15 Ancient Home Designs That We Discovered This Week

The older the building, the deeper the plot goes. Many of us have found ourselves wandering aimlessly down quiet streets, and struck by buildings that seem to have been around since the dawn of time itself. Granted, not all buildings are going to fare the same. Time takes its toll, and you can really tell which buildings were provided the necessary time and effort to ensure that their literal foundations wouldn’t crumble. We’re going to take a look at some of the more fascinating ancient homes that we’ve come across this week.

1. “Discovered hidden cistern door in laundry room floor of our home built in 1912.”

A partially removed vinyl tile floor reveals a deteriorating and decayed subfloor beneath. Pieces of red, gray, and cream-colored tiles are scattered around. A hand with a tool is visible on the left side, actively working on removing the tiles.
u/honest_replacement_6/via reddit.com

“Was once an archaeologist. People often dumped household items in the cisterns when they were broken, no longer needed, etc. There could be a treasure trove of historical artifacts in there.” – u/arkystat

“Beautiful wood floor. Those asbestos tiles though.” – u/matticitt

2. “I see a curved door and raise you one.”

A split-door entryway opens into two bright rooms with white walls and wooden floors. The room on the left has a red sofa and a round table, while the room on the right has a fireplace, a window with curtains, and a colorful rug. Both rooms have large windows.
u/shanamat/via reddit.com

“Surprised these aren’t common in modern homes given the state of most lumber at the hardware store.” – u/FriarNurgle

“Okay, now this is just showing off.” – u/fragile_exoskeleton

3. “Just bought our first home and found this under the carpet.”

A close-up view of a corner in a room showcasing a wooden parquet floor with intricate geometric patterns near the edge. The floor has various shades of brown and some debris scattered on it. The base of the wall is visible with a wooden skirting and an electrical outlet.
u/l33zy4r33zy/via Reddit.com

“I hope most of it is useable because it is gorgeous.” – u/misscj

“My neighbor’s house has floors like this. It was a common treatment at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. You can find old millwork catalogs that show all the patterns you could get. This is a nice one.” – u/diesel_trucker

“4. “This is my house. A converted church originally built in 1866. Still a lot of work to do, but it is starting to come together.”

A white church with arched windows and a tall steeple is illuminated at dusk. The building has lit outdoor lamps by the entrance, and is surrounded by tall trees with green leaves. A concrete path leads to the front door.
u/steid55/via reddit.com

“Jesus that’s a nice house.” – u/ok-milk

“It’s so cozy for an open space. It would take everything in me not to go nuts and have kitschy, historical knick knacks all over.” – u/sstralala

5. “Remodeling a bathroom and I found a mural.”

A mural on a bathroom wall depicts several abstract figures with wavy hair and reaching arms, surrounded by bubbles. The bathroom is under renovation, with exposed pipes and a clear plastic sheet hanging nearby. The mural is in shades of blue, white, and gray.
u/anunusedmoniker/via reddit.com

“This is so cool. Exponentially better than the mural of a bunch of football players that we found when we remodeled our bathroom.” – u/clickyteeth

“Not gonna lie, I’d cut that out and frame/mount it somewhere. It’s weirdly cool.” – u/mister_zook

6. “Art deco bathroom complete.”

A bathroom with teal tiles features a walk-in shower on the right and a bathtub on the left. Both the shower and bathtub are framed by arched openings. The floor is covered with matching teal tiles bordered with black trim.
u/sewsewblue/via reddit.com

“This is bloody hilarious. I’m a tile setter, I went looking at a job about 10 years ago and the owner was an old man who had a bathroom that looked quite like this. He told me that his children told him it wasn’t modern enough. He wanted a replaced tile job and new looking bathroom. I refused to do the job because I was not willing to tear apart something so beautiful. I told him that. It didn’t take him very long to agree with me.” – u/pelicanliver

7. “Closed on this 1864 beauty today. My daughter is 5th generation of our family in this house.”

A hand holding vintage keys in the foreground, with a large, ornate Victorian-style house painted in lavender and purple visible in the background. The house features pointed roofs, ornate woodwork, and a wraparound porch.
u/lpen-z/via reddit.com

“If you don’t post a bunch of interior pics, I will riot!” – u/litemi21

“Those keys are amazing! We got one like it from an interior door in our house.” – u/HanzG

8. “Floor lottery reveals unexpected surprise.”

A room with maroon walls, a high slanted ceiling, and a window with a white curtain. The floor is covered with a patterned carpet, with parts of it removed, revealing gray wooden planks beneath. The room is well-lit with recessed ceiling lights.
u/spicedwhiskeytea/via reddit.com

“Yes! This is a floor cloth. It’s like a linoleum rug! Great find.” – u/Kelseycakes1986

“If that’s linoleum (which it appears to be) it’s close to 100% natural ingredients like linseed oil and even biodegradable.” – u/BlueFire2009

9. “Discovered original tin ceiling in our 1920 foursquare.”

This image shows an ornate ceiling with an intricate pattern, partially exposed due to missing wooden beams. Pieces of debris and small bits of plaster hang off the remaining beams, revealing a view of the delicate design on the ceiling above.
u/hailthethieves/via reddit.com

“Your tin ceiling panels are from Artistic Metal, International Steel and Iron Company, Evansville Indiana, 1914, sold as the No. 4267 ceiling plate.” – u/mach_gogogo

“Wow, that looks fantastic! I hope it doesn’t affect your cell phone reception too much in that room! Well done!” – u/johnpseudonym

10. “Took the paper off the ceiling to reveal this.”

A wooden beam in a corner with decorative molding, displaying the handwritten note "E. Bez Arani March 4 1900" on the adjacent wall. The beam and wall have an old, slightly worn appearance.
u/m0ntgomatron/via reddit.com

“That is absolutely amazing, that person would be so happy to know you found their note from so long ago. What did the 125 year old wallpaper look like?” – u/throwawaybread9654

“I renovated the house, colonial revival in Dorchester Massachusetts, that was built in ’99. I have to pull some of the molding from the paneling near the fireplace in the principal parlor and behind it I found two nice shiny barber dimes 1899.” – u/Different_AD7655

11. “Our 96-year-old.”

A stone castle-like house surrounded by snow, illuminated under a night sky. There are lights on inside the house, casting a warm glow through the windows. Bare trees frame the background, and snow-covered steps lead up to the entrance.
u/detroitmike2001/via reddit.com

“Begging for a tour of the interior.” – u/feralchildrens

“What did you put in the tower? Looks like it could make for an office or evil lair.” – u/FiestaDesLosMuerto

12. “Listed my century home.”

A large, historic white house with a wrap-around porch and classical columns. The house has a gabled roof and an upper balcony. Hanging plants and greenery decorate the porch area. The sky is clear with the sun setting or rising behind the house. Trees surround the area.
u/okeypokee/via reddit.com

“What a beauty! I hope whoever is lucky enough to get this from you treats it well.” – u/Turbulent_Glove_501

“Well I might have to move to Kansas now.” – u/Nof-z

13. “In a few months we’ll have an amazing home.”

An old, boarded-up, red brick house with a conical tower stands next to gray and green buildings. The windows and door are covered with wooden boards, and there is a small staircase leading up to the entrance. The lawn has sparse grass and a tree on the right.
u/theycallmelogiebear/via reddit.com

“This is an Old Louisville right? I used to walk by that house every day on my way to U of L!” – u/presswork

Now that would be a treat of a daily stroll. It’s not every day that you get to feast your eyes on this kind of home.

14. “Just finished cleaning and restaining the mahogany front porch of our 1895 Victorian.”

A spacious, wooden-floored porch with white railings features comfortable wicker furniture with cream cushions, a ceiling fan, hanging plants, and a lantern on a coffee table. The porch is surrounded by greenery and leads to a door with an arched window.
u/maj_leeawesome/via reddit.com

“I want to come visit and sip on some ice tea. It’s beautiful!” – u/Livinincrazytown

“This is what dreams are made of!” – u/MesmericRamblings24

15. “Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the spectacular, Gamwell House, built in 1892 by architects, Longstaff and Black.”

A large, Victorian-style house with a round turret, ornate detailing, and multiple chimneys. The home features balconies, numerous windows, and is painted in muted green and brown tones. It is surrounded by a partially visible garden with shrubs and flowering plants.
u/mercyreign/via reddit.com

“My jaw literally dropped when I saw it.” – u/ballerinawannabe

Yes, that about covers it. This is one of those ancient homes, what with its multitude of equally compelling details that does bring the jaw to do the drop. Seriously. We need to bring these back. Or at the very least, this home could serve as a great set for a new horror movie. It’s got that ancient eerie aesthetic working for it.

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