The 7 Coolest Cars Owned and Driven by the Iconic Steve McQueen

When many of us think “vintage cool” our brains leap to societally conditioned images of various famous figures that were able to maintain impossible levels of chill, low blood pressure, steely eyes, chiseled features, and seemingly perpetually unwrinkled clothing. They somehow always had it together. And then you have Steve McQueen. If McQueen and Elvis Presley were to grab a couple of coffees together today, we might have another eclipse already. The cool would be too much to contend with. In the meanwhile though, we’ll take a look at seven of the most iconic, unforgettable Steve McQueen cars that we’ve come across. Because if there’s one thing that Steve McQueen, “The King of Cool”, was/is renowned for, it’s the beautiful cars he drove.

1. 1969 Porsche 908 Spyder

Steve McQueen infamously would race this beautiful car around while also rocking an absolutely harrowin broken leg that he acquired from a prior dirt bike accident. When he had actually finished the race, the cast had literally almost melted off, and had just left a very thin strip of gauze that clung to his leg. That being said. McQueen still pulled off the finish of the race in a humble 2nd place. This particular Porsche also went on to appear in the McQueen film, “Le Mans.” A movie that inspired future racing movie generations.

2. 1972 Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.3

When we were back in the time of actual production, this particularly striking “Benz” was the speediest sedan available on the market. You factor in the matching black exterior and the leather interior and you have a literal knockout. Plus, the European model was a bit faster than the American counterpart, which totally fit the bill when it came to McQueen’s reputation.

3. Special Order 1976 Porsche 930 Turbo Carrera

There’s absolutely no getting around the fact that Steve McQueen possessed an unshakable love for Porsches. The King of Cool could and would not be deterred from the Porsches. This particular model was bought but four years before he passed away in 1980, and was also his last custom order car. Reports suggest that it was right up at the top of the list in terms of being one of his favorite cars to drive around in with his then 15-year-old son, Chad McQueen.

4. 1967 FERRARI 275 GTB/4

This specific Ferrari GTB is a top-of-the-line vehicle. It was literally delivered to McQueen (because why not) while he was on the set of the iconic film, “Bullitt.” If you’ve seen the film, you have to remember the car chase. Even though McQueen wasn’t able to ever actually buy the Mustange that he drove during the film, the actual wizard-like engineering that went into creating the vehicle was enough to keep him ever cool.

5. 1958 Porsche 1600 Super Speedster

This particular Porsche was one of Steve McQueen’s most cherished belongings. McQueen could regularly be seen ripping up the streets of L.A. in this ride, with his ex-wife, Neile Adams. As it turns out, this particular car was loved so deeply by Steve McQueen that it’s still owned by his son, Chad McQueen.

6. 1951 Chevrolet Styleline Deluxe Convertible

When production had concluded on Steve McQueen’s last project, “The Hunter“, McQueen was adamant about purchasing the car that he spent all that time driving. This masterpiece of a machine truly captures the evolution of Steve McQueen’s ultimate taste. With the years that passed, McQueen grew to be notably more reserved, and almost acknowledged the speed limit signs that life leaves for us along the way to ensure that we’re able to enjoy the ride for a decent amount of time.

7. Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso

You might go so far as to suggest that this particular car inspired Steve McQueen’s all-consuming obsession with cars to begin with. The Berlinetta Lusso was painted in a striking warm brown, and it was at one point even test-driven by the Sunday times. To have been a spectator on that day when the Lusso was gracing the streets with its presence. Oh boy.

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