45 America Memes That Are As True As They Are Funny

We’ve decided to take a moment and celebrate the beauty and hilarity of what it means to be ‘American,’ and by ‘American,’ we mean to live in the United States.

In our relatively short time as a country, we’ve experienced an incredible amount of innovation and growth, but we’ve also experienced a lot of friction internally and externally, and it’s absolutely worth having a sense of humor about it. Here’s a collection of 45 funny America memes that are uniquely bald-eagle screeching, red-white-and-blue flag waving, red-blooded ‘Merican.

1. “America #1”

America memes - A family portrait altered with flags and text. Adults and children are labeled with various flags and the text "USES METRIC SYSTEM." One child has the U.S. flag with the text "Has won every single Super Bowl to date.
u/amripal / Via reddit.com

2. “C’mon America”

Funny america meme - A four-panel cartoon features two characters. The first character asks, "Do I have taxes to pay?" The second character responds, "Yes." In the third panel, the first character asks, "May I know how much?" The second character responds emphatically, "No.
u/AggressiveWeeper / Via reddit.com

3. “The non-American’s obsession with America continues”

Meme about American football - A comic strip featuring three panels. A person with a smug expression criticizes another for liking American football, saying it's not "real" football. In the final panel, the criticized person is seen crying, holding a football next to a small American flag.
u/Mattau93 / Via reddit.com

4.”America 100″

A screenshot of a poll asking, "If you were elected to manage a private city, what would be your policy on guns?" The response options and their votes are: Heavily Restricted 6%, Moderate Restrictions 14%, Minimal Restrictions 29%, RPGs for sale at Walmart 51%. Below the poll is an image of Bugs Bunny giving a military salute with an American flag in the background.
via reddit.com

5. “No one makes fun of America except us”

A meme showing a man holding a gun in a ready position. Text above reads, "Americans: I hate my country!", then "Europeans: I hate America!". Below that, it shows the man preparing to shoot with the caption "Americans:". The background is a sophisticated interior.
Via reddit.com

6. Scrolling, scrolling, scrolling

An illustration of a stern-looking Uncle Sam wearing his iconic red, white, and blue clothing, staring intently at a laptop screen. A caption above reads, "when a drop-down menu sorts countries alphabetically instead of by how much freedom they have.

7. You’re darn right

A person is seen from the side with an item resembling a cheeseburger wrapped in branded paper placed in a black holster on their waist. The text above reads "Nobody:" and "America:".
American Memes

8. “Logic America”

A meme comparing American football and soccer. The image features two labeled sections: on the left, a player holding a football with the caption "THIS IS FOOTBALL" and an arrow pointing to the hand; on the right, a soccer player kicking a ball with the caption "THIS IS SOCCER" and arrows pointing to the foot and ball.
u/Ron5683 / Via reddit.com

9. “America is back”

A two-panel image. The top shows a woman in a white blazer with the American flag behind her, and text detailing her visit to Singapore and Vietnam. The bottom panel is a meme with two frames of an edited monkey puppet, labeled "VIETNAM," looking surprised and then pointing a gun.
u/Frantic_Pedantic / Via reddit.com

10. “Unpresidented”

Black and white image showing Mount Rushmore before it was carved, with large rocky formations and surrounding trees. Text at the top reads, "Mount Rushmore before it was carved," and at the bottom, "Its natural beauty was unpresidented.
MemesAmerica / Via Facebook

11. “This is America”

A meme featuring a man making a series of humorous expressions while holding a glass of drink. Text at the top reads: "Burglar: aren't you gonna call the cops? Me: why? no one else knows you're here." The man's expressions display a mocking sense of confidence.
American Memes

12. This one got me

A couple sits at a dinner table in what appears to be a hospital room. They are smiling at each other, holding hands, with dinner plates and wine glasses in front of them. The text above reads: "When you live in America and you want to surprise your girlfriend by taking her to the most expensive place in the city.
American Memes

13. “Come on, America”

A comic-style meme depicts a character with an enlarged brain, wearing glasses. The text within the brain reads, "If 16 and 17 year olds cannot vote but still get taxed, isn't that taxation without representation?
u/Nintendostation4 / Via reddit.com

14. “Look at all the states”

View of a patchwork landscape from an airplane window, showing farmland and fields below. Overlaid text reads, "Flying over America, look at all the states omg" followed by a heart-eyed emoji. The photo captures a mix of land and some cloud cover.

15. Can’t argue with this

A person is holding a phone horizontally with a screen displaying tipping options of 15%, 20%, and 25%. The background shows an outdoor setting. The tweet above the image, from a user named "Not Jerome Powell," reads: "People in the U.S. after greeting you.
alifarhat79 / Via Twitter.com

16. “The U.S. according to non-Americans”

A colorful, map-themed image shows the United States divided into regions with humorous labels. The western states are labeled "Cowboy," the northeastern area as "New York," the southeastern part as "Sweet home Alabama," and surrounding regions with various playful names.
American Memes

17. “When your car is leaking oil”

A humorous image showing toy soldiers in military uniforms aiming their weapons at a spot under a car where oil is leaking. One soldier is placing a small American flag next to the oil spill. The text above reads, "When your car is leaking oil.

18. Sorry you’re not better at kicking a ball, mate

Split image meme. Left side features a person overlaid with the UK flag, appearing frustrated with text: "invent a new sport, everyone starts playing it, can't even win the championship." Right side features a person overlaid with the US flag, smiling with text: "invent a new sport, nobody else cares, always be the world champs.
American memes

19. Well, I guess I’ll walk off into the woods

A meme illustrating the evolution of American starter homes over the decades: a typical house from the 1970s, a manufactured home from the 1990s, a van from the 2010s, and for the 2030s a backpack, crowbar, and knife implying homelessness.
American Memes

20. Who, me?

An airport sign directs "Foreign Passports" under an American flag and "Passeports étrangers" under a Chinese symbol. The caption humorously comments on Americans possibly not realizing they're foreigners.

21. Floridians in 1520

A black-and-white photo showing a young boy sitting on the back of a large alligator, holding a stick like a sword. The text above the image reads, "Horses were first introduced to Florida in 1521. Floridians in 1520." Another person stands in the background.
American memes

22. Help.

A meme with two parts. The top part is a map showing the US states Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. The bottom part features a woman labeled "Idaho" looking annoyed while two men labeled "Oregon" and "Montana" talk into each of her ears.

23. Okay, buddy.

A historical map showing the continents surrounding the Atlantic Ocean, with parts of North and South America, Europe, and Africa visible. A humorous caption above the map reads, "I'm gonna tell my kids this was India," attributed to Christopher Columbus.

24. “America”

The image is split into two parts: the top features a half-moon with text about the U.S. considering dropping an atomic bomb on the Moon during the Cold War, and the bottom shows a shirtless man performing a dance move with the text "This is America.
u/TheNecromancer / Via reddit.com

25. The sound of the air conditioning intensifies

A meme depicting three distressed cartoon characters, one dressed as a pirate, one in a beret and French stripes, and the third in glasses, saying "Nooo! You can't just cool your house. It uses too much energy!" A relaxed character replies, "Haha AC go *pip* brrrrrrr.

26. Oh, and the freedom and democracy part, I guess

The image is a meme with two sections. The top section titled "When you visit America" shows the Statue of Liberty, a cheeseburger, a baseball stadium, and the Golden Gate Bridge. The bottom section titled "When America visits you" shows an eagle in armor holding a torch and gun with the text "Giv oil".

27. A what now?

Top image shows a serious-looking man with blond hair and an American flag emoji beside him, captioned "Bottle of water." Bottom image shows a man with dark hair, a beard, and a top hat with a British flag emoji beside him, captioned "Bo'oh'o'wo'er.

28. The most American Picture

A photo of a McDonald's restaurant front with a large yellow 'M' sign on the facade. A man sits on a bench outside, wearing a mask. To the right, a person in military uniform stands with a rifle. Above, text reads "The most American picture:".

29. Flawless logic

A text meme with a headline reading: "No one: Meanwhile in Florida: Florida man claims he only drank at stoplights, and not while driving." Below the headline is a news graphic showing a mugshot of an elderly man with the caption "ARRESTED FOR DUI.
American memes

30. American breakfast

A photo showing three plates on a table: one with a single fried egg, another with a stack of toast, and a third overflowing with bacon. Nearby is a mug filled with what looks like coffee and a handgun. The text above reads, "How other countries imagine Americans eat breakfast.
American Memes

31. It’s ironic

A split image: The top half shows a car window sticker with the text "YOUR IN AMERICA SPEAK ENGLISH." The bottom half depicts a man smirking with the caption "It's ironic." The irony is due to the grammatical error on the sticker.

32. Hey, what about Jazz and the filet-o-fish?

A man in a blue shirt standing at an intersection points out a car making a right turn at a red light. The scene appears to be in a sunny location with palm trees and a few vehicles. Text below him humorously comments on right turns on red being America's only contribution to Western Civilization.

33. American food!

A person is holding a large novelty food item resembling a rectangular bread loaf filled with layers of burger patties, cheese, and lettuce. The caption reads, "American food! One small bite is enough to fill the stomach of a grown man.
American Memes

34. Bald eagle screeches

A detailed close-up of a bald eagle with the American flag in the background. Text above reads: "Are you free this weekend? *gazes into distance* *sheds single tear* *bald eagle screeches* I'm always free.

35. Just as I guessed, the length of one and a half feet

A construction worker wearing a hard hat is hammering a large foot onto a wooden surface. The text at the top reads, "Americans be like:

36. Please just call me an Uber

An animated fish with a shocked and wide-eyed expression, accompanied by the text, "Americans when you called an ambulance after a serious accident" at the top and "YOU WHAT?!" at the bottom. The fish is a character from the show SpongeBob SquarePants.

37. It’s true; look it up.

A digitally edited image depicts a person with the head of a bald eagle standing on a lawn, holding a flag and a rifle. Background features a house, a stormy sky, and an explosion. Text reads, "During World War II, Americans called hamburgers 'liberty steaks' due to the fact that 'hamburger' sounded a little bit too German." A figure of Jesus is seen walking with hands outspread amidst the chaos. The word "MERICA" is stylized with the U.S. flag pattern.

38. “Hey, buddy”

The image shows a combination of Mount Rushmore and a scene from a TV show. The top half displays the classic Mount Rushmore National Memorial with the carved faces of former U.S. presidents. The bottom half shows two actors from a TV show with labels "Roosevelt" and "Lincoln" on them.
American Memes

39. The most American thing ever

An 1882 US patent illustration for an animal trap resembling a revolver-pistol mechanism. A bear is depicted being caught in the trap. The patent is attributed to J.A. Williams, with witness and inventor signatures and patent number 269,766.
historyinmemes / Via twitter

40. “Get out of my house”

A cake with red and white icing and cutout red maple leaf shapes, resembling the Canadian flag, is placed on a tray. The icing has blue and red star decorations. Text above the cake humorously mentions "cake trolling" for a Fourth of July party.
u/Streetlights_People / Via reddit.com

41. Brexit 1776

A sign reads, "We're closed Tuesday, July 4 in observance of Brexit 1776." Below it, smaller text says, "Thank you for visiting The UPS Store.
u/thephoenix3000 / Via reddit.com

42. I declare!

A meme with text: "July 4th, 1776. British: just saying you're independent doesn't make it true. Thomas Jefferson:". Below is an image of a man in a suit holding a pen, with a caption: "I didn't say it. I declared it.
u/OwlleyOop / Via Imgur

43. America

A well-manicured lawn with striped mowing patterns and stars near the sidewalk, resembling an American flag. The house in the background is decorated with red, white, and blue bunting. The text reads, "Are you ready for Fourth of July? Me:
u/snow-crash-1794 / Via reddit.com

44. I can’t even locate you on a map

A two-panel image from a TV show. In the top panel, a man wearing a plaid coat says, "I feel bad for you," with an EU flag next to him. In the bottom panel, a man in a suit responds, "I can't even locate you on a map," with a US flag next to him.
American Memes

45. Hard to argue with that!

A meme featuring two sections. The top shows "What foreigners think the US is like:" with an image of a building on fire and police in riot gear. The bottom shows "What it’s actually like:" including a cheeseburger, a gun, and patriotic fireworks.
American Memes

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