21 Funny Pics That Are Worth a Gander

Looking to inject some laughter into your day? We’ve got you covered! In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s easy to get bogged down by the mundane. But fear not! Sometimes, all it takes is a few hilarious pictures to lift your spirits and give you the break you deserve. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to chuckle through a collection of images that will momentarily whisk you away from the routine and reality of life.

1. “After you’re done signing, it will just ask you a few questions.”

Woman looking annoyed while a police officer holds an ipad asking if she would like to tip
u/5kl / Via reddit.com

“Hit that no tip, I dare you” – ITCM4

2. “A song for work”

Text says 'wrote a song called WORK it goes something like this: AAAAAAAAH" and a picture of a toddler holding a guitar and screaming
u/Mysterious_Dress5602 / Via reddit.com

“I read that in Sam Kinison’s voice” – fleranon

3. “My pot is haunted by the ghosts of pastas past”

A pot with residue pasta shapes that look like ghosts
u/michilio / Via reddit.com

“Add just enough white vinegar to cover the bottom and simmer for a few minutes on a soft boil. Or get some of that ceramic stove top cleaner and a scrubdaddy.” – Pots_And_Pans

4. “Busted by our 8 year old”

A funny sign an 8 year old made
u/campbellony / Via reddit.com

“You better not be working on a sibling in there!” – yParticle

5. “Only high speed employees allowed!”

A photo of a boring workstation at an office
u/No-Category-1648 / Via reddit.com

“Translation: Your manager will ask you to do things you’ve never done before and expect you to complete it within an hour with zero training.” – Sephrick

6. “My 9 year old was doing a word search and said ‘Hey, Dad’ then pointed at this”

Crossword puzzle with the letters DADSUX circled
u/hate_tank / Via reddit.com

“He might be 9, but he’s already unlocked the teenager achievement.” – briancmoses

7. “My wife has a baby cam for her birds while they’re nesting. I heard the scream from inside the house.”

A baby monitor with chucky in the foreground
u/inhugzwetrust / Via reddit.com

“How was sleeping on the couch?” – de-and-roses

8. “Just let this man do his job”

A man working with a sign on his back telling people not to talk to him
u/MakeMeFamous7 / Via reddit.com

“my boss should put a sign like that on my back every time I work, it’s really needed ( i like to talk)” – eva_ck

9. “Tiger Woods and tree congratulate each other on long, illustrious Masters careers”

Photo of Tiger Woods shaking someones hand that's behind a tree
u/Ok_Acadia3526 / Via reddit.com

“They are actually distant relatives – just different branches of the Woods family.” – CrediblyHandsome

“And they always root for each other” – greenappletree

10. “Husband did my makeup and took the term ‘eye liner’ too literal. We’re not going to talk about the nose.”

Woman with hilariously bad makeup that her husband put on her
u/Raindbow62993 / Via reddit.com

“I like how he couldn’t decide on where to line the eyes and hedged his bets with a different attempt on each side haha” – ZeonRat

11. “Something doesn’t add up”

Wine bottles with a math equation that doesn't math
u/whatdef / Via reddit.com

“It’ll make sense after you drink the bottle.” – Emp_has_no_clothes

12. “It all makes sense now”

Toilet paper sign telling people to have the roll facing out
u/jellyfish_kindom / Via reddit.com

“Yeah, well, it’s a lot easier for a cat to unravel the toilet paper if it’s beard mode. At my house the toilet paper position is not a debate. It’s a matter of preventing chaos” – TjordanW20

13. “I learned cursive for no reason”

Man holding a sign that says "I learned cursive for absolutely no reason"
u/KCousins4President / Via reddit.com

“Ya’ll act like learning cursive exhausted a substantial amount of your childhood.” – Grit-326

14. “No one needs to own a truck”

An SUV with the back filled with small rocks and a shovel
u/treat_killa / Via reddit

“I’d like to see a pic of the vehicle on the outside and see how low this bad boy is riding.” – pistoffcynic

15. “Visiting another city and saw these guys. Feels like they could help each other out.”

Two men sitting outside a sporting event. One holding a sign that says 'I buy/sell tickets' and the other says 'I need tickets'
u/theinquisition / Via reddit.com

“This is how I know not to do business with either of these guys” – LongfellowBM

16. “Haircutting guide from the 70s”

70s haircuts but with a klingon thrown in for humor
u/Journeyman369 / Via reddit.com

“Set me up with that fresh Klingon cut.” – EvilHenchmanNumber4

17. “Seen at a restaurant in Florida”

Handwritten sign that says 'number of days since our last Karen incident'
u/PancakeExperationDate / Via reddit.com

“I like the idea of someone nagging a server, the server just staring blankly at them, then walking to the sign and wiping the 3 off right in front of them.” – swibirun

18. “Saving time the ultimate way”

Bathroom where the shower sprays right onto the toilet
u/Markiemoomoo / Via reddit.com

“It’s efficient I guess” – MonkeyMan2134

“Needs a mirror facing the pot so I can shave too.” – ScrtiMcP

19. “Be smart.”

Funny tshirt that says 'I gotta see the candy first then i get in the van. I'm not stupid.'
u/TooGoood / Via reddit.com

“A stranger with candy is just a friend you haven’t met.” – HotChallenge8656

20. “Marathoner in Krasnoyarsk, Russia”

Marathon runner in Russia dressed up as Forrest Gump
u/Deliarg / Via reddit.com

“Do you think he’ll stop at the finish line, or just keep running?” – Forsaken-Annual-4369

21. “I moved my home office so I wouldn’t get so distracted by the dog. I think she’s finding the adjustment rather hard.”

Dogs front paws sticking under a closed door
u/Blood_sweat_and_beer / Via reddit.com

“At least it’s not the cat. The cat would have learned how to open the door by now.” – PurpleWomat

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