15 Hideous DIY Projects That We Found This Week

Embarking on do-it-yourself (DIY) projects can be a thrilling venture, promising the satisfaction of creating something with your own hands and the allure of cost-saving potential. However, nestled amidst Pinterest-perfect success stories lie cautionary tales of hideous creations that resemble more of a disaster zone than a masterpiece. Not everyone possesses the innate knack for wielding power tools or the patience to meticulously follow step-by-step instructions.

1. “It’s a backsplash — that’s for sure”

u/TheWitchySniffy / Via reddit.com

“Appart from all the aesthetic and hygienic problems, what kind of wall would sustain this? Even if it’s a massive brick wall it’s painted so the weight of all these stones might just peal the paint off.” – u/Sosemikreativ

“Grease absorption wall. That’s gonna be impossible to clean” – u/Nerfarean

2. “Denim Going Too Far. I do like the pocket idea but hate the everything else”

u/ModernCaveWuffs / Via reddit.com

“This is cute, in the way someone else’s baby is cute: it’s also ugly and I’m glad it’s not mine.” – u/DrMux

“Those are jacemats….” – u/BadGuy_ZooKeeper

3. “Headlights? Best guess, stick-on, battery-operated replacement lights”

“Still getting a ticket but at least you tried for the safety of all” – u/frikinjin

“Big Camry energy” – u/sidnoway

4. “More on the denim theme. Just because we can doesn’t mean we should”

u/RevolutionaryHeat318 / Via reddit.com

“Wouldn’t those jeans just rot?” – u/comeatmebro

“Eugh honey the neighbours flowers are thick again” – u/Octi1432

5. “This Jeanboard”

u/snootyscoop / Via reddit.com

“Well it’s different.” – u/Marty_61

6. “Found on FB marketplace. Supposed “refinished” mcm solid wood dresser”

u/Atlas-and-Lily / Via reddit.com

“that is solid wood only if you mean is not a liquid or gas” – u/dieumica

“Ron Swanson would be so angry right now.” – u/bwainfweeze

7. “Customize your sunroof because why not”

u/MrsZero07 / Via reddit.com

“Seriously, why not? It’s a cheap sticker and makes it prettier.” – u/Bart_Yellowbeard

“I like a bit of whimsy. Well done. Harmless amusing self expression.” – u/asking4afriend40631

8. “Moss in your bathroom”

u/HumberBumummumum / Via reddit.com

“Saw this on Instagram and it didn’t seem to be an old April Fool’s. Someone has spent a long time treating moss and then sticking it around the edges of their bathroom tiles. This is the final product.” – u/HumberBummumum

“Moss is bad for any building material, as it hides fungus and retains moisture. I suppose it looks neat but its going to smell and look real bad real soon if thats a bathroom” – u/No_Hay_Plata

“This reminds me of a Trading Spaces makeover from circa 2001. Specifically Hildi Santo-Tomas.” – u/ChristanaWSalemOR

9. “Perfect”

u/riversc90 / Via reddit.com

“TV power cable successfully hidden-ish.” – u/angrydanger

“I can empathize with the cord struggle. But this is not the way.” – u/Ini_Miney_Mimi

10. “Kool aid pickles”

u/Bsonmytoes / Via reddit.com

“When it is 100+ degrees outside, a freezing cold Koolaid pickle is HEAVEN. This is a hill I’m willing to die on regardless of how stupid they look!” – u/TopStructure7755

“Koolickles, Mississippi thing. Not bad, believe it or not.” – u/clinicalia

11. “Why pay money for a toilet that fits when you can just mutilate the door instead?”

“I wish there was a matching piece sticking out of the door jame to fit together lol” – u/TalkingMeowth

“It’s actually so your cat doesn’t have to kick the bathroom door in every time you close it because they can still maintain eye contact through the hole.” – u/Sempereternity

12. “My boss thought these were a good idea. Yes those are those cheap early 90s lights”

u/Kattivakk / Via reddit.com

“This feels like it would take an overly long puzzle segment in a game to light them all up, and when you do you open a locked door” – u/Sad-HootHoot

13. “my parents: we don’t need a paint roller”

u/KiddieSpread / Via reddit.com

“If you look closely there’s a spot left undone” – u/Mumarlon

“Were they also sure they won’t need more than one half-gallon bucket? Preferring a brush seems like the lesser issue here.” – u/Shienvien

14. “I made my gf a pillow out of my chest hair so she can pretend she’s laying on my chest every night”

u/reillyfitz / Via reddit.com

“It’s both incredibly sweet and horrifying at the same time” – u/BaconIsntThatGood

“What a nice family heirloom!” – u/pleasemakeitstop

15. “They’re almost done with the first coat!”

u/Atheistbiblescholar / Via reddit.com

“It will be full of dark scratches in a week.” – u/OmegaCetacean

“Why did you do this to us? We didn’t need to know this exists. We were all having a good day.” – u/opholar

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