Life Isn’t Fair: 23 Photos Of People Who Had Terrible Luck

We all fall on bad luck streaks every now and again. The worst is when those bad luck moments come for you in rapid succession and you don’t even have time to catch your breath. I guess bad luck can make us appreciate the times that are actually good as well. With that being said, we’re not interested in looking at the good luck moments at all. These pics are all about when life happened and people just couldn’t catch a break.

1. “My 50th birthday invited all of my friends.”

A sunny backyard setup with a barbecue grill, picnic table, and various supplies. Two folding chairs and a cooler are on the grass, partially shaded by a blue tarp and an umbrella. Trees and a fence are in the background.

“Hey at least you got a head start on planning to not show up to their birthdays.” – u/ethanisblessed

“Friendships are a two-way street.” – u/deleted

2. “Amazon said this photo’s proof that a $1,093 and 150 pound generator was delivered.”

A wooden porch with railing, attached to a house, faces leafy green vegetation. Steps lead up to the porch. A doormat lies in front of a sliding glass door, which sits next to a large window. A piece of paper or small object rests on the wooden floor.

“Stand back when you open it.” – u/new_Aurora

“Have you checked under the mat?” – u/EnzymeX

3. “Who does this though?”

A text conversation shows an image of food left at a gas station. The sender informs the recipient that their delivery was completed. The recipient replies, confused, stating it’s not their house and asks if the delivery was left at a gas station. The sender confirms with "ABSOLUTELY.

“Just had a dude drop my food off at the wrong house, I requested a refund, then the dude realized, dropped the food off at my house, and texted me saying, how could you say your food wasn’t delivered, it’s right outside your house.” – u/hindered_

“Dasher’s friend probably works there, so he gave them your food.” – u/cramaine

4. “2 minutes after I bought my breakfast and left it outside.”

A mouse peeks out from inside a brown paper bag filled with croissants, which is placed on a blue tiled surface. A bottle of Fonte Torre water stands next to the bag.

“Can’t blame him. That’s like winning the lottery to him.” – u/Sad-Maintenance3422

“Looks like it’s not your breakfast anymore.” – u/LoweeLL

5. “Took off my headphones tonight and noticed I have a bald spot.”

A top-down view of a person's head showing a round bald spot at the center of their scalp. The person has dark hair and is wearing a dark-colored shirt. The background consists of wooden panels.

“That didn’t fall out overnight, pal.” – u/HughJasso

“If that appeared overnight, get to a doctor, ASAP.” – u/KeepTheFaithP

6. “Was getting a lead test ready for pottery and found out our well water has lead in it.”

A close-up image shows a lead test swab with a pink tip next to a label on a bottle that reads "Lead detected." The swab, indicating a positive result for the presence of lead, is held near the bottom of the bottle, which also has a barcode visible.

“That sucks. But it is a very happy accident, all things considered.” – u/MongoBongoTown

“It’s more likely to be leaching from your pipes.” – u/Gonebabythoughts

7. “Drove 2 hours to meet up with a fling. They cancelled. Popped a tire on the way back.”

A grey car is parked on a gravel path with a flat front tire. Two automotive books are placed on the car's hood. There is green grass in the background and a chain-link fence enclosing an open field. The image is taken in a rural or suburban area.

“The universe wants you to know this wasn’t the right choice.” – u/ThisUsedToBeAGoodJob

“Don’t drive and cry. Pull over to a Cracker Barrel. Cry in the parking lot. Then go inside and get a meal and a toy or treat for yourself. Then hit the road. You’re going to be ok.” – u/GrilledCheeser

8. “Siblings win the lottery.”

Two men stand side by side holding oversized Florida Lottery checks. The man on the left, Bob Stocklas, holds a check for $7.00 dated March 4, 2016. The man on the right, James Stocklas, holds a check for $291,400,000.00 dated March 3, 2016.

“I’m sure he shared a bit of that. But who knows? Maybe he pocketed the $7.” – u/didyoueverseewardogs

“I’d be going over every night for dinner.” – u/Brilliant-Kiwi-8669

9. “Lost my big toe to a push mower.”

An X-ray image of a right foot showing bones including phalanges, metatarsals, and tarsals. A digital screen interface is visible with a status message "Waiting for X-rays" at the top.

“I always think about this. Now people are doing it.” – u/cabezadebakka

“That’s a really clean cut.” – u/Puzzleheaded_Yam7582

10. “Came back late from work, and my wife told me my food was on the table.”

A large empty pot with a small amount of cooked pasta at the bottom is on a table. Surrounding it are three opened cans: one with ground meat, one with corn kernels, and one with a dark liquid. A blue plate sits nearby.

“Is that dog food to the left of the corn?” – u/NoInspector836

“No context. No opinion.” – u/flora_atia

11. “I’m blocked inside the park. Goodnight everyone.”

A tall, dark metal gate secured with a chain and padlock, photographed at night. Beyond the gate, a garden or park area with green bushes and trees is faintly visible, illuminated by streetlights in the background.

“Be careful. They let the tigers out at night to patrol.” – u/Prestigous-Copy-494

“Uber eats can deliver you some bolt cutters.” – u/DealerEducational113

12. “I’m stuck in a 100+ yard airline customer service line.”

A crowded airport terminal with people standing in long lines, holding or rolling their luggage. Some individuals are looking at their phones while others are chatting. Overhead signs display gate information, and a ceiling-mounted TV is visible in the foreground.

“That looks like a horrible experience you’d have time to write a book about.” – u/LegalSelf5

“Call the airline directly while you stand in line. 9 times out of 10 you’ll get a customer service rep on the phone who can help much faster than the line even moves.” – u/PlanetMidnight

13. “My landlord decided to set up his washing machine in our assigned parking spot.”

An outdoor scene of a small, unpaved parking area shows puddles of water across its surface. The area is surrounded by green shrubs and grass, with a wooden structure to the right and a few pieces of garden furniture on the left. A parked car is seen in the distance.

“It’s all kinds of illegal to drain that out into the yard.” – u/BackItUpWithLinks

“Even before this, I’d be worried about that damaged retaining wall collapsing with a car on it.” – u/deleted

14. “So I just whammed my shin against this.”

A row of parked cars, including a red truck with a hitch on the back, is shown next to a landscaped area with a bush with dark red leaves. The cars are alongside a concrete sidewalk. In the background, greenery and trees are visible.

“I’ve done this before. Except on my knee. And multiple times. Ouch.” – u/JabaThePegasus

“I do this on my own hitch. It’s always my fault for not looking.” – u/blender311

15. “I did not know milk crates were this strong.”

A black sedan is parked with all four of its tires removed, resting on plastic crates. The background shows a Pep Boys store and some greenery under a cloudy sky.

“That one is having a rough time.” – u/jzr171

“They are until they aren’t.” – u/Compu-Home

16. “The whipped cream started melting and there’s 6 hours until dad gets home.”

A round, homemade cake with a layer of thick white icing on top, which appears to be lumpy and uneven. Some of the icing is dripping down the sides of the cake, which is placed on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. The background is plain and speckled.

“Let the cake settle a bit next time then apply whipped cream. He has plenty more birthdays. It’s the thought that counts.” – u/deleted

“This looks like a painting. Kind of beautiful.” – u/LAGA_1989

17. “That last sip of coffee revealed this little guy.”

A small, black insect with wings and a curved tail resting on a wooden surface.

“Looks like a moth, so extra protein it is.” – u/Willamina03

“Entomologist here. Looks like an adult caddisfly to me. Harmless, but not many folks would like to find any bug in their coffee, I suppose.” – u/BlightStick

18. “The last spot I parked my Hyundai in before it disappeared.”

A nearly empty parking lot with a few cars parked in the background. In the center of the image, there are some green leaves or foliage on the asphalt. The parking lines are visible, and the surface of the lot appears cracked in places.

“You should have known it was a bad area from the blue graffiti on the cars.” – u/orangutanDOTorg

“Maybe just maybe there’s a camera somewhere.” – u/trev_easy

19. “Came out of the bathroom to find these in my burrito.”

Close-up view of a taco filled with vegetables, cheese, and what appears to be seasoned meat. The ingredients are vibrant and colorful with greens, reds, and yellows, and the taco is surrounded by a soft, textured tortilla.

“Eating a single fly egg probably won’t harm you because your stomach juices will kill it. However, if you eat a large number of fly eggs or larvae, or if the eggs survive in your intestines, it could cause a condition called intestinal myiasis.” – u/deleted

“You would have to pay extra for that at Chipotle.” – u/Mourning_

20. “When your $160 arrive with the anti-theft tag on.”

A person wearing a white sneaker with a textured pattern on a wooden floor. The shoe has a thick, cushioned sole and a white heel loop. The ankle area is snug, and a white strap with a clasp is visible at the back.

“Strong magnet to the back of it.” – u/MammerJammer123

“Well they were stolen and resold to you.” – u/Forevermaxwell

21. “The laundromat washing machine ripped my vest 3 hours before a wedding.”

A person holds a worn, frayed, and partially destroyed fabric toy. In the background, a partially open bag filled with similar dark-colored items rests on a speckled floor. The person's shoes and dark pants are also visible.

“Um, I don’t think those go in the washing machine.” – u/Unfair_Finger5531

“3 hours before a wedding sounds like the perfect time to wash your wedding attire.” – u/Paweron


A large stainless steel refrigerator is wrapped in protective materials sitting outside on a driveway with a moving truck in the background. An empty cardboard box stands nearby. The scene appears to be a delivery or move-in process in a residential neighborhood.

23. “Eating a sandwich and part of my molar just broke off.”

A small gold and white stone rests on a closed black earbuds case, placed on a wooden surface.

“That tooth is rotten.” – u/Zestyclose_League813

“I see a dentist in your future.” – u/No_Rush2548

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