13 Mildly Infuriating Things That Ruffle Our Feathers

Listen, I know there are major catastrophes, global conflicts, and all sorts of extremely serious problems locally and globally. But these are not those problems. These are those everyday, run-of-the-mill irritations that wind us up, inspire us to imagine winning arguments in the shower, talk to ourselves in the car, and render us speechless in the moment. These are not the world’s greatest problems, but man, are they annoyingly relatable?

1. “Entire library is empty. Random girl came and sat RIGHT next to me.”

This is the library version of the treadmill at the gym or the urinal where, with all the options available, someone decides they have to be RIGHT next to you. Why?

“Happened to me too. I was working on an assignment and some girl just sat down opposite me and ate really loudly. It was the booth seats while there were many empty tables” – u/Livieee

“Happened to me on Friday night at the gym, a generally quiet time to be at the gym. I was getting changed in a 100% empty locker room and buddy comes in, takes the locker immediately next to mine. Then half-joking he mentions that my gym bag is taking up room on the bench. “There’s 20 other benches in here pal, all of them empty. Feel free to grab one”.” – u/theflower10

2. We all know about “Shrinkflation”. Can I coin the term, “Trickflation”?

This is the same scam that sports stadiums were pulling where a large cup of beer and a medium cup of beer were different shapes to conceal that they contained the same amount of liquid.

“Yeah this is a good opportunity to cut cola out of your life” – u/Suturb-Seyekcub

“More expensive AND easier to spill. It’s a win-win.” – u/Deeptrench34

3. “Hey kid, here’s some identification you’ll need for the rest of your life but you’re not allowed to laminate it. We went ahead and printed it on gas station toilet paper for you”

Honestly, I’m just impressed that this person knows where their social security card is. Wherever mine is I bet it looks a lot worse than this.

“Why carry it around? When in everyday life would you need it? Mine sits in a file folder in a filing cabinet. It hasn’t even been separated from the full page that it originally comes like.” – u/Little_Buffalo

“I never knew how many people carry theirs around until I started working retail, I spot them in every other wallet” – u/ur_mom9021

4. “Our landlord changed our fridge while I was at work”

The more I stare at this photo more I feel like it’s not “mildly” infuriating at all. It’s absolutely outrageous.

“That can’t be legal.” – u/KellyLuvsEwan

“So this recently happened to me. My food wasn’t left out, but my landlord came to “fix” my fridge and after whatever he did the fridge would not close on its own whatsoever. All my groceries spoiled and I let him know I was taking the cost of the groceries out of the rent.” – u/EuphoricMaz

5. “What my roommate bought for her turn to replace the dishsoap”

This is the type of stuff that leads to roommates labeling every single thing in the house and being hypervigilant about people not using their things. Having had some bad roommates, this one is triggering.

“Buy a big one and just refill that one every time it’s your turn” – u/Distinct_Food_9235

“And that is how rules get sub-rules.” – u/Otherwise_Rabbit3049

6. “Alright, This is getting out of hand.”

YouTube’s ads are bad and getting worse. It’s obviously just them, though. Amazon Prime Video turning all their TV series content over to Freevee so they can run extremely long ad breaks while I’m still paying the same amount of money I did when there weren’t ads is the definition of infuriating.

“Yeah, YouTube on TV is absolutely awful. I had to watch 5 ads which equated up to 60 seconds total. Wasn’t on PC so it’s not like I could just switch to another tab or something. They know adblock isin’t an option on TV so they’ll just bend you over since there’s zero risk of you getting fed up and seeking for an adblock.” – u/Kellycatkitten

“Yes, yes it is. My favorite is when you finally get to the end of an add, rewind the video, for another add to start again.” – u/SendThisVoidAway18

7. “I bought a 20pk of bamboo straws to reduce the plastic I use. They were shipped in a box with bubble wrap. And each straw is wrapped with a piece of plastic that’s as big as my hand.”

Have you ever seen a single hard-boiled egg being sold in a sealed plastic bag? If only eggs had some sort of natural shell that protected them! Why are we putting plastic on everything?

“Ironically, 20 plastic straws would be packaged in the thinnest paper box possible.” – u/RWDPhotos

“The delusion of thinking ordering a disposable product online from halfway around the world is saving the environment” – u/Beaver_Tuxedo

8. “What I ordered from Panera vs. what I got”

An image of an ad for a  Panera sandwich versus what they received in their delivery order

At what point is there a class action lawsuit against fast food places for false advertising in their advertised photos?

“It’s the long droopy lettuce for me ” – u/ProfessionalFit9012

“lmao eveyone could make better sandwich at home with fraction of the price” – u/wojtek2222

“You can get a better sandwich from a vending machine at a truck stop.” – u/BitterLeif

“I think I could make a better sandwich throwing the ingredients at a plate 5ft away from me, blindfolded on a unicycle.” – u/wandog

9. “Girlfriend’s family friend stayed with us for a few days”

It’s like that quote from Anchorman where Will Ferrell says, “I’m not even mad. That’s amazing.” How in the world would they even do this? Were they trying to pry open a door? Were they balancing the sofa it?

“You know what they say about house guest: like fish, they smell in 3 days.” – u/BearSpitLub

“Did she ever get that lid pried off?” – u/McRambis

10. “My house burned down two months ago, and I’m in a fight with the insurance company. My neighbor has concerns.”

An image of an infuriating text from some neighbors.

Listen, I’m sorry that the rubble of my BURNED DOWN HOUSE is an eye-sore for you. I’ll be sure to expedite dealing with it because it’s affecting YOU.

“Tell them you bought a new house and that’s up to new owner. Really [mess] with them lol” – u/Bluecollarballr

“Just… Wow…Thats an evil neighbour. Karen or Daren?” – u/TartHot6215

11. “Someone dared to put their foot on my armrest on a flight.”

This has to be up there with the most thoughtlessly selfish things that you can do. How anyone in their right mind would think that it’s okay to stick their leg through the side of an airplane seat and use someone else’s armrest is completely beyond me. Airplane Seats are getting smaller, planes are overcrowded, and this person decides to steal part of the square foot that you paid way too much money for.

“Steal their sock, slip it right off, and act like you have no idea what they’re talking about. When they complain to the attendant they’ll have to explain they were resting their foot on the armrest and really think about what they did.” – u/nopenopenopington

“I’d rest my arm on their leg, slip my hand in the sock, and intertwine my fingers into them toes so it’s like we’re holding “hands”. I can wash my hand but they cannot wash the memory.” – u/SirKenneth17

12. “Made an appointment for 11:45. It’s 1:10 and I haven’t been seen.”

u/Achaneoses / Via reddit.com

“I’ve had my 10 hour ER waits so I know this isn’t that bad. But what is the point of making an appointment if you have to wait to be seen hours later anyways.”

“Start going through all the drawers and cabinets. That’s when they usually come in.” – u/Delicious_Twist7970

13. “Where my soundbar’s remote ended up after wife shook a cloth outside of a condo window”

u/GtheCi / Via reddit.com

“Imagine just being out on a walk and suddenly you get hit in the head with a remote” – u/starducksss

“So hear me out, friend. Get a really long stick, a bunch of duct tape, and a lobster.” – u/Simba_Rah

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