The Fake Accident Olympics: 20 People Who Pretended They Didn’t Mean to Do It

Some people in this world have no shame. When you cross paths with someone who simply can’t be bothered to even momentarily deliberate over the weight of their actions, you could find yourself in hot water quickly. Taking just a moment to think about how a bold action might shake out for other people involved can go such a long way. Clearly though, these people were on a whole different plane of existence. It’s funny how far someone will go to stage a fake accident that was actually a massive ego flex the whole time.

1. “Sure thing Casey.”

A man and a woman stand side by side dressed in matching white tops and light pink pants. The man holds a coffee cup and their phones appear to have similar cases. A grey brick wall and a yellow pole are visible in the background. A tweet above them reads: "made it half way through the day before realizing we're wearing matching outfits.. HEAD-TO-TOE MATCHING OUTFITS.

“Hot and cold coffee don’t match.” – u/onfurtherreview

“Every time he wears sunglasses it looks like he’s wearing a disguise with a fake nose.” – u/jags

2. “Silly kids. Always adding people on Facebook.”

A Facebook Messenger conversation between a person and a US Army recruiter. The recruiter apologizes for accidentally messaging and asks if the person ever thought about serving in the Army. The person humorously declines, saying they've already served and been tricked once.

“His response was spot on.” – u/SUND3VIL

“A recruiter called me 3 times this morning.” – u/jasondggs10

3. “Some phones start taking photos when they sense you’re drinking coffee.”

A person with blond hair and a black hat is seen in a collage of four photos, each showing different expressions. They are holding a coffee cup and lying on a bed with a patterned headboard. The caption mentions the phone taking photos randomly, capturing their confusion.

“Who wears a hat in bed.” – u/Mikmoo1

“Yeah, this one hurt me.” – u/blind_squash

4. “Instagram Explore is a goldmine.”

A series of text messages, where the first three messages are "thesassycat:". The next message states, "I was so sleep deprived the other day that I tried to zoom in on a paper." The last messages are "I just made that post," "oh wait that is my post," and "I havent slept in 2 days.

“This is just bad. Sad but definitely bad.” – u/nth

“Nah man, this is pretty funny.” – u/ShermanShore

5. “My ex girlfriend, ladies and gents.”

A screenshot of a text message conversation. The first message says, "Hey this is Lizzie’s friend I just wanted to ask you why you broke up with her." The second, sent on April 24, 2018, responds, "Sorry about that my friend took my phone" followed by a laughing emoji.

“Yeah, this is why I stayed single.” – u/Angus4lbs

“At least you made it out, man. Relationships like that can turn way worse.” – u/PrimevalTitan

6. “So quirky.”

Two friends dressed in colorful, floral-patterned suits stand side by side. The person on the left is smiling broadly, wearing a white floral suit with a purple tie. The person on the right is wearing a pink floral suit and smiles subtly. Trees and buildings are in the background.

“To be frank, the suits look great as a pair. So she didn’t need to say accidentally.” – u/Reach_Reclaimer

“To be fair, those patterns are popping. I love those suits so much.” – u/macho

7. “Not like it was a photoshoot or anything.”

Four photos capture a woman and a child at sunset. In three pictures, she holds the child while they look at the sky. In the fourth, she lifts the child up while smiling. The sky transitions from a warm orange to a gentle fade. Text above reads: "Husband accidentally yet perfectly caught one of the best moments & feelings ever in my lifetime... ❤️🌞🦋.

“He accidentally took 4 pictures.” – u/tomatofrommars

“I’m trying to understand the obsession with pretending your pictures weren’t planned.” – u/peanut_

8. “How do you accidentally buy a car?”

A tweet by Safeer reads, "Hey guys, so I accidentally bought a Range Rover and now my mom is making me sell it. If anyone in Toronto wants to buy it plz dm me. Thx." Beneath the tweet are five images showcasing the exterior and interior of a white Range Rover.

“Looks like he just took some pics of a car in a showroom.” – u/mothzilla

“Tripped and fell into it. Totally possible.” – u/BeaLack

9. “Yeah, the camera just turned on by itself.”

A fluffy, light brown kitten is lying on its back among various colorful toys and crumpled papers. The kitten looks slightly surprised with wide eyes. Below the image, there is a humorous caption that reads, "The camera turned on by itself I am no model.

“Please kitty, continue making cute mistakes.” – u/alana-banana1996

“This one is my favorite.” – u/deleted

10. So relatable.”

A black SUV is parked outdoors on a dirt road, with greenery in the background. The foreground shows a hand making a gesture, while the overlay text reads, "When you accidentally buy a car when you’re looking for clothes 😂 #relatable".

“Relatable. I too buy old SUVs when I go shopping for pants.” – u/UnintentionalGrandma

“I hate when that happens! Yesterday I walked into a clothes shop, and walked out with a Lamborghini.” – u/deleted

11. “But, you did.”

A man with short, light brown hair and blue eyes takes a selfie in a car. He has a slight beard and mustache and is wearing a dark shirt. The caption reads, "Didn't mean to post this photo but oh well.” The profile picture has 16 reactions and 2 comments.

“But, oh well.” – u/TrekJen

“The amount of steps they had to go through to accidentally post this, can make your face numb from the ridiculousness.” – u/deleted

12. “Seems their housemate is an avid reader.”

An online review of "Words of Radiance" by Brandon Sanderson, rated 1 star out of 5. The review criticizes the book harshly, calling it "the worst book I have ever read" and "dreadful." Part of the text is censored, but it praises Sanderson at the end.

“When I steal a friend’s phone, the first prank I play is to give bad reviews on Goodreads.” – u/Highest_

“So they edited the review, but they also left it as one star.” – u/kellimarissa

13. “I thought I was blocked.”

A text message conversation on a black background. One person says, "I hope you step on a lego." The other replies, "Feeling is not mutual. I don't have any ill will towards you, just wasn't working out for me." The first person says, "I thought I was still blocked by you I didn't mean that oof." The reply is, "I never blocked you.

“Kind of seems legit, to be honest.” – u/Porkchop_

“I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.” – u/HalfSoul30

14. “Accidental genius.”

A Facebook post with obscured user information says, "So. Um. Sat down a couple hours ago to write a 4 page reaction paper for a class. I got a bit excited about the topic. Looked up just now and realized I've got 18 pages, a theory-based methodology, and a testable hypothesis. ...I think I just accidentally wrote a final paper?" Below the text are options to Like, Comment, and Share.

“Yeah, and then he got an F because that wasn’t the assignment.” – u/deleted

“18 pages in 2 hours. Okay then.” – u/vitringur

15. “Oops.”

A social media post above an image shows severely burnt sausage rolls on a baking tray. The post explains that a whole tray of sausage rolls was left in the oven for a week, setting off the fire alarm, and no one noticed them until now.

“What actually happened is they forgot about their sausage rolls and it set the fire alarm off one time.” – u/Funky_

“What a waste of delicious sausage rolls.” – u/D_r_e_c

16. “Almost.”

Screenshot of a Twitter post by user @bwayhrvy. The original tweet reads, "u ever think about how the year 3000 is literally 81 years away." It shows the tweet's time as 8:03 PM on 12/30/18, with 114K retweets and 440K likes. Two follow-up tweets by the same user express regret and frustration over the retweets.

“I mean, I don’t see us living underwater in 81 years.” – u/deleted

“American Education!” – u/TheAgent2

17. “Instagram after changing their feed, and then doubling back.”


“Can confirm I was the scroll right.” – u/Voidz27

“Me too, and for a second, I was horrified.” – u/Silly_Rabbitt

18. “Accidentally bought these $400 speakers.”

A Yamaha MusicCast 20 speaker in its box sits on a surface. Various music streaming service logos are displayed on the top of the box. A Snapchat caption at the bottom reads, "A $400 whoops later.

“Even though it’s not a good speaker and actually around $200.” – u/ItsDanni1008

“When you’re young you brag about how expensive something is. When you’re older you brag about how cheap something is.” – u/civicbro

19. “Oh no, not again.”

A Facebook post reads: "I did it again!!! Fell asleep on my phone. My elbow ordered an Uber!!!!" It has been shared 7 hours ago on Facebook for Android, with 1 comment and 15 likes. The user profile picture and name are partially obscured.

“Sometimes my phone’s in my pocket, and it sends a message using the suggested phrasing.” – u/he55

“I’ve pocket ordered Ubers.” – u/IssaLlama

20. “Cleaning predicament.”

A cluttered space behind a desk shows a pile of cash alongside a tangle of various cables and wires. The text overlay reads, "When ur cleaning out ur room and randomly find this behind ur desk 😂😂😂😂.

“I can relate. Found 7 million behind my dresser once.” – u/Sunbath3r

“If I found a single 20 dollar bill behind my desk or shelf I’d cry.” – u/Star_Lord229

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