11 Jobs That Sound Fun But Are Actually Miserable

It’s pretty easy to glamorize other jobs or careers, but every type of work comes with it’s pitfalls. Here are 11 jobs that people like the idea of them, and then learned to really dislike.

1. Videogame tester

A comment from user UslyfoxU reads: "Video game tester. It was my son's dream job and he landed a gig working on one of the biggest open world games ever made. He claims to have spent most of his time running into walls." The post has 12K likes.

2. Dog trainer

A social media post by a user named "Significant-Push-232" reads, "Dog trainer. The animals are amazing, the owners are insufferable." The post has 8.7K likes and a reply icon. Markings indicate it was posted 9 hours ago.

3. Any job that requires lots of travel

A Reddit post by user "microkangaroo" describing their experience with work that involves travel. They mention that travel for work becomes a chore after a few trips, and there's no time to enjoy the trips. The post has 1.6K upvotes and one comment icon.

4. Lifeguard

A Reddit comment reads: "I was a lifeguard when I was a teen. I thought 'cool, hang out in the sun with a bunch of people in swimsuits.' Man, it's [censored] hot and boring as [censored]. You're so gd hot and just looking at the nice cool water." It has 4.1K upvotes and a reply button.

5. Veterinarian

A social media post by BustlingHedgehog reads: "Work as a veterinarian. It seems that you will be receiving cute animals in a clean office. In fact, the clients are people, in most cases you see sick and suffering animals, often salvation depends on the owner’s decision, and you also need to convince him to spend money, and in the end, most of the time you will be in all kinds of liquids that can be created in body".  The post has 940 likes and a comment count is visible.

6. Graphic Designer

A Reddit comment by user Whut4, discussing the misconception that graphic design is highly creative. They argue it involves executing others' ideas under time constraints, leaving little room for creativity. The comment suggests it's still satisfying compared to manual labor.

7. Chef

Image of a social media post by CTnaturist discussing the realities of working as a chef. It highlights demanding aspects such as long hours, no weekends off, physical toll, poor pay, and constant burns. The post contrasts this with the glamorous portrayal in some movies and shows.

8. Zookeeper

A Reddit post by user "Mysterious_Fly_4510" stating, "Zookeepers. Sounds like it would be fun, being Dr. Doolittle and scratching the chins of pandas. But for the most part you're just cleaning up after them." The post has 2,000 upvotes and 14 comments.

9. Working in a pet store

A social media post by EasyBounce discussing the challenges and emotional toll of working in a pet store, including dealing with customers who may be abusing or neglecting their pets. EasyBounce shares their fear of potentially losing control and quitting the job after 7 years.

10. Social media manager

Text post by user "fitnerdluna" discussing the challenges of managing a company's social media. The user finds it fun to manage their own accounts but frustrating to work with an out-of-touch boss who insists on using outdated or poor graphics. The post has 183 likes and 3 comments.

11. Photographer

A social media post by a user named "jeaimesart" with the message: "Photographer, people are too stupid to understand the work, and they don't know what they want. One client was so furious with me because he and his wife appeared too much in their wedding shots. It was the most annoying and stressful stupid client I've ever had." The post has 823 likes and one comment.

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