5 Unwritten Rules Of Life You Should ALWAYS Follow

Look, if there’s one inevitability about the chaotic experience that is getting up each day and plunging into the mystery that is this life, it’s that there will be ups and there will be downs. So, when you find yourself maybe plagued by a case of an unshakably bad mood, do what you can to not let it bring down others around you. That’s but one of the “unwritten rules of life” that are listed in this AskReddit-inspired piece. Hopefully, you don’t find yourself surprised by too many of these.

1. Life will move on, no matter what

Abstract image of a person that veered off the road to represent shifting directions during one's life journey.

Yes, this truth can be its own kind of saving grace, a golden blessing, if you will. Trouble, it don’t last forever. So, when you’re in the thick of a particularly draining time during your life, do what you can to remind yourself that it’s going to pass eventually. Remembering that might provide you a bit of grace when you need to muster some up most.

2. Stop playing your music out loud on public transportation

People that are on the bus.

This really shouldn’t be too tall of an order. Obviously, it’s never fun to realize that you’re going to have to truck through your commute without having your life story soundtrack queued up on your handy headphones that died right when you boarded the bus or the subway, but please, resist the urge to blast your playlist via the speakers of your phone or computer. It never sounds great, and it can really mess with someone else’s day.

3. If a restaurant’s parking lot is empty when it should be rush hour, eat elsewhere

An empty parking lot.

Okay, of course do your due diligence and make sure that it’s not closed for a special event or obscure holiday, but otherwise, if you pull up to a restaurant’s parking lot during an otherwise heavy foot traffic hour of the afternoon or evening, your best bet is to keep it pushing, and find another spot to curb your hunger. We also have these crazy helpful phones with easy access to restaurant reviews nowadays too. Granted, the reviews sections for spots can also be tough to make sense of, if there are restaurants that are pumping their reviews sections full of falsified accounts of people’s dining experiences.

4. When borrowing a friend’s car, make sure to fill up the tank with a bit more gas than it had when you first took it out

Woman happily driving car.

If you can’t afford to hit a friend back with a bit more gas than their ride had when they graciously allowed you to borrow it for whatever trip/errand/etc that you needed it for, then find another way to get the job done. Or if worst comes to worst, see to it that you pay them back when you have the financial means to do so.

5. Never get your haircut on the day of a special event

Man getting his haircut.

This one is crucial to remember. To be human is to accept the fact that you will make errors every now and again. When you get completely right with that, you’ll definitely want to account for the fact that even the most masterful of hairdressers/barbers can have their own slip-ups. So, make sure you leave a little cushion of recovery time between when you get your next haircut, and the ensuing special event that may have inspired the event in the first place.

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