People Roleplay as Americans In Poland on the 4th of July, and They’re Hilarious

There’s a group in Poland that gets together on the 4th of July for the last few years to roleplay or LARP (live-action roleplay) as Americans. They describe it as a “social drama focusing on the death of the American Dream.” But it’s not all about poking fun at American stereotypes. “It’s a story about hope, looking and finding your place in both your country and the society,” they say on their mission.

Those who sign up and participate are provided with “fully functional, realistic cabins or trailers for the duration.” The event includes a “best American Pie competition, boxing match, fireworks, firearm training session, and more.”

It’s also just a really funny and humbling moment to see how a group of Polish people see American culture.

Learn more about the 4th of July Larp group on their Facebook page or their website.

1. The sign really ties the whole shot together


2. Love the Hard Rock shirt


3. Unmistakably American scene


4. Hard to even tell if this is a larp or just a photo from Instagram


5. Incredible work here

6. She nailed it

7. One thing that’s so fun about the 4th of July larp is that it’s not just dressing up, they act out “American” scenes

8. It’s incredible that most people in the U.S. wouldn’t bat an eye at this scene, but for the Polish it’s very far-fetched

9. The attention to detail here is impressive

10. Of course, no roleplaying of the U.S. would be complete without an arrest

11. The sign is perfection

12. I’m sure you can guess what we had to blur here

13. You can just hear him saying “This is private property” in a bad American accent

14. Everyone nailed their American looks here

15. Just sitting with the Mrs.

16. Funny to see how fixated the Polish are on American police

17. This might be my favorite photo of the whole bunch. So American.

18. We’ve all had these neighbors

19. I can just hear the guy in the blue hat saying “you lost, son?”

20. Nailing that ’50s revival

21. “Come back with a warrant”

22. “It was empty when I found it, Officer”

23. Nice to see Jersey get some representation too

24. A little church singing in the street

25. We are all related to a guy that looks like this

26. The KFC bucket is a really nice touch

27. There seems to be a real fascination/appreciation for American trailer parks

28. This literally could be from almost any town in the U.S.

29. Also a real love for rockabilly/50s culture

30. Just perfection

31. One thing I’ve noticed is how many American flags they use, and how that’s eerily accurate

32. The second, third, fourth chance guy

33. So good

34. Rowdy group

35. I’m suddenly back in west Texas

36. We all know this guy, too

37. Appreciate it, but in the U.S. our cops are usually jacked and wearing kevlar

38. A moment of silence is observed

39. Everyone’s nailing their role

40. Nailing the “shh, he’s coming this way” look

41. I’m imaging she’s delivering a jury duty summons or a letter from the IRS

42. Perfect execution

43. Loving that what they imagine American’s standing for is “Keep out”

44. The “just going through some stuff” guy

45. Excellent work, fellas

46. Beautiful bike to boot

47. The “dad’s had a long day” guy

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