20 People Lying Online and Getting Rightfully Called Out For It

As long as the internet’s been around we’ve had plenty of people ready to spew lies. Seriously. People will dash right out of the woodwork to spin you a yarn about a situation that in no way could’ve ever happened in the first place. It’s hauntingly remarkable. Thankfully though, we also have plenty of folks that are more than ready to call out the fearless liars for their nonsense. And oh boy, it is always satisfying.

1. “Found this gem today.”

Screenshot of a YouTube comments section. The first comment humorously mimics a job interview with Red Bull, ending in the commenter being hired for not valuing their life, followed by the second comment noting the unedited, typo-free nature of the first comment.
u/unliving357/via reddit.com

“People get obsessed with likes because it’s a form of social acceptance and there’s so many lonely people in life who just want to be a part of something. It’s really kinda heartbreaking.” – u/nandy-bear

“Honestly, I just think this is funny.” – u/StrangestManOnEarth

2. “Commenter lies about narrowly avoiding being on the collapsed Baltimore Bridge.”

A screenshot of a social media post with a comment section. The original post mentions a bridge collapse. One commenter writes about witnessing the collapse after visiting friends before a doctor's appointment. Two replies express skepticism about the story.
u/caa3098/via reddit.com

“Maybe they are a vampire and their friends are vampires and their doctor is also a vampire.” – u/TeuthidTheSquid

“The top deck of the bus I used to get to work got set on fire around 11pm. I get that bus at 8am, I could have been on that bus. Nah, seriously, though, why do people do this?” – u/geraltshiss

3. “Person on TikTok tries to get a refund for a product that isn’t even available yet.”

A comment thread showing user complaints. The top comment says, "I bought the product but it’s not working properly," with 402 likes. The reply from "Oasis Mini - Creator" below reads, "hmm, this product isn't available yet," with 826 likes.
u/mrcanadianshark/via reddit.com

“Give it up.” – u/KrazyO

“Crazy.” – u/DryCandidate2235

4. “Fan lies about being Xbox friends with a band.”

A screenshot of a social media post with 146 comments. The top comment says: "My friend was Xbox friends w Ryan, playing 1 day on live she was listening to AJR. Ryan asked who she was listening to and she started infodumping😂" followed by AJR's reply: "Literally never owned an Xbox lol".
u/-small_potato_boii/via reddit.com

“Those are definitely words and possibly names/acronyms.” – u/panda388

“Maybe this person was lied to by their friend.” – u/FlashoftheBlade77

5. “Marvel inspired sites are getting real desperate.”

A tweet from Anson Mount humorously reacting to a Marvel Updates tweet. The Marvel tweet mentions the return of "Inhumans from Inhumans" in 'Avengers: Secret Wars,' accompanied by an image of the Inhumans cast in their costumes.
u/b-wolf95/via reddit.com

“Is that Ramsay Bolton?” – u/OldPayphone

“They’re awful. Disgusting really.” – u/jker1x

6. “Terry doesn’t suffer fools.”

A screenshot of a tweet by @terrycrews responding to another tweet. The reply tweet reads: “No the scariest thing I saw was you RUDELY PUSHING THROUGH MY KIDS LIKE A ZOMBIE to ask for one.” The original tweet, partially blurred, mentions a request for a picture.
u/bellybegone/via reddit.com

“Everytime I see something like this, I assume the person was just being rude and not respecting normal human boundaries.” – u/deleted

“Terry Crews has shown himself to be an outstanding person every chance he’s been given. This guy is a turd for trying to ruin that.” – u/eenuke

7. “I guess heroic Hollywood really likes that film.”

A tweet from "Heroic Hollywood" claims that Mark Hamill called Zack Snyder's "Watchmen" his favorite movie, showing images of Mark Hamill and a scene from "Watchmen." Below it, Mark Hamill's reply says, "No, I didn’t.
u/phenomenalpancake/via reddit.com

“Sometimes I still forget that Mark Hamill was the Joker.” – u/Frab6

“I have always liked Watchmen. Maybe I rewatched it too many times.” – u/fiendzone

8. “Please stop using it.”

A Twitter exchange is shown. The first user says, "i am = i'm. 'Am' doesn't exist in the english vocab. please stop using it." The second user responds with "'Am' in the English language," followed by a meme of a person captioned "Am I a joke to you?
u/bq22_/via reddit.com

“I think, there I’m, doesn’t have the same ring now.” – u/Become_the_Villain

“I’m inevitable.” – u/honey_blobs

9. “If you look up nonsense in the dictionary this comes up.”

A tweet reads, "It took me 19 years to figure out NEWS stands for 'notable events, weather, and sports'" from 6/5/17. Underneath, Merriam-Webster's Twitter account replies, "No," on 6/7/17. The original tweet has 28.3K retweets and 55K likes, Merriam-Webster's reply has 4,026 retweets and 12.5K likes.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“This lie was propagated almost as much as telling people they eat spiders in their sleep.” – u/RightSteak

“Imagine being called out by a book.” – u/JustOffensive

10. “Good old Instagram informational pages, everyone.”

Red chairs are arranged in a forest with trees growing through their seats and backs. The chairs appear weathered, suggesting age and outdoor exposure. A caption above mentions a wedding in 1939 in Poland and refurbishment after the war. A comment points out it is an art piece in Belgium.
u/laughtrac_/via reddit.com

“No they clearly put a seed in each chair.” – u/nomatt18

“Except for that one in the back which is broken.” – u/deleted

11. “Third time in two months that my landlord didn’t pay the WiFi bill.”

A text message conversation showing a person updating their friend about paying off a bill. The texts read: "Hey girl, I paid off [bill], Wifi is back on, And cable. I'm drowning in debt lol, But it's taken care of." The friend responds, "Yeah I just came back from paying 367$ towards it.
u/nyknac/via reddit.com

“Sounds like it’d be cheaper to open your own account and pay for a private modem and wifi each month. What a crappy landlord.” – u/PuNEEoh

“Next month’s rent better be free.” – u/Psylow_

12. “The original SpongeBob doesn’t know his facts quite well then.”

A Twitter post features two images and a fact about SpongeBob. The first image shows a surprised SpongeBob captioned, "when you realize you've never seen SpongeBob's backyard." Below, another tweet shows SpongeBob's house with a comment explaining that his backyard is rarely seen.
u/lordeoftheonionrings/via reddit.com

“The real question is why does he have a garage.” – u/atmosphericsparks

“Has the SpongeBob facts guy memorized every episode though.” – u/zolfsz23

13. “Astrologer gets told by an astronomer.”

Screenshot of a Twitter conversation: First tweet says Saturn stationed retrograde in Capricorn in 1666, same as on April 29, 2019, linking it to the Notre Dame fire. Reply corrects that Saturn is in Sagittarius, last Capricorn retrograde was 1992, and dismisses astrology.
u/bronxlens/via reddit.com

“Astrology, all of the buzzwords and none of the facts of astronomy.” – u/eoliveri

“No wonder my girlfriend’s been acting weird. Mars is in retrograde.” – u/lukefraser1

14. “Self made then.”

A tweet with the handle and profile picture redacted. It criticizes Kylie Jenner's status as a "self-made billionaire," stating her family's pre-existing wealth and fame played a significant role. The tweet shares a BuzzFeed Celeb link announcing her as the youngest self-made billionaire.
u/erikllmm/via reddit.com

“Self made as in created a new self with all of the plastic surgery.” – u/nuit99

“I don’t know anything about Kylie Jenner but turning millions into billions has to count for something.” – u/recursive

15. “Counterpoint.”

Screenshot of a tweet from Brie Larson stating, "Counterpoint: this is not true," in response to an earlier tweet from "MCU News & Tweets" that claims Brie Larson signed a seven-film, multi-franchise deal to portray Captain Marvel in the MCU. An image of Brie Larson as Captain Marvel is shown.

Yeah, so that’s a big checkmate. Brie Larson has no problem at all when it comes to tapping in to clarify what the actual truth of the matter is.

16. “No coming back from this.”

Two photos of black sunglasses in a car trunk. In the first photo, the sunglasses lie flat. In the second, they are shown from a different angle. Facebook post caption says "Brand new in box never been worn not my shape," followed by a comment pointing out a contradiction.
u/axwe8/via reddit.com

“It’s not in the box either.” – u/deleted

“Someone has to introduce this man to punctuation.” – u/NegativeKarma

17. “Kind of tame, but also hilarious.”

A Twitter exchange between O'Charley's and Waffle House. O'Charley's tweets at Waffle House and Jimmy Fallon, boasting about their waffles and pie. Waffle House responds simply, "Yes. We have pie." The tweets display timestamps and like counts.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“It’s as if the writer of that tweet had never been to a Waffle House.” – u/ktwarda

“Waffle House is Waffle House and it will always have a place in my life and in my heart.” – u/Ludolabyrinth

18. “Restaurant responds to reviews that are left.”

A screenshot of a negative restaurant review by Laura on 24 February 2021, stating that her chicken dish contained prawns and it ruined the meal. The restaurant's response insultingly clarifies she ordered "Special sweet and sour" with king prawns, not chicken.
u/bad63r81/via reddit.com

“That’s a takeaway in my city (Leeds), there’s a few other replies too from the lady owner. She doesn’t take no nonsense.” – u/_Yorkshireman

“Who rates out of six stars though.” – u/LegendofKhaos

19. “Caught him.”

A tweet showing a baking tray with two melted PlayStation 4 controllers. The tweet reads: "Put Son’s PS4 controllers in the oven last night to hide them so he'd go to bed. Didn’t tell the wife, who then put oven on this morning!" The tweet has many engagements.
u/neuroguy406/via reddit.com

“This actually hurts though.” – u/RaimuRM

“Who just wakes up in the morning and goes to turn on the oven without a reason.” – u/Mecha

20. “Receipts are key.”

A review with 1 star and the text: "Avoid this horrible place. Served the wrong plate, insisted we pay 85% because we touched the plate!!!" Response from the owner refutes claim, stating they only charged 50% and provided the receipt. Text in Chinese below.
u/fkdupm8/via reddit.com

“I would be wary of trusting the restaurant’s side in any case like this.” – u/Program_

“Hungry hungry hypocrite.” – u/deleted

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