19 Things That May Be Strange But Are Technically The Truth

Life is bizarre. Actually, life is far more bizarre than we give it credit for. There are so many parts about this world that completely escape our expectations. It’s always fun to take a conversation that you’re having with friends completely off the rails by bringing up a fun fact that sounds too strange to be true. The good news for you is that we’ve rounded up a solid stockpile of things that sound weird, but are also technically the truth.

1. “A long metal thing.”

A photoshop trolling act by James Fridman of the Eiffel Tower.
u/ultrads/via reddit.com

“That’s awesome they removed it from the banner behind her too.” – u/likeasirjohn

“Twin Pines mall vibes.” -u/deleted

2. “This is mildly smart.”

An image of a tweet from someone talking about a procrastination strategy.

“Problem with me though, is I always end up doing option C which has nothing to do with work, so both A and B never get finished.” – u/predictingzepast

“This is just the default way software engineers work.” – u/asdf-7644

3. “Heart rate at 98.7 degrees Celsius.”

A troll answer to heart rate based on temperature.
u/administrative-day76/via reddit.com

“It’s getting hot in here.” – u/HowFunkyIsYourChiken

“That’s not an estimation. That’s an exactly correct answer.” – u/BreckenridgeBandito

4. “I can hear the voices too.”

A tweet from a medical student about a hearing voices joke.
u/lukarrie/via reddit.com

“Usually when speaking with, or even being near other people.” – u/esoria

“This is how I realized I had tinnitus. I thought silence was an abstract concept to refer to lack of noises not an actual thing. A friend of mine was telling me how her mom was always hearing this high pitch sound and I replied: as we all do (I was around 11).” – u/Gara_M

5. “Gift that keeps on giving.”

A rude wedding non-invitation.
u/expetro/via reddit.com

“They could have said your presence is the only present we ask for.” – u/SuccessfulMumenRider

“This is a good example of how the tone of verbal context can define the meaning. I must use this.” – u/Cringlezz

6. “Yes, the Lightning McThor.”

A funny Tumblr post about how Cars and Thor are very similar movies.
u/ogkerung/via reddit.com

“Plus both characters have to do with lightning.” – u/Mountain_Noise_9163

“Similar to how Star Wars and Harry Potter have the exact same plot.” – u/Yens31

7. “Well it is tasty Spam.”

A tweet from The SPAM Brand.
u/roseepoo/va reddit.com

“I don’t like spam but I like SPAM.” – u/mjark4545

“I just learned that Spam came first, and spam was named after Spam.” – u/goodinyou

8. “Oranges do not lie nor disappoint.”

A tweet about different fruits not living up to their names.
u/joochourd/via reddit.com

“Blueberry. It’s blue and it’s a berry.” – u/syko-san

“Starfruit also lives up to the name.” – u/AnOkFellow

9. “The father is a physicist.”

An image of a daughter who was dressed up by her dad to look like a transformer.
u/mephistttoooo/via reddit.com

“That’s the look of a child contemplating revenge.” – u/SpaceDuckz1984

“I’m extremely far away from being a physicist. But I was a lineman for 15 years and this is an extremely accurate replica of a transformer that most likely feeds the service to most of the residential homes most of you live in. Even down the grounding strap on the neutral bushing. Well done.” – u/Strung_Out_Advocate

10. “I have won but at what cost.”

An image of someone writing about how long it takes light to reach the eaerth.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“It still made it. It just bounced first.” – u/vspazv

“I prefer to think that light travelled all that way just to find me and when it finally reached me it lit me up warmed me up, kept me alive, and all else paled in comparison.” – u/Dhorlin

11. “It’s a fish eat fish world.”

A tweet from PETA.
u/daneetcode/via reddit.com

“I don’t think PETA’s statement is accurate. The fact that fish constantly trade their lives for a single worm indicates otherwise.” – u/ThePandalore

“I only eat the fish that think it’s okay to eat worms. Gotta weed those amoral ones out.” – u/deleted

12. “Everything is just a dictionary remix.”

A tweet about how everything is plagiarized from the dictionary.
u/ahhidkthisusername/via Reddit.com

“Webster bout to sue someone.” – u/Idiot-SAvantGarde

“The dictionary is an alphabet remix.” – u/antonio381

13. “Once in a century.”

A funny Reddit post about how days and centuries work.
u/maggi-the-wizard/via reddit.com

“Doesn’t every day happen just once.” – u/DFM_

“022900 enters the chat.” – u/mental-equipment

14. “Someone needs science class.”

A funny trolling tweet about what kind of water is safe to drink.

“I hope there’s a rad-away vending machine next to this one.” – u/DeviantPlayeer

“Uranium fever gone and got me down.” – u/GaymerGurl77

15. “You can’t say it’s not salmon.”

A funny picture about an AI salmon fail.
u/sofosio/via reddit.com

“I heard a wild salmon broke free from a fish farm cage. But it was just a lox myth.” – u/edlee98765

‘Such majestic lumps of meat. Frolicking in the river.” – u/ThecrackFunkledOne

16. “These findings are life changing.”

A couple of tweets making fun of the exact date that Caesar Augustus passed away.

“Gotta love Osvaldo.” – u/SylvieDoesntReddit

“Over three years ago. Can I get a fact check on this?” – u/pauly13771377

17. “I feel bad for laughing at this.”

A tweet about the British cuisine being the best in the world.
u/HemanHeboy/via reddit.com

“It really does look like those green toy soldiers. Melted down for easier consumption of course.” – u/magein07

“These were how mushy peas looked, until they (rightly so) banned the colorings to make them so.” – u/deleted

18. “He’s theoretical all right.”

A tweet about someone discovering that Albert Einstein was a real person.
u/trying_187/via reddit.com

“This was a relatively good joke.” – u/ravishingvixen

“A lot to learn. A lot to learn.” – u/Bitter_Silver_7760

19. “Work smart, not hard.”

An image of pipes that were built around a large rock.
u/aboriginalabsence/via Reddit.com

“You can’t take rock movers work. Union rules.” – u/quiet_antonia

“Have you ever attempted to lift a huge rock? Good fortune. Pipe costs little.” – u/WheresucSugarplum

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