21 Haunting Designs That Tried Too Hard To Be Creative

There’s nothing wrong with thinking outside of the box. In fact, in this day and age the world could always use a bit more creativity. After all, variety is the spice of life. Sometimes, folks get carried away though. There is something of a line between the fascinating designs unlike much of anything you’ve seen before, and then the other designs that linger with you because they were just plain old unsettling. We’re going to take a look at some creepy designs that arguably tried way too hard to be creative.

1. “What kid wouldn’t love this bendable/poseable mermaid toy?”

An image of a mermaid toy that looks like an alien.
u/howardkinsd/via reddit.com

“Caught on film?” – u/deleted

“Well it is totally real in that it’s a physical object that you can hold.” – u/theycallmemrmoo

2. “The elf is dead?”

An image of a creepy elf toy box.
u/howardkinsd/via reddit.com

“Eyes are crossed out. That’s how I always know when someone is dead. I should’ve been a coroner.” – u/547217

“I think it’s like a poor attempt at like, getting bonked on the head. Maybe got bonked a bit too hard.” – u/Zehn39

3. “Found this in a beach store.”

An image of a very creepy unicorn seat in a beach store.
u/upper-alternative-0/via reddit.com

“I would 100% buy that and probably regret it afterwards.” – u/HuangBN

“I want it. My childhood self would be ecstatic.” – u/BotanicalDeer

4. “Cute teletubbies.”

A few very weird looking Teletubbies in a shopping cart.
u/mumba_/via reddit.com

“Interestingly we have a different understanding of the word cute.” – u/kurotech

“What horrors have they seen?” – u/Insatiable_fear

5. “I feel like I’m living in the Overlook Hotel.”

An image of a very weird looking hotel.
u/arkol3404/via reddit.com

“Come and play with us.” – u/jacobr1020

“Dude that’s awesome. I’d be willing to pay more if hallway looked like that.” – u/livelaylanguish

6. “Nightmare Nemo.”

A very weird looking Nemo toy.
u/nielskuh08/via reddit.com

“I can see into your soul, Dory.” – u/kurotech

Yes, you could say that Nemo has absolutely seen better days. I mean, hey, it’s hard out there.

7. “NERDS Gummy Clusters commercial is nightmare fuel.”

A terrifying NERDS gummy clusters commercial.
u/hardkinsd/via reddit.com

“He looks so cute to me.” – u/Dionthecutie_183

“It gives me Detective Pikachu movie vibes.” – u/Pet_Taco

8. “Giggles Cookies.”

An image of a very weird looking Giggles cookies box.
u/howardkinsd/via reddit.com

“This unlocked a memory. A fond one, not at all creepy.” – u/blishbog

“Though it’s not a candy, I feel like it would be perfect to give kids on Halloween.” – u/Kawifox

9. “Cursed kid rides.”

Some very weird looking kid rides.
u/d_toscik/via reddit.com

“I would regret being an atheist if this is how demons look.” – u/deleted


10. “A Redditor found this creature in a store.”

An image of a very weird looking Pikachu.
u/howardkinsd/via reddit.com

“Donnie Darkochu.” – u/SayWarzone

“Cursed Pikachu.” – u/shamwowj

11. “Visited my parents. And we wanted to get ice cream. Well, actually never mind.”

A very creepy looking Ice Cream figure.
u/kumanosuke/via reddit.com

“I scream.” – u/McMoneyPNW

“I need this in my living room.” – u/SadPandalorian

12. “Entrance to a restaurant.”

A creepy restaurant entrance.
u/such-past-4768/via reddit.com

“In the Court of the Crimson King by King Crimson.” – u/Bigroundcircle

Yeah, if you walked by this restaurant entrance on a late night, you’d do best to keep things moving. Looks just a bit sketchy.

13. “Creepy dog.”

An image of a very creepy looking dog seat.
u/jean0406alix/via reddit.com

“Looks like it has a riddle for me to solve.” – u/AnnHoangNgo

While unsettling enough, of all the images we’ve ran through in this list so far, this dog isn’t unbearably creepy. Still not the biggest fan of whatever is going on behind those eyes though.

14. “It’s watching me every time I go to McDonalds.”

An image of a creepy chair set up in McDonald's.
u/koliibrii/via reddit.com

“It’s judging you.” u/theorangelizard00

Seriously though. This dude might be doing anything but helping out the business.

15. “Hello Kitty power strip.”

A creepy looking Hello Kitty power strip.
u/pungen/via reddit.com

“Cyborg Hello Kitty.” – u/deleted

“Can’t sleep. Cat will eat me.” – u/Smytus

16. “Don’t follow someone home.”

An image of a follow someone home sign on the road.
ujonmpls/via reddit.com

“I’ll be sure to follow the rules.” – u/deleted

“Nightstalker is that someone?” – u/Southern_Meal5617

17. “Erm, yeah, nope.”

A very creepy looking white button down shirt with eyes next to each button.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“I love this.” – u/PurpleIncarnate

“Great gift for the optometrist in your life.” – u/yummy_gummies

18. “Nightmare Corvette.”

A very creepy looking Corvette car.
u/bunsharu/via reddit.com

“Why do I kind of love it?” – u/AClassyJanitor

“That would be scarier at night.” – u/deleted

19. “Why did it need to have fingers?”

An image of a creepy looking icy conditions sign.
u/sunshinemicrobe/via reddit.com

“Jazz hands.” – u/deleted

“If they don’t want us to slip, they shouldn’t make it look so fun.” – u/beargirlreads

20. “This terrifying Christmas tree.”

A very scary looking giant Christmas treen in a mall.
u/confusedavacado13/via reddit.com

“That is hilarious. It looks like the mouth moves. Does it sing or something?” – u/howardkinsd

So, yes. To clarify, apparently this Christmas tree that was taken right out of the nightmare factory was built to have its mouth move so that it could talk and/or sing. I’m completely not about it.

21. “Dog with human teeth.”

An image of a dog that's been photoshopped to have human teeth.
u/ok_limit1971/via reddit.com

“I think they have commercials around that theme.” – u/deleted

“Yo, that’s Mr. Peanut Butter.” – u/awkwardnes

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