27 People Who Are Having a Really Bad Day

There is nothing quite like having a horrible, no-good day and walking into a grocery store only to hear ‘Bad Day’ by Daniel Powter playing over the speakers. That annoying, patronizing “So you had a bad day” makes your blood pressure shoot up as you feel your shopping list start to crumple in your ever-tightening grip. This collection of photos embodies that moment, that feeling. In fact, I suggest you pull that song up and play it while scrolling through this.

1. “Went to weigh myself. I think I know the answer”

2. “I sneezed too hard and messed up my back. I’m 28.”

3. “Was out desert riding and went to check the time just to find this”

4. “I had to break through my bathroom door”

“The lock failed and wouldn’t open and I was home alone for at least two days and didn’t have the phone with me so I had to break through.”

5. “The tattoo request vs the tattoo received”

6. “After 14 months, 3 requests, 2 White House VA calls and 1 Congressional inquiry, the VA sent my records on CD, in halves”

“The waiting teaches patience.”

7. “Accidentally paid off my car, putting me deep in the red”

“Meant to make my third payment on my new (to me) car, must have hit the pay full amount and didn’t notice until I got the congratulatory email that my car had been paid off.”

8. “How my $150 hot sauce arrived”

9. “Tried to change the engine oil myself and made a hole in the engine”

10. “A recent graduate bought his first car. All the tires of the new car got stolen.”

11. “I went to help my messy mom clean up her house in preparation to sell it”

“It had also been robbed, but honestly that just meant there was less to deal with.”

12. “I rented an AirBnB to have a relaxing weekend. I’m not flooded-in and a prisoner here. (That used to be the street)”

13. “Fedex put our graduation caps and gowns on the dumpster on trash day. We graduate in 1 week”

14. “Went to get my wife and I’s first and only sonogram photo of our unborn laminated at Office Depot. Turns out me and the work there don’t understand ‘thermal paper'”

15. “Took my car to a mechanic to get my AC fixed. Apparently, their guard dog used my car as a chew toy”

16. “Left my lawnmower outside overnight and something chewed through the gas tank and drank the gas?

“This thing was half full after I used it last.”

17. “Cold this morning so I turned my car heater on before leaving for work. Came back to my car on fire.”

18. “I was expecting a package tomorrow. USPS semi is a total loss on the interstate near me”

19. “Had to mail my taxes in this year, and sent them the day I left town. Came home to this.”

20. “The result of the kids brushing their teeth”

“How could this happen brushing your teeth you may be asking. Very good question. Apparently there was some rough housing and my littlest one escaped into the safety of the shower behind the glass door. They found a way in.”

21. “Got home after a long day, did my chores and made myself some food”

“Long day at work, cycled 10km home, took care of my sister’s cats as she on holiday, and finally made myself some nice salmon sandwiches to much while I Netflix and chill. Stumbled my foot on this cupboard, and I felt like Ant-Man whose tacos got blown away.”

22. “My kid got ahold of my recently found iPhone 4S. Planned on retreiving photos and it’s going to take a few guesses for what the password is”

23. “My MacBook flew out the window”

“On a school trip, my 2022 MacBook Air flew out the window of the school bus.”

24. “Bat sleeping in my room”

“I came home after shopping and it took me about 30 minutes to realize there is a bat sleeping on my curtain. I don’t know how it’s been there either. I have 2 cats and a dog in the house so I’m worried about the bat attacking them.”

25. “Thought my backpack was waterproof as it started pouring while I was walking outside. It was not. Finals are in 4 days.”

“Screen shut off after a few minutes then the laptop started smoking.”

26. “My trip in Mexico is great so far”

27. “Boss paid me the wrong wages for months then wrote me a bad check to fix it.”

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