinued in 2006 after declining sales. In 2009 they were “brought back” as Butterfinger Mini Bites.

“Butterfinger BB’s and a coke slushie after school every day in third grade. Dude….” – u/Own_Plantain_9688

“Oh my god yes. I don’t understand why these were discontinued. My No. 1 candy. The mini butterfingers are nowhere near as good.” – u/trnzone

4. Altoids Sours

Altoids Sours were introduced in 2001 and quickly gained a dedicated fan base for their intense sour flavor. They came in Apple, Raspberry, Tangerine and Mango.

Despite their popularity, Altoids Sours were discontinued in the U.S. in 2010, but were still available in some international markets for a few more years before being fully discontinued.

Like the Philadelphia Cream Cheese Snack Bars, Altoids Sours had a Change.org petition to bring them back, but with much less success (93 supporters).

For those still craving these (or want to try them in the first place), there’s a candy company called Lofty Pursuits that’s making a copycat version that some say is almost as good as the original. Or you can go the eBay route and spend anywhere from $75 – $300 for a sealed can.

“I would do unspeakable things for a fresh tin of those tangerine pieces of heaven” – u/KittenLOVER999

“My sister and I got into a huge fight over these when she wouldn’t share, and I may have knocked her drum set over” – u/geforce2187

5. Pizza Hut’s Hershey Dunkers

Hershey Dunkers were introduced in the mid-2000s and phased out in the early 2010s.

These dessert sticks were essentially just pizza dough and Hershey’s chocolate, served warm with a chocolate dipping sauce, but dang they were good!

Like a few others on this list, there’s a Change.org petition (956 supporters) to bring them back.

You may also remember the commercial where a ‘Pizza Hut employee’ pranks bakery patrons with a new treat only to reveal that it’s actually Pizza Hut’s newest sweet treat.

“Chocolate dunkers were my life when I worked there in high school” – u/xxynn

“Omg this was hiding in a far corner of my brain. They were like brownies” – u/pastel-mattel

6. PB Crisps

Ah, the P.B. Crisps. How we miss thee.

P.B. Crisps were made with a peanut butter filling encased in a crispy outer shell. Crunchy. Salty. Sweet. They were perfection.

They were introduced in the late 90s and, despite their popularity, were discontinued in the early 2000s.

“I used to always get a big bag when going in camping trips.” – u/PSUAth

“I would pay an insane amount of cash (by candy standards) just to be able to eat those again” – u/WannaBeTravel87

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