Rewarding And Productive Things To Do In Retirement

Just because your career is over doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to check out of sinking your teeth into new and challenging adventures in your life. We pulled together some of the most rewarding and productive things that you can try your hand at while you’re in retirement.

1. Start Building with the folks at Habitat for Humanity.

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Habitat for Humanity offers between one and two week experiences in various equally stunning locations spread all over the world. When you eventually select your location, you’ll be able to pitch in with helping build housing, upgrading existing homes, aiding in disaster recovery efforts, and providing emotional support to children in need.

2. Seek out volunteering opportunities close to home.

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You don’t have to necessarily travel halfway across the world to make a difference. You can volunteer your free time and energy toward charitable efforts that are located right within your community. Check out helpful volunteer databases like Volunteer Match and Idealist.

3. Set out on ElderTreks.

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If you don’t plan on putting your adventurous spirit to rest any time soon, then Eldertreks could be just what you need. ElderTreks offers people trips that include small groups, and they’re tailored specifically for seniors. The tours themselves set out all over the world, including places within the Arctic, Africa, and remote areas in the Pacific Islands.

4. Take full advantage of AARP benefits.

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Perhaps one of the biggest perks of being retired is your ability to hit the road at a moment’s notice without having to waste a sliver of stress on how your boss might feel about it. This is where AARP comes into play. They offer discounts on flights, hotels, car rentals, and cruises, as well as last-minute deals through Expedia. What’s more is that members of its AARP Advantage program get additional money off stays at lodges in national parks, tours of Europe, and other choices.

5. Hit the road in an RV.

There are plenty of folks that will tell you that the RV life is the best life. Depending on your personal preferences and interest in taking a nice detox from the fast rush of an urban society, this could ring very true for you. Many RVs are also able to tow mini caravans and can easily sleep larger families (think 5-6 people at a time).

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