Police Officers Reveal Ways You’re Making Yourself Seem Sketchy

There’s something hardwired in plenty of folks that renders them complete and utterly awkward messes whenever they spot a police uniform or a cop car. From there, you can suddenly find yourself adopting shady or downright bizarre mannerisms that make you seem like anything but the innocent person that you are. Inspired by an AskReddit thread, this piece takes a quick look at some of the ways you’re making yourself seem shady to police officers. You might not even have realized it.

1. You drive excruciatingly slow whenever you spot a cop car.

A police car driving down the road.

You’re not alone if you have yourself completely convinced that you’re about to be pulled over for something as wild as just being a plain old bad driver. And then, you might even suffer the worst-case scenario of having your nightmare end up manifesting. Just do what you can to breathe deep and slow until you’re not driving in front of or behind or next to a cop car.

2. You insist on confessing to your most menial of “transgressions.”

A group of British police officers outside on a rainy day.

Just stop talking. There’s no need for you to tell a perfect stranger about a cringeworthy mistake that still haunts you to this day, just as there’s most definitely no need to tell a police officer about that time you cheated off a classmate’s multiple choice exam when you were in 2nd grade.

3. You suddenly become the nicest person to walk the face of the earth.

An image of a police car that has its red and blue lights lit up.

If you’re already caught up in a vicious cycle of people pleasing too many people around you, there’s no need to let that bleed over to being aggressively nice to a police officer. Think about how you’d feel if someone you’d never met was being certifiably nice to you over nothing. Might be a little bit unnerving.

4. Being hostile for no clear reason.

An image of a police officer with their back turned and arms crossed behind their back.

Maybe you decide to take the complete opposite approach, and upon seeing a cop you shift into the most disagreeable person known to humankind. Some folks are already disagreeable enough as it is, but stepping out of your way to start up a verbal spat with a police officer is taking things further than just being shady.

5. You’ve got a lengthy backstory for a quick question.

An image of a police car with lights lit up on the roof of the car.

Some folks can really spin a yarn. There’s a time and a place to break out the life stories though. Most cops probably aren’t going to want to spend parts of their shifts listening to you go on inspired and lengthy rants when they’re just asking a few quick questions.

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