Can You Spot The Animals Hiding In These 9 Pics?

There’s so much going on in the world that sometimes we need a break from it all, so we here at The Scroller wanted to try something new today. We’ve selected 9 pictures of animals hiding in their “natural habitat” as a funny little game. We put natural habitat in quotes because there is a pic of an indoor cat indoors.

If you find this fun and want us to do more, please let us know in the comments, and we’ll make some more or try variations of this theme.

Good luck and happy hunting!

1. “Find the black snake”

u/Soft_Lingonberry4924 / Via

We’re starting off with a tough one. A black snake is hidden in this photo of a black, metal sculpture on some rocks.

2. Here’s where the black snake is hiding

u/Soft_Lingonberry4924 / Via

“Blends right in clever noodle.” –GothScottiedog16

“This area is straight up designed for black rat snakes to blend in” – trelod

3. “Find the frog”

u/New_Conflict_7531 / Via

“Took me longer than I thought it would, given how small the area of the picture is.” – symbox

“I’d never make it in the wild. If it was venmous, I’d be dead” – 67mac

4. Here’s where the frog is hiding

u/New_Conflict_7531 / Via

“Wow this was a tough one.” – Rooikat21

“That is a great hiding spot! It’s camouflage is superb” – AcydWych47

5. “Find the bobcat (taken in my backyard)”

u/BigErnMcracken / Via

“Poster boy for this [game]. Devilishly good camo and a great picture.” – WhatsAllTheCommotion

6. Here’s where the bobcat is hiding

u/BigErnMcracken / Via

“Looking directly at you like lunch” – BunDTingz

“That’s the look on a wild cat who knows you’re delicious.” – inbedwithbeefjerky

7. “Find the green snake”

u/existentialnightowl / Via

“Clever noodle” – Elderspoon

8. Here’s where the green snake is hiding

u/existentialnightowl / Via

“What a perfect blade of grass” – HonyEngima321

“I see the cute little danger noodle!” – winelovermark

9. “Find that cat!”

“Just as I thought” – Complex_Rip4599

10. Here’s where the cat is hiding

“Those eyes can’t fool me!” – Ramonooks

“Oh my goodness” – WaterDmge

11. “Spot the copperhead”

u/alyssamcc6 / Via

“And that is why I don’t hike.” – MoMagical

12. Here’s where the copperhead is hiding

“Yep, I was not made for nature. I found him, but it took me a little too long to do so.” – FarCryop2517

13. “Find the Sphinx moth”

u/Bronmann_ / Via

14. Here’s where the Sphinx moth is hiding

bronmann / Via

Okay, this one might not be fair. The camouflage is just too good.

The red outline is the wings, the green outline is the head and the purple outline are a couple of its legs.

15. “Find the white spider”

u/Less_Force_1504 / Via

This is an exceptionally difficult one, but once you see it you can’t unsee it.

16. Here’s where the white spider is hiding

“Are we seriously not going to talk about the frog/toad?” – False_Heir

“I still can’t find the spider. Now there’s a toad?” – Slayerita

17. “Find the fox”

u/MarlinsGuy / Via

“Bonus points if you find the rattlesnake” – Resident_Rise5915

18. Here’s where the fox is hiding

u/MarlinsGuy / Via

“Who’s gonna tell us where the rattlesnake is?” – Introverted-Dreamer

If you find the rattlesnake, tell us in the comments where you found it!

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