Hotel And Motel Workers Reveal The Weirdest Things They’ve Come Across

Anyone who has ever worked in the hospitality industry knows that the job comes with having to field all kinds of insane situations that are uncomfortably far removed from what the job description calls for. When it comes to working in hotels and motels, you really have no idea what kinds of monstrosities will come racing at you from behind closed doors. We’ll take a look at some of the craziest things that hotel and motel workers ended up having to deal with. These accounts definitely put a whole new meaning to the importance of the “do not disturb” sign.

1. A Bathtub Full Of Turnips

An image of turnips on a wooden table.
Studio Grand Web/istockphoto

Yes, yes indeed, you did read that correctly. Why would someone fill a bathtub full of turnips? We’ll probably never end up getting an answer to that hard-hitting, pressing question. Yet, we’ll wait with open arms ready to receive whatever kind of logic was going into that decision. To say that that must’ve been a tough day on the job for Redditor u/ladymerida would be a vast understatement.

2. A Lost Briefcase With A Note To Return It To The FBI

An image of a brown leather briefcase.

Wow. That’s high stakes. You think it’s just going to be a typical day on the job. Maybe a tad bit atypical because it is a job in the hospitality industry. But then, you end up with a massively suspect and entirely misplaced briefcase that apparently needs to be returned to the FBI? Count me out. Hopefully Redditor u/TheLastMan is doing okay these days.

3. The Painter Incident

An image of a white painted background.
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Did the hotel in question ever ask to have all surfaces within one of its rooms attentively painted with wite out? Probably not. Actually, that’s going to be a definite no. Yet, according to Redditor u/MenacingGummy there was a situation where they, “Had a lady check in early & ask for a late check out. She still hadn’t checked out by 2pm & wouldn’t come out of the room. When we were about to have her escorted out she finally left. In the room was 100’s of little white out bottles everywhere. She had painted every reflective surface with white out including all the plumbing under the sink, all the fixtures, every screw & had started painting the mirrors.” That’s a “yikes” in every sense of the word.

4. A Large Sack Full Of Pinecones

An image of numerous pinecones.

You enter a room, ready to clean it and fulfill the duties at hand. Then, you realize that you’re in the woods. Or at least that’s what the sack of pinecones had to say about the matter. Can you imagine? Redditor u/JudgeQuick wrote, “A large sack full of pinecones. We do not have any pine trees nearby so they had to have brought them with. It confuses and haunts me to this day.” Yes, haunting would be a natural feeling to have after such an incident.

5. Toilet Paper Man

An image of three rolls of toilet paper.

I just hope that this guy is okay. Maybe he was putting on a fashion statement that could forever be ahead of its time. Maybe he just loved toilet paper so much he had to bring it with him everywhere. No judgment. It is what it is. Redditor u/ritaleyla wrote, “I worked in a cheap hostel in Lisbon about 10 years ago. We had this very odd guest who’d speak in a super low voice and walk really slowly. He’d also leave random bits of TP around the hostel. Once the cleaning lady found him in his room completely rolled in toiled paper.” You’ve just got to wonder if he was adamant about always keeping a fresh roll on him in case things got dicey.

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