Wild Food Pics That Need Further Context

The internet’s in no short supply of ridiculous food pictures that can completely curb your appetite, or in a best-case scenario, just leave you filled with a million pressing questions. Hopefully these keep you entertained at least.

1. “Housemate heated up meatball spaghetti in a microwave and left it there for 3 weeks.”

Seriously, just toss the poor plate. But also, I have questions about why whoever took this picture didn’t just up and toss the plate weeks before we reached full microwave crisis mode?

2. “The Steak and Lobster being served on the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Gerald R. Ford last night.”

Talk about making sure you get the most value out of your tray of food as possible. Just going to take a guess that the sodium intake on that particular dinner was off the charts.

3. “Ordered a burger with a bean patty substitute. They substituted the bun.”

Not cool. Zero chill, in fact.

4. “Don’t ask for cheese grits in the north.”

They do it different in the north. One might say that they do it a bit too far out. That does look like a Kraft single though, so maybe there’s hope just yet.

5. “Coffee shop by my house just put out a new drink which is half espresso half orange juice.”

Yeah, that’s going to be a rain check for me, man. Maybe some half and half next time. Might even get crazy with the Almond Milk.

6. “This cheeseburger I got in Hardee’s.”

This cheeseburger has a story to tell. Those are ruins or an alien language of some sort. We need the full story as soon as possible.

7. “Friend sent me this monstrosity: frozen pizza with imitation crab and whole green olives.”

This is one food pictures that just stays with you. You can try to fall asleep after seeing it, and I wish you the best of luck.

8. “My coworker brings mildly unsettling smoothies to work everyday.”

Mildly unsettling is putting this whole situation lightly. Is it grape flavored is the pressing question though. Yikes.

9. “Dollar tree 1 dollar ribeye.”

Well, that’s certainly a conversation starter at the dinner table. Pretty much, like, “why?”

10. “So I made shrimps in red wine once…”

Yeah, maybe less sauce next time. These poor shrimp look like they were tossed around in some mud.

11. “Sat down to eat this fried egg sandwich. Good thing I turned the light on first.”

Yeah, the light pulled through in the clutch.

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