19 Funny Photos From People’s Ridiculously Terrible Photoshop Attempts

Photoshop isn’t for everyone. Some people assume that just because they can download the app and use it in the first place means that they won’t end up dealing with all kinds of confusing obstacles. It’s actually impressive just how much you can completely botch a photoshop attempt. These people and their attempts at not making messes with their photoshop attempts speak volumes to that.

1. “A toy for your child if your child is Satan.”

A young girl with brown hair and a pink dress smiles while playing on a pink toy piano with a music-themed design and a figure of a princess. Her reflection is visible in an attached white and pink vanity mirror.
u/jessieg/via reddit.com

“Slightly creepy.” – u/Hecate0205

“The Exorzianist.” – u/TastySpare

2.”I spit out my drink.”

u/holluu/via reddit.com

“This is one of those things that at first glance don’t look bad, but the more you look the worse it gets.” – u/MarsNirgal

“I feel like it revealed their true form or something.” – u/MacheteMaelee

3. “I was looking for a cat backpack and found this.”

A woman in an outdoor setting pets a dog wearing a hat. A white cat is sitting nearby in an open, blue pet carrier with a transparent bubble front. The backdrop is a grassy area with trees and sunlight filtering through.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“It’s like a cat UFO that just landed.” – u/summerchild_

“The cat’s as big as the dog. And I think the woman could fit in the backpack.” – u/SmithoftheWild

4. “Must be a Godfather fan.”

u/davey_cakes/via reddit.com

“That took me too long to work out what the problem is.” – u/deleted

Yes, if you don’t even bother to look closely, you’ll still clearly see what appears to be a horse that temporarily misplaced its body. That or this horse got its hooves on a good old-fashioned invisibility cloak.

5.”Wish I had a dog as real as that.”

A young woman takes a mirror selfie with her phone, smiling while wearing a striped shirt, gray zip-up hoodie, and jeans. She stands in a well-lit room with white walls. In the background, a small, fluffy dog sits on a dark chair, looking at the camera.
u/listerine/via reddit.com

“How does anybody look at a picture like that and think it’s okay to post?” – u/defofhuman

“Why?” – u/deleted

6. “The leg man, the leg.”

Movie poster for "Ready Player One" with the text "A Steven Spielberg film, Ready Player One, March 2018" prominently displayed. The image shows a person climbing a structure in a futuristic cityscape with a large, glowing planet in the background. Text at the top says "A Better Reality Awaits.
u/f_ct/via reddit.com

“It’s a bug.” – u/alexrag3

“How do you even mess up that badly?” – u/Ceyphe

7. “Do these pajamas make my shoulders look big?”

Screenshot of an Amazon product listing for a men's long soft flannel pajamas set in a blue and yellow plaid pattern. The pajamas feature a button front and long sleeves. The brand name "Bill Baileys" is shown, along with a 4-star rating from 7 reviews.
u/lynn_zebra/via reddit.com

“Nice feet, man.” – u/Major_Bro

“Someone skipped leg day.” – u/Sham_Pain_Renegade

8. “The product here is the headband, and clearly only cool guys wear it.”

Person with short brown hair held back by a hairband, wearing black sunglasses, a black shirt, and a black leather backpack, sitting against a red background.
u/devvyn88/via reddit.com

“No way.” – u/deleted

“I don’t even know where to start with this flop. The sunglasses obviously tie the whole aesthetic together nothing short of majestically though.

9. “Anyone else always swim in regular shoes and clothes.”

Three children play on an inflatable water slide in a backyard. The slide has a climbing wall and a pool at the bottom. The children look happy as they splash around. The house and garden are visible in the background, and an air blower is in the foreground.
u/snwiajfnai/via Reddit.com

“When I was a child I obviously always did.” – u/withmirrors

“With my body? Always.” – u/coreygeorge89

10. “Argue all you want, but that puppy is wearing that collar.”

A happy golden retriever puppy sits next to two green adjustable reflective pet collars with buckles. The image is part of a set labeled "1 of 16" and has the product description: "Nice Adjustable Reflective Pet Dog Cat Collar Puppy Neck Buckle Strap.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“It’s a Hover-Collar 9000.” – u/livierose17

“The fail is that the dog is quite clearly not wearing the collar. The collar isn’t even and is hanging in mid air.” – u/deleted

11. “How can anyone even attempt to pass those off as real noses?”

Two people are seated at a table in a restaurant, smiling at the camera. The person in front is wearing a leather jacket and a patterned shirt, resting their chin on their hand. The person behind is wearing a fur-trimmed jacket. The table has dishes and glasses.
u/lyla88/via reddit.com

“For real. It must be a joke.” – u/deleted

“They must get like two atoms of oxygen with each breath they take. One for each nostril.” – u/catholiccatholic

12. “It’s my cake day, but instead I got this awful chicken. So flat.”

A black air fryer with a digital control panel displaying a temperature of 180°C. The fryer basket is pulled out, revealing a whole roasted chicken inside. Next to the air fryer, there is a heap of cooked French fries.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“That’s what happens when you air fry an entire chicken.” – u/blue4t

“Air-fried chicken is awesome regardless of this photo.” – u/Pie_Helps

13. “It’s like they didn’t even try. The bottom is the worst.”

Product packaging for a Lava brand pink and clear lava lamp. The box features images of a family relaxing and a group of friends, emphasizing the lamp's uses for relaxation and decoration. There are also pictures of the lava lamp itself in different settings.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“But they’re right. It’s relaxing, decorate, and a happy talking man.” – u/milkwayT_T

“Holy crop! I can’t read the bottom caption! What does it say?” – u/urban_archaeologist

14. “Not quite how those work.”

A red remote-controlled toy truck with a detailed front grille and large tires is supported on yellow jack stands. The truck has black windows, and the image caption reads, "Compact and lightweight, easy to carry and use.
u/brutoriousbobll/via reddit.com

“That’s like trying to balance on a pebble.” – u/deleted

“I would definitely not get under that vehicle with it lifted like that.” – u/chickendagr8

15. “What’s going on with her leg?”

Two images of a woman in layered tulle outfits. Left: She wears a black jumpsuit with a ruffled tulle extension on one side and strappy heels. Right: She is in a pink layered tulle gown, holding a black handbag, posing with a man in a suit.
u/starfang156/via reddit.com

“Obviously she got crazy on the cloning, but I do think the outfit is cool.” – u/peytonrae

“Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V.” – u/curiousquestioner16

16. “All the kittens clapped for the graphics design skills.”

A meme shows five images: A single kitten peeks out of a hole with food and water nearby, followed by images of the kitten joined by four additional kittens emerging from the same hole. Text above reads, "Yesterday I fed a kitten, the next day it brought a whole bunch of cats to me.
u/racingteamsam/via reddit.com

“Cattos 1 and Cattos 2 look legit, the others not so much.” – u/clokerruebe

Okay, but in all fairness, those cats are simply adorable. I’m of the frame of mind that the more the merrier.

17. “Blurred edges, fake tires, this is just terrible.”

A tweet showing an image of a tire with a screw resting on top of the tread, not embedded in it. The tweet reads: "my coworker called in (yet again) and said she had a nail on her tire that caused her to have a flat. i need everyone to stop what they’re doing and ZOOM IN TO THE NAIL IN THE PICTURE SHE SENT MY BOSS.

“The cut ropes just disappeared.” – u/Livves25

“If it did exist, it’d be interesting to see it try to go round a corner.” – u/alcalethefirst

18. “Call me crazy but I’m pretty sure there isn’t an actual dog on the bed.”

A golden retriever lies on a large, plush pet mat in coffee color. The pet mat is displayed next to smaller mats in red and blue. The image includes a discount of 78%, and a note indicates that eight people are currently viewing the item.
u/sylasloki/via reddit.com

“It could be a cardboard cutout, but it’s not.” – u/Scarlet_Corundrum

“Looks like SCP-2038 got ’em. – u/deleted

19. “Yikes.”

u/nkostop/via reddit.com

“Looks like he got caught doing something illegal.” – u/xx123gamerxx

This is an absolute mess, and I don’t even really know where to start with roasting this failed Photoshop attempt to utter oblivion.

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