23 Dumb People Who Think They’re Very Smart

There’s a painful amount of truth in the sentiment that the folks who make the most noise in a room, are really the ones who are also the most clueless. The blindness of pure ignorance knows no bounds. We’ve all found ourselves miserably entrenched in a conversation with a disagreeable human being who is incapable of embracing any new idea outside of whatever confused perspective they have. It can be rough. The folks that made this list are in a league of their own. Do they assume they’re the smartest beings to walk the earth? Absolutely. Are they? Let’s go with a hard no, in every sense of the word.

1. “Finally Einstein’s equation has been improved.”

A social media post suggests an equation, "E = mc² + AI," to symbolize the impact of artificial intelligence on the future, combining Einstein’s famous equation with AI to highlight its potential in various fields. A user comment below expresses confusion with "What.
u/themacity/via reddit.com

“This is hilarious whether it’s satire or not.” – u/DJKneecap

“Reminds me of the time I cracked time travel at age 9 by coming up with the idea of combining a computer and a watch.” – u/PancakeParty98

2. “Can you believe the audacity of this guy showing his work?”

A piece of lined paper with a handwritten calculus problem showing the evaluation of an integral: ∫ from 10 to 13 of 2x dx, resulting in the value 69. Above the paper is a tweet saying, "Had to whip it up real quick," and below is another tweet questioning why paper was used.
u/memphistrash_/via reddit.com

“Ha! What a moronic dinklebottom. I could have solved it without my mind.” – u/deleted

“I see integral, I cry.” – u/Dr_Ugs

3. “Enjoying music is for stupid people.”

A screenshot of a tweet reads: "Unpopular opinion but I really hate music. I've also found that the dumber somebody is, the more 'meaningful' and 'important' they find music to be." The image includes a partially obscured profile picture in the upper left corner.
u/powertotheuser/via reddit.com

“What would it even mean to hate music? Like any music is painful for you to listen to?” – u/jeremymia

Yeah, you’ve really got to wonder with a troubled heart exactly what their logic was with this hot take. I mean, talk about a scolding hot take at that.

4. “Probably not even true.”

A partially disassembled electronic lock with its cover and exposed circuitry is shown. In a comment thread below, a user jokes about using it to child-proof cabinets. Another user replies, mentioning how resourceful children can be, recounting disassembling a microwave at 3 years old.
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“Not physically possible. I’m sure his parents clapped afterwards.” – u/erichlee9

“The “family microwave” he is referring to is the sticker on the plastic kitchen play set that his sister got for Christmas one year.” – u/Dynasuarez_Wrecks

5. “Engineer gets owned by a very smart person.”

A text conversation where one person explains AGI (artificial general intelligence) and the singularity after the other person admits they don't know what it means. The conversation ends with a remark about intelligence, to which the first person reacts with surprise.
u/ergoegthatis/via reddit.com

“This just reminds me how much I hate it when people use acronyms or initialisms without ever writing the whole thing out even once. It happens a lot in discussions about movies, or games or hobbies generally, and even as an enthusiast, I still get lost.” – u/Redditngneckbeard

6. “I live for posts like this.”

An image of someone being condescending with their Reddit comment.
u/ok-teacher-2815/via reddit.com

“That 0 like/47 comment ratio tho.” – u/funnyyoshi

“A criticism of Sherlock that sticks with me is that it’s a show about smart people but is written by people who, well, aren’t- so they treat intelligence as if it were magic.” – u/AgreeablePie

7. “High IQ Harvard student wants everyone to know how much of a natural at chess he is.”

A screenshot of a Reddit thread. The first user post mentions waiting for the future where someone will have a Blitz elo of 5000 and a FIDE classical elo of 1000. The reply talks about having an elo of 1200, being a Harvard alum with 145 IQ, and not holding themselves to the same standard. The post has 228 upvotes, the reply has -101 downvotes.
u/sheepare/via reddit.com

“So someone correct me if I’m wrong since it’s been a few years since I’ve played chess in a tournament capacity, but I remember 1200 being pretty low.” – u/Load_Altruistic

“Under 2000 ELO Blitz is considered a beginner at OTB tournaments, they let you enter the beginner section.” – u/deleted

8. “Well akschewally.”

A screenshot of a YouTube comment thread. The initial comment reads, "God was like 'Sike'" and has 7.1K likes and 28 replies. One reply explains the spelling and pronunciation of "psych" and "sike," mentioning it as a colloquial use or misspelling.
u/informationtough2441/via reddit.com

“If he wasn’t being so condescending this would have been like finding a Snapple cap in the comments.” – u/agentpurplek1

“Look, the Grand Word Council decided all the meanings and spellings of the words back in ancient times, and any deviation is simply you not understanding what the Grand Word Council said, or being too lazy to heed their dictates.” – u/Serge_Suppressor

9. “This comeback gave me a chuckle.”

A social media post reads: "Electrical Engineering. It's quite comfy tbh, but alot of people I went to school with struggled with it. I don't know, it just comes easy to me. I went to my final exams without any books and passed with a good grade.

“A lot of people struggled with it.” – u/530SSSate

“Reminds me of when my ex complained that it was so hard that his advisor said he was one of the smartest students he’d ever had. All while I had terrible impostor syndrome in the same program.” – u/actuallywasian

10. “Mmhmm, right.”

A Facebook post with a Venn diagram featuring three circles labeled "Nineteen Eighty-Four," "Brave New World," and "Fahrenheit 451." The overlapping area of all three circles reads, "You Are Here." The caption comments on the lack of readership of these books.
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“They read the 9th/10th grade required reading list by 18?! Amazing! I bet they graduated high school by 25. So smart!” – u/Trollygag

“It’s the way he I’am alright.” – u/Doormatty

11. “Phraseage coiner.”

A screenshot of a social media post expressing happiness about others using GPT for homework, suggesting they will be uneducated upon graduation. The writer claims they will dominate with their intellect as they don't use GPT for homework. The post has 622 likes.
u/dacasaurus/via reddit.com

“Slow think make bigger thought.” – u/Secure-Bus4679

“In this moment, I am euphoric.” – u/machupikacchu

12. “Oh, wow.”

A tweet reads, "Anti natalista are just smarter. There is no debate." It is followed by a quoted text stating that reproducing is based on instincts, leading to having kids. It argues that intellectuals think bigger, and controversially claims children are parasites and parents are hosts. The tweet has 38 likes, 27 comments, and an option to share.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

Every now and again you stumble upon a post on the internet that comes from so far out in left field, you just literally have no idea what to do about it. This is definitely one of those times.”Every now and again you stumble upon a post on the internet that comes from so far out in left field, you just literally have no idea what to do about it. This is definitely one of those times.

13. “Not a bad reason to take an exit.”

A Reddit post features a comment and a profile picture. The comment is about the user's academic achievements, including being in the top 2%, leaving high school early, and joining KU's chemical engineering program. The user mentions being banned from r/science on Reddit.

Wow, get that. They got the legit banning for their big brains. That’s when you know you’ve really peaked on an intellectual level. Life must be plain old brutal for them. You’ve really got to feel for them.

14. “Wow, that’s a deep cut.”

A Facebook post features an Oscar Wilde quote: "Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation." Below, a user's comment states, "This is why I try to make my own sayings..." with 234 reactions.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

Yes, clearly a great reason to go about making your own sayings. If you ever needed a reason, just follow this person’s lead. They clearly know exactly what they’re doing.

15. “Most Apple customers are stupid. Except for OP.”

A screenshot of a social media post with inflammatory language criticizing Apple customers for being "low IQ and stupid." The post recounts an interaction about MacBook specs, implying that Apple overcharges for products because most buyers are "mostly stupid.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“Guy should’ve just said storage.” – u/olivebranch949

“The majority of people who use IQ to determine intelligence are stupid. Exept me, my IQ is 280.” – u/FarComfortable980

16. “Jesus Christ dude.”

A mobile app review page with a 4.9 out of 5 rating based on 120K ratings. The visible review is titled "Fun but not challenging" from July 23 by a user named Rose. The reviewer mentions the ease of solving a puzzle despite an advertisement claiming it was for geniuses.
u/hyperjinxx/via reddit.com

“Exactly the person these ads are targeting.” – u/Brass_dinosaur

“IQ 160, EQ 80.” – u/Trollygag

17. “Bored math genius that learns digits of Pi and so advanced that he writes his own questions at school.”

A Facebook conversation where someone shares they memorized 80 digits of Pi at 13. Others comment with related anecdotes. One mentions their child winning a math prize, and another says they never had to solve board questions and completed tests early, drawing doodles instead.
u/glacialwind/via reddit.com

“i like how someone said how he isn’t alone so he had to brag more to not look average or whatever.” – u/lazydonkey25

Yeah, this person really doubled down on their whole bragging stance. Just a bit of a yikes all around if you ask me.

18. “I genuinely can’t stand this kind of response to someone who doesn’t like the same TV show you like.”

A Reddit post asking, "what's up with season 3??" The user mentions not understanding the first three episodes and asks if it gets better. A reply sarcastically states that "art isn't for everyone" and suggests watching an upcoming Marvel film instead.
u/MisogynyisaDisease/via Reddit.com

“Also for being “so smart” they used the wrong their.” – u/Unusual-Advantage-25

Yeah. I mean they pretty much outed themselves for having a monstrously big brain with that smooth misspelling.

19. “You just don’t get it because you’re not intelligent like me.”

A social media comment mentioning a double major in economics and finance and subsequent studies in macroeconomics and banking through online sources such as Blockworks Macro, the Macro Trading Floor, Eurodollar University, and Lynn Aldin. The commenter expresses confidence in their grasp of economics and curiosity about the future of the enterprise within the next five years. The post has 61 likes and 3 laughing emojis. The name is redacted.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

Isn’t that just the best? You find yourself going toe to toe with a blatantly ignorant human being, and then they clap back with a bit about you lacking the necessary intelligence to understand them in the first place. Seriously, the worst.

20. “Ever one doesn’t gets it.”

Screenshot of a YouTube comment thread discussing the movie "Inception." The top comment, marked as being from 1 year ago, says: "This is for exceptional brains, any one can watch it , but ever one doesn't gets it, the idea is great." It has 14 likes.
u/isaac007usa/via reddit.com

“Inception isn’t that hard to follow if you just pay attention. Half the movie is just explaining the entire concept repeatedly to make sure the audience gets it.” – u/Heavy_Signature_5619

21. “Lmao smart.”

A social media post with a profile picture showing a green circle with "TMC" written in white. The post reads, "This was the easiest thing ever. As a math person in 8th grade I guess I can go to Harvard lmao." It has 1261 likes and 38 comments.
u/challengephysical455/via reddit.com

“He watched a video on intro to derivatives and thinks he peaked.” – u/McQuibbly

“A harvard will require a lot more than understanding basic 8 grade math, kid.” – u/usernot_found

22. “Guy spends his days reading revolutionary theories.”

A screen shows a comment with 7.1K likes on a TEDx Talk video in Taipei. The comment, partially highlighted in yellow, states the user is 18 years old and prefers reading revolutionary theories and watching TED talks over watching Love Island.
u/islender/via reddit.com

“Ted talks is mostly feel good make yourself a wonderful person dribble.” – u/cecilmeyer

“There are lots of revolutionary theories about phenomenal.” – u/Veblen1

23. “When someone asks about the dumbest thing that someone has ever said to you.”

A social media comment thread with three comments. The first comment reads, "Those who can't do, teach." The second comment responds, "I do and teach just fine." The third comment states, "As a student I had better reading comprehension than 90% of my teachers...
u/anthiss/via reddit.com

“I bet like 99% of his “corrections” were either adding superfluous details or just saying the teacher was wrong because they explained things in a different (and probably better) way than the textbook.” – u/Serge_Suppressor

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