21 Glitch in the Matrix Pics That Prove Life Is A Simulation

Some days more than others it seems like life is more than ready to throw wild and disorienting curveballs our way. Some curveballs are true glitch in the matrix moments. Life is far trippier than we give it credit for, and that could just be because we’re more comfortable letting the unexplainable moments ride, without questioning them too much. The unknown can be terrifying in its own way. These glitch in the matrix moments are certainly enough to make us at least momentarily question our assumptions.

1. “Two guys with the same tattoo on the train.”

A group of people ride in a crowded subway car, with many holding onto overhead handrails. Several visible arms feature various tattoos, including designs of feathers, flowers, and an owl. A red cap and short dark hair are noticeable.
u/terrornaesquinapod/via reddit.com

“That tattoo is from the game The Last of Us 2. It’s Ellies tattoo. I’ve seen many show off that tattoo in the gaming forums, seems pretty common with the game’s success in mind.” – u/Sega-Forever

“I’m going to the left guy’s artist.” – u/SynnyZ

2. “This just fell out of my ice maker at 9pm. I do not play golf, nobody I know plays golf. I’ve had this fridge for 12 years.”

A hand is holding a small wooden item with a charred end, resembling a golf tee, over a kitchen floor with light-colored tiles. In the background, there's a white cabinet with a countertop cluttered with various items.
u/throwaway8642557/via Reddit.com

“That’s just an iced tee.” – u/nick2legit

“This is kind of funny for some reason.” – u/buburocks

3. “An oval like cloud spotted over Reykjavik, Iceland this morning.”

A scene depicting a cloudy sky above a residential area with several buildings featuring wooden facades and chimneys. One particularly intriguing, circular cloud formation is visible in the sky, appearing like a large, isolated puff of white in the otherwise streaky clouds.

“Nice try Chicken Little.” – u/deleted

“That’s no moon.” – u/cat_shirt_guy

4. “This endless parking sign.”

A view from inside a car shows multiple "No Parking" signs lined up along the roadside, with a tree line in the background. The dashboard and windshield of the car are visible in the foreground.
u/carelesscable5527/via reddit.com

“I know exactly where this is, and I see people park there all the time.” – u/Cannada

“The sign maker and the council obviously have something going.” – u/OwlGroundbreaking573

5. “And what are the odds that I now have a set of each color.”

A hand holds a purple die with white dots. Below, there's a tray with six dice in purple, red, and blue, all labeled "Fabulous Las Vegas." The background shows a gray textured surface. Text overlays the image, describing the dice as a gift from a trip to Las Vegas.
u/nakupendwa/via reddit.com

“Your table appears to be a cat.” – u/Compass_Needle

“The lettering on the top red one appears yellow. Newer? Older? It’s the odd one out, though.” – u/Ralweing

6. “Forgot to change the sky channel.”

A massive flock of birds fills the sky above a busy urban street, creating a dark, swirling pattern against the cloudy backdrop. Cars and trees line the street below, with early evening light casting a dim glow over the scene.
u/defaultplay3r/via reddit.com

“Birds aren’t real.” – u/NathanRotlisberger

“White noise intensifies.” – u/Prehistoriclan_

7. “The f’s forged.”

A wall with the word "COFFEE" is displayed twice in metal letters, creating a shadow effect. A blue light fixture hangs from the ceiling, casting light onto the wall, enhancing the shadow. The setting appears to be indoors, possibly at a café or coffee shop.
u/minecraftproer/via reddit.com

“But where’s the v?” – u/11BloodyShadow11

“Vampiric F.” – u/DefiantVersion1588

8. “Skies over Oklahoma.”

Dramatic sky with dark, swirling cloud formations and patches of blue sky peeking through. The view is framed by silhouettes of trees and utility poles below, creating a contrast between the turbulent sky and the calm landscape.
u/prince100001/via reddit.com

“Wow this is awesome and creepy. I’ve never seen the clouds like this.” – u/Raven0918

“Welp. Time to move.” – u/EatShootBall

9. “This shadow makes the tree look pixelated.”

A shadow of a tree with leaves is cast on a paved path. The shadow is detailed and intricate, with parts of the path and a grassy area visible around the edges. The lighting suggests that it is daytime.
u/jibebecologne/via reddit.com

“Just enable soft shadows in the settings.” – u/SatyxD

“Dude turned on his Minecraft shaders.” – u/Konor22

10. “Multiplying sunglasses.”

Two pairs of identical black sunglasses are placed on a wooden table. A caption below them reads: "So I went to put my sunglasses away on their normal spot today and sitting in their spot was an identical pair of sunglasses. I only bought one pair from Fred Meyers like a month ago!! wtf?! 😲 glitch in the Matrix?
u/no_attitude_3386/via reddit.com

“You stole someone’s sunglasses.” – u/gingertwunt

“Maybe the sunglasses you bought were pregnant, and now have a sunglasses family.” – u/Maitannee

11. “Half a sunrise.”

A serene landscape at dawn with a golf course featuring a small pond reflecting the morning light. The sky is painted with hues of orange and blue, and a striking shadow divides the clouds. Trees and grassy fields create a peaceful atmosphere.
u/commercial-while-970/via reddit.com

“Divided sky, the wind blows high.” – u/Bovine_Doughnuts

“The hologram ran out of ink.” – u/Ashoka_Mazda

12. “Glitch in the Corntrix.”

A close-up image of a hand holding an ear of corn with yellow kernels. The kernels are arranged in an irregular pattern with some gaps between them, giving the corn a somewhat misshapen appearance. The background is out of focus, showing some greenery and soil.
u/aggiejared14/via reddit.com

“I wouldn’t be able to eat that. It’s too perfect.” – u/5ofmine

“I’m fascinated.” – u/kdollarsign2

13. “I took this long exposure photo of wind turbines.”

A series of tall wind turbines stand on a grassy hillside, casting long shadows under a clear blue sky. The turbines' blades are not visible as they are likely captured in motion, blending with the bright sunlight. Sparse dry vegetation is seen on the ground.
u/gsuhrie/via reddit.c om

“Truman Show vibes. Very cool.” – u/SaturdayHeartache

“How are the shadows, which appear to be stationary, a thing? – u/washburncincy

14. “I just don’t know.”

A group of five happy students, diverse in ethnicity, are holding textbooks and posing together for a picture. The image is overlaid with text that humorously questions how they are already on the book cover if they're posing with it. The textbook is titled "College Prep Algebra.
u/deleted/via reddit.c om

“Don’t ask questions, Mr. Anderson.” – u/HelpMyBunny1080p

“This phenomenon is called the Droste Effect, and it always hurts my brain.”– u/Janishier

15. “TV scene changed while photo was being taken.”

A black and white cat sleeps on a blue and white patterned bed. In the background, a TV on top of a wooden dresser shows an image of a man. A mirror reflects the room's interior, including a second view of the TV and dresser. The room is cozy and well-lit.
u/avivasppir/via reddit.com

“That is freaky. The reflection is completely different, and the face is terrifying.” – u/JAMM_412

“I’m sure about this. Any photo that has a cat in it is a glitch. Cats are Agent Smith!” – u/Tejasjjj

16. “Perfectly timed car number plates.”

A line of cars is stopped at a red light on a sunny day. Two notable license plates are visible: the car on the left has a plate reading "PEEKABOO," and the car on the right has a plate reading "I SEE U." The sky is clear, and traffic lights are red.
u/verucamoon/via reddit.com

“That would make me extremely paranoid.” – u/deleted

“These guys are together. Nothing can convince me otherwise.” – u/penalozahugo

17. “Same dude plays for both teams, and watches the game.”

Two soccer players are on the field during a Brazilian league match between Criciúma and Ponte Preta. The player on the left wears a yellow and black uniform, and the player on the right wears a white and black uniform. A spectator is seen in the background.
u/tallescabral/via reddit.co

“An actual glitch in the matrix.” – u/RandomUser

“Could be triplets too though.” – u/vpsj

18. “From completely different areas of the world.”

The image shows two bald men who look very similar standing side by side, posing for selfies in a market selling nuts. One speech bubble says, "found my clone selling nuts in Istanbul," another reads, "we couldn't communicate...," and a third says, "...but the whole market was cry-laughing.
u/deleted/via reddit.com

“I wonder if they would have noticed if they had hair.” – u/ezdabomb22

“This is nuts.” – u/aguyfrominternet

19. “When you decrease shadow resolution.”

A nighttime view of a concrete sidewalk with black tire skid marks forming an "X" pattern. A patch of yellow truncated dome tiles is visible in the upper right corner, indicating a tactile paving surface for visually impaired pedestrians.
u/brohannes95/via reddit.com

“There is a segmented semi-transparent cover atop. Like poly-carbonate or something of that sort.” – u/Kritzien

“The funniest thing to me is that for computers, rendering blocky and pixelated looking shadows like this is easier, but to render the actual cause realistically would be even more taxing than the simple method.” – u/Raging-Badger

20. “Caught them changing shifts.”

Two black-and-white cats are sitting on either side of a cracked wall in an outdoor area. The text overlay reads, "A cat that looks just like mine showed up at my backyard. Now I don't know which one to bring inside.
u/goldenmonster93/via reddit.com

“Guess you have two cats now.” – u/Pair0noid

“Did you get it wet, or feed it after midnight?” – u/PapaLRodz

21. “Trippy.”

A television on a wooden stand displays a video game on a colorful patterned rug. The TV stand houses a gaming console and a remote. Another similar-patterned rug is on the floor, and a potted snake plant is placed close to the wall.
u/dolceandbanana/via reddit.com

“It also looks like the rug from The Big Lebowski.” – u/sanctuarysecret

“That’s pretty epic!” – u/BigBrandyy

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